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  1. Never heard of that place mate, where abouts is it and what is the fishing like???
  2. If you mean what I think you mean that they either weigh in pounds or ounces but not both than again what’s the problem. Your brain should be able to give you the answer instantly Or maybe my brain works a little different to others. Frank The scales I brought weighed pounds that only go upto 0.9 then 1.0, 1.1 etc.... because the ounces are on a different setting so I can get a better weight by looking at the kilos rather than the pounds if you get what I mean. I have a chart now so no need to worry about converting the weights now.
  3. I cant find one on mine either mate.
  4. Hi mate i'm a regular at Merrington so I fancy something abit different and theres only one known 30lber in there. This is the only week i could get off work, As long as the lake isn't stupidly big then thats ok.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. Sharpy86 thank you very much, i'll get it printed off and laminated now. Beza26 I have the Sony Ecrisson C902
  6. They're to much of a camp site me mate. I want somewhere were it looks peaceful, i know it will probably busy but as long as i cant see many other anglers that would do me just fine oh and its got to have some good fish in the lake.
  7. Hi, right i wanted the KGs to be coverted into LB OZ form so that i could look at the chart then convert lets say 11.3KG into 24lb 9oz so that i know what size the fish was when i caught it rather than waiting til i got home. Its so so know the weight straight away rather than waiting til i get home because i go for long sessions at a time you see.
  8. Hi mate yes i have a printer, if you could knock me one up that would be great. I brought the scales a while ago now bt never used them, they are digital and can weigh on pounds but the reading in better in KG because the pounds and ounces are seperate for some reason.
  9. I'm willing to travel as far as the fishery is to be honest.
  10. I have brought a set of new scales but they only weigh in KGs, i have found a kg to pound converter on the internet but does anyone know of where I can get a paper chart that shows the conversion even by the ounces. The scales go up to 44kg.
  11. What good fisheries are there other than Bluebell, Richworth where Me and my old man can go for a weeks fishing. We're thinking of the last week in august and needs to be in this country. We want a good weeks fishing with the chance to catch a 30lb or two. Has anyone got any ideas????
  12. Try and get onto one of the islands pegs(2,3,4,16,17,18) if not try 5,8,9,10,15 but you will be lucky to get oen of the really good pegs as its started to get really busy now compared to when i used to go. Dont put to much bait in and just fish for one bite at a time and find the underwater features. Oh and dont forget to order your breakfast every morning it saves cooking lol
  13. Well done mate, cracking common.
  14. Looks like you had a cracking sessions mate, well done
  15. Nice little stumpy common. Try fishing in your margins but remember to stay quiet and back from the edge you might be surprised with what you catch if your quiet enough.
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