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  1. bait i use tigs,boats are banned
  2. hi mate the best swim on the lake is get a boat and do a night on the island we bagged 12 in one night,but keep under cover cos the bailiff gets a bit up set ha ha,the lake is very hard mate thats why we cheated a bit,as for the 50lb commen i am not so sure??but have seen 30plus commens in there,poss a 40,good luck mate your going to need it
  3. hi every one,a friend asked me about salt in ground bait,hemp ect,i said its probably bad for the carp like it is for most animals and us? his argument is that its printed in most magazines that its good for the carp?and large portions of it,would like your opinion on this please.
  4. hi mate yes u can fish the road bank but no boats,and will get realy busy next week coz the club water across the road will close soon,have you been to the cdas club across the road//
  5. hi all, have any of you fished or got any info on broad oak fisheries,eridge park, many thanks if you can help
  6. i have been told if you feed them on the bank with expander pellets,they say they love them,keeps them very quiet for a realy long time and FILLS them up a treat,realy fills them up
  7. its not going to make you feel a lot better,but at least you wasn't robbed bank side,i no a young kiddy that got beaten up coz he disturbed them,i cant wait for them to try and have my gear away i look forward to it every time i go fishing,as for the shed fit a intruder light out side the shed and get to alarms,one internal one external,
  8. horton lake is a lovely lake loads of carp in there but nothing big low 20s lots of 15s,if you live with in a 12 mile ring of chichester then you can get in to CDAS fishing club,3 lakes with big carp and cost is very cheap £80 for the year,
  9. check out cash converters
  10. hi mate sorry but just had a few and cant think at the moment,but there are 3 in washington,are you new to carp fishing??and just want some where to fish or are you after better waters?have you fished horton in upper beading
  11. It should still be considered bad manners to ask. yes i would never ask
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