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  1. Yes you should be fine. i don't use my spod rod any more. i remove lead and rig clip on small spod to carp rod simple easy and quick.
  2. Hi anyone got any info about Duston mill reservoir Northampton could also be know has sixfields reservoir. Have seen they are looking for members . Many Thanks
  3. Hi just done 30hrs using the bio weights. do look a bit odd at first but use them like normal leads. No problems with casting was fishing to a bar at 86yards 2.5oz with fluorocarbon main line. casting with ease. Finish with 3 x 20s including this 26lbs common.
  4. Been told they will be same price as lead weights. Lots of colours and shapes . and some flat ones for margin fishing.
  5. Harrings Bio-Weights designed to biodegrade over prolonged period of immersion in water. web site and sales up and running 31st may. More info on face book join group.
  6. Better pics for you. The one on the right i ask them to make for me. Some fisheries are looking at banning lead next year. so i am getting a head start.
  7. Just pick up my samples of bio weights the one on the right can be filled with pellets ect and a pva nugget plug into bottom.
  8. Only ever use Fox got some over 30 years old still working perfect.
  9. Yes i use a Hawke range finder rf5600 600m/656yd you can range find your marker float. far bank reed beds ect.
  10. Hi you could also try a method feeder very easy and quick way to get feed around your bait. the small korda one 1.5oz is good 3.5oz when loaded. Work's the same as pva bags and don't melt so can be loaded with anything.
  11. Hi you can get a small spomb and use it on your normal rods. not used my spod rod for years.
  12. Yeah i went down tuesday night with a reed cutter and a saw 30 mins latter had a swim sorted. put out 2kg boillies. fish it thursday and friday night. well pleased think i will do winter on here. going back tomorrow to cut a new swim out.
  13. Just done two nights. first trip to this lake in 2 years. 6 commons 23lb 25lb 27lb 31lb 32.5lb 36lb
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