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  1. what do you lot use as a hook bait over your bed of hemp?
  2. wen i put my first hook in the water a few months ago
  3. Thats like putting out 2 kilo of groundbait and expecting to catch in a puddle....sounds good, but worth nothing. If pointing out your wrongdoings or that your futile attempt at sarcasm is wasted brings about your reaction as above, then maybe.........well, better not eh. its a fishing site purking not a jod advertisor
  4. i have looked on the hole site and have not found a link or a diagram of one if you could find one please note me thanks tom
  5. thnaks..if i am targeting big fish would it be better to use larger hooks? i am targetign aound 15lb what size hook do you recommend
  6. when baithing hte area use bigger bait what the smaller fish cant get to..and on ur hook bait use a bigger one with a larger hook what the smaller carp cant get
  7. on my lasy session i had a 5.5lb carp out. when i landed it the capr did not open it mouth to more than a 1cm. when i touched it ,it was rock hard. i strugled ot get the hook out my self..do oyu no what could of cause this?
  8. i prefer my line tight most of the time but on some occasions i like it slaked, like when i am fishing in the margins
  9. well i didn't have a bad day on sataday cathing my pb common carp but i want to improve that on my next session not this sunday the sunday after. i have been thinking of what tatics to use.. i know i am defently going to be using the maggot feeder on one rod with a size 10 hook (tell if you think i need a bigger hook) because that method has been succseful in the past. but on my 2nd rod i dont know what tatics to use. i not to good at rigs so all the simple ones would help. and if you could say what hook bait to use and what loose bait to use would be very halpful and the size hook
  10. your not wrong there only trouble is they produce a lot of small fish to yer i no such as roach lool
  11. lol yep. i have always stuck with maggots even if i havent caught on them. i think they are a bait that can produce big fish
  12. um 10lb common..not bad for just on maggots a simple bait and very easy to present welll
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