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  1. when you start trying hold the hair along the side of hook shank same side you start to wind. when you tighten down the hair will turn and sit on top of shank. perfectly .
  2. get a can of pipe freeze (to freeze leaking pipes) hair rig has normal drop . the hair rig meat into lid spray to freeze. cast as far as you want. will thaw out in a few minutes. can use on any soft bait. bread/cockles/prawns/ ect.
  3. liquidized sweetcorn gives a long lasting cloud. crushed hemp. and tiger nut carpet feed for the fizzing.
  4. Thank all . just have to say its out of a old trout lake. not been fished for three years. first time these carp have been on the bank. had two commons as well 18lbs and 23lbs. can't wait to get back see what else is in there. Cheers
  5. Hi all been pike fishing all winter. got the carp rods this weekend. for the first time this year. what a start. 34lbs 4ozs
  6. i use a simple kd rig for all my wafters. snowman. and balance baits.
  7. Are all leaders banned or just lead core. Have a look at taska evolve leader.A woven fluorocarbon leader. i have used it heavy and sink well just what you need for chods.
  8. Hi read what you have just posted. why change to 5ozs cog system. just change your lead to 3.5ozs on your lead clip. solve all your problems. 2.5 leads are to light to set hook on slack lines. so i would try this first. think you will be well surprise.then report back on here for all to see. All the best nuts
  9. HI all Anyone looking for a good battery for boat/tv GO outdoors got a offer on platinum 110 Ah only £65.00. i have used this one for my boat for last three years. good battery.
  10. Hi you should check out new shop in peterborough fish-4 113 welland road.dogsthorpe PE1 3SJ. new and used tackle some good bargains. If you would like to meet up some time go though the basic no problem. Welcome to the forum
  11. watch the bird life coot ect. if they diving and feeding in lines could be feeding off bars. if swans about watch were they feed shallow areas. try maze better then sweetcorn if small fish come a problem. good luck
  12. Hi snoozer i have 14mm and 18mm garner tables and gun with all nozzles. some over bits bait dyes/flavours ect. you can have to get you going . i am in peterborough not to far from you. if you want to pop over for a cupa there yours.
  13. hi no need to wait until summer get down there loads of carp about . fishing better than most lakes in the area. all way through the town look around the bridges and where the trees are in the water. ferry meadows days only day ticket on bank or PDAA book
  14. hi A1 pits 5 or 6 a good choice..
  15. yes have used it mixed with yellow. great stalking bait. demon baits use to do it in 1kg bags prepared but no longer do. ps were you seen it. malc