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  1. By far the best method for catching grass carp here in south Florida. One point brought up in a thread some time ago that significantly increased my strikes was to put a tiny split shot weight (BB) two feet ahead of my bait in order to sink the line and make it less visable to the fish from below.
  2. Mark Twain said: "It is better to have a closed mouth and have everyone think you a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."
  3. Man, am I stereotypically obtuse or what?!
  4. I am still dumbfounded as to what the subject of the topic is.
  5. I have no idea what this thread is about. What's wrong (if anything) with the guy in that carp mag?
  6. My closest water is about 80-90 yds. away, but it is a canal, and there are over 1000 (one thousand) miles of canals In south florida. Not to mention all the ponds and small lakes. I have lived in the city of coral springs for three years and I have yet to fish all the water in town. When viewed from an airplane flying into miami, there is so much freshwater it all looks like islands. BIG ASS grass carp, bass (largemouth and peacock), and even tarpon in the larger canals. Free, lots of access, and in most places, little or no fishing pressure.
  7. I would say that transparent braid is going to be the next fishing revolution. Berkley makes fireline crystal, which is somewhat translucent, (and actually not a braid, it's a fused line) but I cannot say that it is any less visable to fish.
  8. What is the easiest way to have your scales IGFA certified?
  9. As beer is an essential part of my basic fishing gear, this qualifies. While fishing with many witnesses, I popped the top of a carrabasset ale with such force that the cap sliced my forehead open when it made contact. You could even see the jagged line from the edge of the cap!
  10. Has anyone ever used marshmellows for carp bait?
  11. The anchored set up is exactly what I have been looking for to get around the ducks. It is so simple and effective. Worked like a charm and caught fish to boot. Surface carping has been given a new champion, one who carping axioms cannot hurt, all hail CALOPTERYX...CALOPTERYX, CALOPTERYX, CALOPTERYX!.....
  12. If the carp have eaten all of the vegitation in your pond, they are now very eager to eat. This makes it much easier for you. Grass carp have very good eyesight, and are very wary fish so you must stay as far away from the water as possible and low to the ground. Put a bush or a tree between you and the water if there is one. Pre bait the water with any kind of whole/natural grain bread you want. You want the bread to float. Wait. When it is obvious that the fish are taking the bait without hesitation, make an accurate cast 4 ft. ahead of and beyond the fish you want to catch. Now for your end
  13. Downsize your gear to a 7 ft., medium action rod and 10-12lb. test. line. This will allow you to cast a dog biscuit or piece of bread with no controller or other weight. Use a 30"-40" length of 15 lb. test florocarbon leader. If the weather is very sunny, rub the leader with 1000 grit wet sand paper to knock off the shine.
  14. Go to your local Publix supermarket and buy a few assorted bags of bagels (blended grain are usually the best). Scout the waters near your home for signs of carp action. Tailing, large swirls, or active surface feeding are what to look for. Once you find this, stand way back from the water and free bait the area with generous sized pieces of bagel. When it is obvious that the carp are taking the offerings without hesitation, make an accurate cast 4 ft. ahead of and beyond the largest fish. You want the bagels to float so don't compress them to much. As for tackle, I fish with a medium weight 7
  15. http://www.carpbusters.com/stopthesanctuary.shtml This is how different things can get on the other side of the pond. Carpbusters
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