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    A sparrow tried to land on one of the branches on my real tree jacket
  1. I’ve just topped up my terminal tackle using the 10% discount. And before anyone says to support your local tackle shop with this sort of thing - Angling Direct is my local
  2. Hey all, I’m sure we can all recognise some level of copying between manufactures i.e. the lead clip - each manufacture has their own version that they have tried to add their own touches to, whether that’s just their brand / colour, or a slightly different mechanic. Now, I’m not too concerned regarding this aspects of the industry, nor am I concerned that some manufactures bring in ideas from other parts of life and have repurposed them for the angling community i.e. Krusha, Nash bivvy warmer - and then add a great big ‘Carp £££’ on it, but what I am concerned about is companies popping up and performing blatant plagiarism on products. For example with Cyprinus selling exactly the same products that alternative manufactures supply - bed chairs, brollys etc. What people may not be thinking about, is that Aqua, Wychwood etc have had to go through months of design, specifications, materials, suppliers, prototypes, testing etc before a product can be offered to the consumer. This costs time and money. Now I’m not close enough to provide any figures around it, and I’m not I saying a new Wychwood bed chair would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to go from concept to production (We are talking evolution or products now - not revolution), but there is still a cost involved, that the initial manufacture has to cover somewhere. Therefore, it’s obvious that Cyprinus are able to approach the same supplier and ask them to sew a different logo onto the item, and sell that item at a much lower price. Should we be concerned about what these underhand tactics will do in the long run, or should we just care about the money in our own pocket? What happens if we loose our well known manufactures because someone else only wants to make a quick buck? Do we then loose the continued evolution / improvements of products? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject, and if someone has any real information / figures on the matter.
  3. What is your newest purchase

    Sold some stuff to make room (and pay for) for some other gear to allow me to be more flexible and mobile to get the most of out the limited amount of time I’m going to have on the bank. Waiting for delivery of the following: Fast and Light brolly Deluxe roving rucksack Jag banksticks And as you still need some creature comforts, a Ridge Monkey Deep Fill Toaster
  4. Fox Arma Points vs Fox Edges

    Cheers guys - such a shame - really liked those things. I have a few left over to keep me going a while. I’ll take a look at the ESP ones Nige - Cheers
  5. Fox Arma Points vs Fox Edges

    Hey lads - I see a few names that I remember well still on this forum - hope you are all well! I've been out of the game for a couple of years (having a kid), but starting to prepare for my first session. I used to be really confident using the Fox Arma Point Hooks (SSC mostly), but see these have been replaced by the "new" edges range. Anyone know if these are the same hooks, just packaged differently? i.e. SSC = Curve Shank?
  6. Maple peas

    GJW Titmuss are always a good shout if you can't find any locally. Although there will be a delivery charge.
  7. Anyone got any pictures of these in use? I'm very tempted.
  8. Am I The Only One Who's Annoyed?

    @Carpmachine, I don't think its necessarily as clear as black & white. I personally have spent far too much on tackle in the past, and well over and above what I would need to, to class it as a genuine tool. But that doesn't mean that I have done so as a fashion statement. I spent £600 on a floater fishing set up. I could have quite easily have spent less than £100 to get a quality set up that could manage just the same stuff. But 6 years down the line, I still smile when I pull my Hardy Avon rod out its protective rod tube. For my 30th Birthday, I asked my wife for a J W Youngs Centrepin reel, whilst I've never fished a river before (don't think a canal counts right?). It's a stupid amount of money for something that I might not ever get to use in its natural / intended environment. I enjoy my fishing. I enjoy using quality feeling / looking tackle. I couldn't care less what the guy next door is using, or what he thinks of mine.
  9. What line do you use?

    12lb Ultima F1, in black. It's aimed at Sea fishing, but it's supple, casts well, a good diameter, and sinks well too.
  10. Prebaiting

    Right now, I don't have enough time to commit to a pre-baiting approach - whether that's a few handfuls of bait the night before a session, or an active baiting programme. A few years back, I spent six weeks, visiting a lake 3 times a week to prebait with mixed particles (Hemp, Tares, Maple Peas, Chick Peas and Maize). Baiting in the less popular spots to reduce the amount of pressure on the feeding fish - creating a safe area for them to feed freely. I fished a 48hr session in mid March - and was 'plagued' by Tench. I eventually reeled my rods in to get some sleep. Whilst I didn't get the result I was looking for, it certainly did prove to me that by pre-baiting, I was able to bring the fish into the area, and caught plenty. Perhaps in choose the wrong bait for the lake? I only ever fish boilies on that specific lake now.
  11. Fish Fry

    Fry will likely avoid all other fish, and stick to shallows, snags, cover. It's a game of cat and mouse out there, and Fry are on the bottom of the food chain.
  12. What is your newest purchase

    A serious amount of Bromance in this thread right now :wink:
  13. Braided knots

    I agree - never had an issue with the knotless knot with braid. Just make sure the first turn around the shank of the hook, is away from the join
  14. weight of leads?

    I agree Nige that an actual tail rubber sliding on further, on the cast would be a pretty low chance. However, I'm sure you will agree, that not every carp bolts when hooked, and therefore even with the tail rubber only slightly pushed on, will the lead always eject 100% of the time.
  15. Korda

    I've seen them Kev, just think they are over engineered to do the same job as a pin.