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  1. Only ever use Fox got some over 30 years old still working perfect.
  2. Yes i use a Hawke range finder rf5600 600m/656yd you can range find your marker float. far bank reed beds ect.
  3. Hi you could also try a method feeder very easy and quick way to get feed around your bait. the small korda one 1.5oz is good 3.5oz when loaded. Work's the same as pva bags and don't melt so can be loaded with anything.
  4. Hi you can get a small spomb and use it on your normal rods. not used my spod rod for years.
  5. How about the fox str i got set of 4 had them for 25 years. still perfect.
  6. Yeah i went down tuesday night with a reed cutter and a saw 30 mins latter had a swim sorted. put out 2kg boillies. fish it thursday and friday night. well pleased think i will do winter on here. going back tomorrow to cut a new swim out.
  7. Just done two nights. first trip to this lake in 2 years. 6 commons 23lb 25lb 27lb 31lb 32.5lb 36lb
  8. yes you can get pellet stops to use for hair rig pellets.
  9. how long are they out before you reel in. do you use pellet stops. or boilie stops.
  10. sorry but that's match brolly they are not vents. there to push your pole threw . but fox do 50 and 60 inch wraps..
  11. Hi try a nut mix based boilie 20mm + stay away from fish meal boilies bream love then.
  12. when you start trying hold the hair along the side of hook shank same side you start to wind. when you tighten down the hair will turn and sit on top of shank. perfectly .
  13. get a can of pipe freeze (to freeze leaking pipes) hair rig has normal drop . the hair rig meat into lid spray to freeze. cast as far as you want. will thaw out in a few minutes. can use on any soft bait. bread/cockles/prawns/ ect.
  14. liquidized sweetcorn gives a long lasting cloud. crushed hemp. and tiger nut carpet feed for the fizzing.
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