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  1. Leadcore short lengths

    All i do is make a little solid bag with my hooklink and leave the lead out of the bag. That way you can just quick tie on your new rig with the bag already on it. A lot of videos and instructions on the packs tell you to put the lead in but i dont bother and its caught me fish
  2. What is your newest purchase

    What's that snoozer? Ya robbed it? Haha
  3. tf gear

    I have tfg spod and marker rods and they are bang on for the money.
  4. New mono

    barmy u lot!
  5. Well, It's been a while!

    Dogging lane? What goes off down there apart from fishing?
  6. What is your newest purchase

    6mm pellets sticky bloodworm cloudy liquid swim stim
  7. Best & Worst

    Dont get me wrong its a really good bivvy but i just cant get my head around the mesh on the bivvy itself, it just means that you cant use it without the wrap, which is what i sometimes want to do. Apart from that I have no other problems with it so to be fair it was maybe a little harsh putting it on my 'worst' list but i couldnt think of any other tackle that i dont get on with. I LOVE USING IT ALL!!!!!
  8. Best & Worst

    Best Taska rizalites Esp catapult Jag file Fox arma hooks Suffix coated braid Worst Jrc sti 2 man Nash bivvy table Oakwood rod pod
  9. New mono

    Sweet, I was just wondering, thanks
  10. New mono

    Iv just respooled my reels with brown 12lb subline and was wondering if I should stretch it at all or just use it as it is. Any suggestions?
  11. Hooks & Hook Pulls

    I meant I have done three sessions with the sharpener file because iv only just bought it, I wasn't referring to the hooks

    I went fishing Thursday night till Friday evening and only caught a 3lb tench, happy with that. I am also on the prowl for a new pb as mine is currently a 13lb mirror and want a bigger one. At the end of the day fishing is a sport, and like any other sport people try to "up" their game and do better. With regards to fishing this involves bigger fish, more fish, better landing ratio. On the other hand, 24 hours and a relatively small tench is just as enjoyable for me as I was there with a mate iv known since school and weather was bang on. Enjoyment, however you find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hooks & Hook Pulls

    I have just bought a Jag sharpening file and it's brilliant. I do the standard nail test and if it's not quite as sharp as if like I just run the file down it 8 times either side and 4 on the top. Test the hook every cast and possibly sharpen every cast depending on how the test goes. There is a thought that sharpening takes the coating off but iv done three sessions now using the same hooks and just give them a quick sharpen now and then and up to press they don't seem the become blunt any quicker or slower than straight out of the packet. Get one, try it, see how you get on. Saves you loads in hooks if you do get on with them. Oh and I use fox arma hooks for most of my fishing
  14. What is your newest purchase

    Would you mind popping a link up mate, these sound interesting
  15. which bivvy

    trakker and chub. I have no experience with either but they both look relatively similar. I have mates with trakkers bivvys and mates with chub bivvys and I personally think trakker are better but they are more expensive. My mate has a trakker armo 2 man and its absolutely massive and lets no light through what so ever which helps to regulate the bivvys temperature. But anothyer mate has a chub bivvy (not sure which model) and that is also a decent bivvy. Id be tempted to maybe go see some in the flesh if you can.