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  1. Same here I bought my Century canons secondhand 15 years ago which I keep in motorhome for when we go away, And have three Harrison Ballistas @3lb tc again bought secondhand about 7 year ago which I use on larger waters both sets have a lovely through action and would not part with them for earth.
  2. Go on nathan get a bait boat you know you want to
  3. im not saying having a bait boat equals no skills...but as a society, technology is responsible for the loss of skills, the list is getting longer of skills being lost......so in a way ......yes ...baitboats are detrimental to angling skills The same as mobile phones and texting are detrimental! I use a mobile phone to talk to people but do not text or open a text sent to me! I always get annoyed when my son texts my wife and her to him by saying if you can't speak to each other you can't have much to say. Or am I a miserable old git. If it was not for technology we would not be here on this forum. So I think it is just a case of accepting technology. And yes forums get abused as bait boats do
  4. No mate still using carrier pigeon That's why we get through so much Red Band
  5. Are you sure you need the inverter as a lot of small televisions are only 12volt. The 240v mains lead normally has a built in transformer reducing down to 12v. If it is you would only need a lead from battery to tv, if you do it this way make sure lead has fuse in it. Also the inverter could overheat if you take the fan out. We only ever use them on 12 volt in our motorhome.
  6. I did have a set of fox SXV alarms a few years ago and if used on pod one went off they all went off so didn't matter which colour. Many times in middle of night it was the 3rd rod I hit that had a fish on. Where I fish now it's such a long time since I had a run can't remember what colour they are.
  7. I remember fishing at cobbleacre about 14 years ago. Young couple opposite in beach swim opposite in single bivvy almighty scream in middle of night bunk bed would not take two and collapsed Beware
  8. We all know there are some pratts around fishing you seem to have them all! but if you do not like a fishery move on If 4 rods are allowed what is the problem If bait boats are allowed what is your problem if you don,t want one fine, if you had one you might get that 120yds you require in your other thread. I know you are only young but you seem to complain more than us old wrinklies Don,t ever think about getting married you would never last
  9. Last lake I fished on there where 2 brothers that took between them 3x 110 amp leisure batteries 2 x lcd televisions 2 x playstations for a 3-4 day session. This was summer time as it was to cold after October.
  10. If you don,t like bait boats tuff. I thought long and hard when I bought mine not for the ethics but should I really spend that much money Any how first night I used it I managed to get it stuck on some lilly pads and in panick at my £650 quid boat sitting out there I want and dragged heavy boat round and put in lake to retrieve bait boat nackered myself And 24 hr later had a bloody heart attack Still back to b/boats that particular lake 90% used boats and you never had any leads/hooks or spods up trees. Current club water no b/boats and there are always endless leads /hooks and spods up trees. But some of them stuck in the dark ages will not alter club rules. Not used mine for 5 years but would not sell it might come in handy when If go to water where can use it Seen several birds with hooks in them caught in trees while trying to eat boilie is what we really want especially when you get non anglers walking around some of our waters It always makes me laugh when people knock bait boats but will use a dingy to row out to bait up on some lakes
  11. Twice in 41 years. I always buy 2 licences as sometimes fish 3 rods. But also when wife is fishing as well when she goes off to make me a cup of tea saves her bringing in her rods. And yes she has her own rod licence. This year is even better as we both qualify for the £18 wrinklies licence so £54 for the 3 licences
  12. My txi,s are about 5 year old and have had no problems at all. Been out in all weathers and no problems with water or damp in them. But my mate that I fish with had no end of trouble with reciever first one just stopped working and was replaced under warranty before that one eventually started playing up while still under warranty. What happened was we where fishing about 40m apart and every time i got a bleep on my delks it would register on his remote as well. He contacted delkim and they said that it was impossible for it to happen after 2 or 3 calls to delkim without success saying it could,nt happen he was so peed off by there attitude he got shot of them and bought a set of fox RX and has been happy with them for the last 4 years
  13. Nathan ask Korda if you can try there pva hook links, brilliant you can,t see them in water after a few minutes.
  14. The water should warm up in spring might get 2 runs at time
  15. Simples if you can,t handle 2 rods fish with one. Looking at flaxlands who would want to fish more than one rod any how. I,ve had 2 on at once couple of times and managed to handle ok. even had 3 once in the middle of a thunder storm don,t know who was wettest me or the fish but coped. How things change though water I am on at present Had one carp in 150 nights But hey its lovely to be there
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