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  1. Thanks carpbloke. Ive tried the beds of bait and blanked!! Absolutly no sign of life when I was there but I will keep trying.Might see you on there.
  2. Well done fella, these are the places to learn how to handle these powerful fish.Too many people go straight for the monsters and this is no good for them nor the carp.Set yourself goals and gradually set them higher, if a lump comes along you'll be more prepared for it.Good luck
  3. Anyone got any useful info on this fishery (not where it is), baits tactics etc, many thanks.
  4. well done alex good for you. I havn't been there for over a year but will try it again this year.
  5. Oakley road ponds defo worth a look and the carp aint that small! I didn't know about the sturgeon never seen one come out. Very close to road and not for the discerning carper but ok for wetting a line.
  6. This is a runs water mate albeit a small one. Speak to steve the baliff, he's a top bloke and will put you right. It will be very busy in the school holidays.Good luck.
  7. You cant use boilies or nuts on there davo, its pellets or naturals only. Also no leaders braid or barbs strictly enforced best to call ahead to avoid disapointment. Hope this helps.
  8. dip em in oyster sauce bruv and make a small arma mesh bag they love em and the silver fish cant take em.
  9. Any members from Maidstone Victory club ? Considering joining this year. Appreciate any input about their waters and fish.
  10. Used to be quality mate but is now being built on !! Rumour is they removed all the fish but no one witnessed this as far as I know. Being that u cant fish it I wont bother with where it is.
  11. Thanks SS that seems to be a general opinion are they definately imports? and are the lakes that small? Has anyone got anything positive to say about the place.I bet with such leviathons the place is packed!!
  12. Hello lads does anyone know if Strawberry Fields is a day ticket or private water? If you can fish it anyone got any reports on it? Cheers.
  13. Ive seen Orchard farm kent mentioned on a lot of forums anyone know where it is and give me a contact No? cheers guys
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