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  1. I did a 72 hour session at The Paddock from last Sunday to Wednesday hoping to catch my first catfish, unfortunately I didn't get a sniff of a catfish but 45 hours into the session I caught my best carp in around 5 years with this 25lb 0oz mirror. I caught this on a live system boillie tipped with a small yellow pop up, well happy with this fish! Swim pic
  2. All caught on cc Moore live system boilies tipped with artificial corn
  3. Spent 48 hours at Springwater Lakes last weekend and ended the 9 year wait for a grass carp, within 2 hours of fishing I landed this 19lb 12oz grassy - It turns out they are like buses because the next day I also had this 12lb 10oz grassy - I also had 3 other mirrors the biggest being 13lb 14oz and a 9lb common. Not sure how this post will turn out I'm not used to using tapatalk!
  4. It can only be for tartyness but in my opinion it looks rubbish, the closer your reels are to the ground the more grit etc will build up in them unless you have one of those tarty mats that go underneath!
  5. I've always used Autan Insect Repellent, if you're worried about it affecting the fishing cover yourself in it after you've cast your rods.
  6. Funny thread! I've never tried it myself but a good tip I read on this forum was to use pipe insulation placed on the rim of the bucket for that extra bit of padding!
  7. Just discovered Mo's Co have closed after reading this thread, where do you get your PVA bags from now? I still have a decent stockpile of them but will need more in a few months time.
  8. I had both sides of the scaley mirror because it was a looker
  9. It's all in the presentation lol I can make a low double look like a 30! Here's some swim pics I forgot to post
  10. I'm struggling to post this on a phone, weights in order are 16, 11, 16.9, 14 & 13
  11. I did a 48 hour session at Todber Manor on the Big Hayes lake and caught 5 carp to 16lb 9oz, I fished midday Friday to Sunday, around 4pm on the Saturday I started getting some action and caught 4 fish between 4-10pm and had another around 10am on Sunday morning.
  12. That's one mistake I didn't make, all my kit was waiting for me I didn't sell anything, the only problem now is I want a new bivvy, sleeping bag, unhooking mat and winter clothes lol
  13. Good report and well done with your catches.
  14. Welcome back, I returned last month after 3.5 years away and I'm loving it again!
  15. I do the same as grangemilky and lift it by the mesh about half way up, there's no strain on the poles at all then. Also eat some boiled eggs as a side order with your plateful of red meat!
  16. I'll try Dal's solution next and if that fails i'll try tapatalk. I took my nephew fishing on Saturday afternoon to a small local pond, he hasn't done any fishing before. I was trying to show him how to surface fish using bread, on the first cast I caught a common carp that looked about 3lb and thought we might be in for a busy afternoon, 6 hours and countless casts later we finished on a grand total of 1 carp after watching the carp and gudgeon nudge the bread off the hook every time! My nephew still enjoyed himself and wants me to take him again.
  17. Thanks for your help Cyborx, the image properties box won't close down after I paste the link and click ok, it happens on 2 different PC's and I have no idea why, nevermind it was only a 12lber anyway!
  18. I'm still having problems, I'm fine up until point 9, when I paste the link in the image pop up box, nothing happens when I click ok or cancel and I have to refresh the page to get rid of the box which makes everything disappear, this is happening on my works and home pc.
  19. Thanks for the replies, I ended up fishing Spring Water Lakes near Carmarthen for a day session, I had a decent day and caught a 9lb 8oz common and 12lb 6oz mirror. I would post some pictures but I can't work out this new post formatting, when I try to paste a picture link nothing appears, anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  20. Hello everyone! I'm doing my first session for 3.5 years on Saturday, I've forgotten so much its unbelievable, I can hardly remember how to tie a knotless knot! I'm only planning a day session and will be happy catching anything (even a bream or eel!), I'll let you know how I get on.
  21. Really nice pictures Jules! The last one is awesome!
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