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  1. Nice that's handy! We will have to go out for a session if your up for it but as you know I have no venues as not done any carping up here.i don't even posses a landing net yet! Just two rods two alarms some crap line from k mart! And two fly rods! Got rid of everything due to customs .
  2. Hi mate just south of brisbane shailer park, but we are due to move to kenmore next month! Are you anywhere near me? Cheers darren
  3. Hi lads Just moved up from Adelaide after spending 6 month there. I brought the rods and alarms. From England got rid of the rest. I used to fish France holland couple of times a year for carp so really miss it, I'm interested in going fishing if anyone is willing to disclose there venues and fancies a quick session Thanks darren
  4. hi mate cheers for reply im in warradale on my short term rental. then moving to o hallaran hill area but i have car so can go anywhere. would love to get oout fishing see a few spots thanks darren
  5. hi people due to fly out to adelaide in 4 days my stuff wont be over for two month just wondered if anybody will be out soon doing a bit hopeing i might tag along. pick up some local knowledge darren
  6. been two of mirror pool waters already had some big hits on one and big fish on another. we all talked about it and fancy another one of there waters. so it seems like its a tricky water. is it a big bait water or little pva bags. or just see if there avin it then get some bait in. any good tips peg wise? for early season fishing april in mind thanks darren
  7. somebody must have been. any info would be great thanks
  8. i dont know if they changed the name to this. if it is this we went through angling lines or angling something well one of them anyway, ill ask my friend where in france it is. see if its the same place. anyway we had really bad hol. shoved on some pegs about 2 yard from each other in a line its full of french locals who create there own rules and we had problems with them all week. one actually rowed a boat across all our lines and dropped a bait. the baliff is french so he sides with them, so you end up with no water to fish in. we each had a bream. worst hol we ever had cheap mind but no
  9. hi just after some info on this lake i been to two of the lakes already. the website is old so info off anyone whos been would be good thanks darren
  10. i can join in november i think i sent it off today, they have an early intake day now i think
  11. i just recieved my membership application it took 2 years mind i live in rochdale so just after some good waters up north
  12. hi im thinking of joining prince albert can anybody suggest any good carp waters they have? thanks darren
  13. hi im off there this coming friday any pics of lake or help would be brill thanks darren
  14. does any of you have anycontact details for thr monument? thanks darren
  15. im fishing this water in april and any help would be appreciated advice on this water as well thank you darren
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