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    A sparrow tried to land on one of the branches on my real tree jacket
  1. Unhooking mat/cradle for mobility

    Aqua combi mat folds in half and has a nice shoulder carry handle
  2. Thought for the day.

    Absolutely fantastic idea.
  3. Hi

    Welcome to the forum
  4. Line keeps looping up

    Sounds like line twist to me. Get yourself a Gardner line doctor - they’re only a few quid, and actually work. I’d rather have to use the spin doctor now and again, rather than not being able to play off the clutch (not a backwind fan) and use the baitrunner.
  5. Snapped rod tip?!? Help

    If i were you, I’d make a saved eBay search, so that if one comes up on eBay, you’ll get an email notification. If it was me, I wouldn’t be happy with a shorter, or repaired rod, and would just hold out for a used one to come on sale. That, or cut the other two down to match 😂😂😂
  6. Snapped rod tip?!? Help

    What’s the chances of that!!! Who reckons someone is going to post an eBay link in a couple of days @£20 more expensive!!
  7. Snapped rod tip?!? Help

    What about this one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nash-H-Gun-Dwarf-10FT-1-75LB/dp/B00W1T8J56
  8. Rucksack what one?

    I have recently got the Aqua Deluxe Roving Rucksack. I absolutely love it. Fits my needs perfectly, love having a modular system with bags to fit in certain areas. It means that I know where everything is, at all times. All the benefits of a decent Carryall, but the flexibility of a rucksack.
  9. What is your newest purchase

    Have you seen the price of hosiery these days!! 😂😂😂
  10. What is your newest purchase

    Just ordered myself a Jag Stainless Super Compact Pod base from Angling Direct. On Sale at £150, then an additional 10% off with CATCHEM10 code 👍🏻👍🏻 Well it it is my Birthday next week!
  11. do I stay or go ????

    Know of a similar lake near me - Hadleigh Res. On top of a hill - fully exposed to the wind coming off the Thames estuary.
  12. He’s recently started a monthly Vlog - worth a watch for the insights of the work he’s performing at the moment on his lake:
  13. March catch reports.......................

    Absolute cracker Nige
  14. Cherry Carp (ex solar)

    Ianain has made a massive point though - if you sell direct to the customer, there is no middleman (Tackleshop) that also wants a cut of the profits - and therefore prices can be obviously cheaper. Boilies are sold in 5kg bags - but with an £8 delivery charge - which means they work out at £8 per kilo. Smaller companies with less overheads - advertising, staff, office space, website etc etc. Personally I like going into a shop, touching what I’m going to buy.
  15. March catch reports.......................

    First session today in almost 2 years - caught myself a low double mirror 👍🏻