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  1. yeah megablend should be fine just try a one egg mix first to make sure it binds properly before you mix it all up also fish oils help with binding it could help if you add some
  2. i think the only problem is the rolling/binding as you,ve got fishmeal at 40% and the oyster shell you,ll struggle to get a good consitancy as you only have 20% binders id keep the vitamealo and lamlac as they are but id say you want at least 30% binder with a fishmeal mabye if you drop the oyster and add moores C.L.O which has texture and also helps with binding and also adds nutritional value id put this in at 10% and up the semo/soya to 25% which will give you 35% binders aslo if you lower the fishmeal by say 5-10% to fit with what ive said id use a heat treated soya flour/meal which has
  3. cider bob what else in in your mix ? i was refering to on the banks problem
  4. id lower the vitamealo as this makes the baits softer but id still keep some in it as its a soluble and will help release the flavours
  5. what lake do you fish
  6. it depends mate ive recently just switched to freezers my self as they last virtually for ever! but shelf lifes you can never tell as for all you know they could of been on the shelf for months before you buy them i tend to stop using them when there to hard to split/break between my fingers as for pellets i think its about a year
  7. http://www.carpbaitman.co.uk/eBaypics/Price-list-01-06-06.pdf you can get the red pepper stuff from here i think www.ccmoore.com they do the cheese powder and tiger nut meal
  8. its a birdfood which is the CLO bit and moores is the companys name go on www.ccmoores.com it will tell you more info on there
  9. how much green lipped muscle were you thinking and just a thought but if i added more robin red wont there be a chance that there will be to much considering its a 16 ounce mix and it might make it blow quiker thanks for the replys
  10. im trying to make a boilie which will be long term/food bait and ive came up with this recipe: 2oz pre-digested fishmeal 2oz lt94 fishmeal 1oz rennet casein 1oz 90 mesh casein 1oz robin red 2oz moores clo 2oz semolina 2oz soya 5g betaine 1oz blood powder 10ml nutramino 10ml hemp oil 4ml squid and octopus is there anything i can add to make this have better food value or is there any ingredient which i need more or less of any help will be apreciated
  11. thanks nick and gidneyboy nick can you reccomend one of those recipes you were on about , looking at getting that quality bait HNV one which is £3.50 a kg thanks
  12. im planning on making boilies for a baiting campaign
  13. can anyone tell me a long term foodbait basemix recipe which costs less than £3.50 a kg or tell me one thats ready made for this sort of price thanks
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