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  1. Thanks for the comments guys!!! Did you guys use water or eggs when you made your pop ups? It makes it sound like your to use water but if you wanted you can use eggs but it said they'll turn out harder. Does that mean like a tougher skin or whole pop up or does that mean they won't be as soft and won't cut to shape well? I want to dry them out for 1-2 weeks and then add flavor back to them to make them soft again.
  2. I wanted to get some pop up base mix but wasn't sure which brand name to go with I'm looking at ccmoores, mainline, and richworth. I haven't seen much about richworth so didn't know if there pop ups are better or worse then the other two brands. I've see alot with mainline on the korda dvd's and with ccmoores they has video's on there pop ups. But the reason I'm thinking of going with richworth is they say you can use water instead of eggs and that the pop ups will stay up for two days. Also how's richworth yellow and pink color? Are they a nice bright color? Has anyone used richworths p
  3. I've been thinking the same thing. Here's what I've came up with and this is just with a small funnel web bag. If the bag would be put on the hook it would pull the whole hook and hook link up the main line/leader on the cast due the the weight of the bag. So this is what I'm going to try. In stead of tieing the lead onto the main line/leader I'm going to use a quick link on the lead. This way I can take the lead and quick link off the main line/leader and use a baiting needle to put a bag on. Next I'll put on a silicone sleeve on the main line/leader. At this point I'll put the quick l
  4. Why pay a lot of money if you can come up with a cheep way to make it And besides a little hard work making things is good for use
  5. I've always added mine in the soaking stage. When I add the water this is when all my goodies(salt, sugar, spices, molasses, or what ever) go in. I beleave that if your seeds are soaking up water why not have your goodies in the water to be soaked up too. One thing I will say is sometimes your addities smell and taste(and maybe even there make up) can change. For example I like to add molasses to my spod mix. At first it smells great and you can really pick out the molasses in the mix. But after soaking and the cooking stage it doesn't smell like molasses anymore. It has a different
  6. Here's a picture of what I was trying to say.
  7. I've had great results on the fake corn. Mostly the fluro yellow and red. The one trip I caught 22 carp in 10 hours. Now they we're all in your 5-15 pound range but when you just want to hear your alarms go off and feel that bend in your rod it's a great day!!! I will say that I was getting tried of losing them due to snap off on snags so I've started making my on out of foam. For .79 cents you get a 12inch by 24inch sheet of 2mm thick foam. I then would cut out the shapes and glue them together to make any shape or size I wanted. One down fall to using foam is it's more buoyant there
  8. Forgot to add that I can only have two rods in the water.
  9. The spot that I'm going to next is a shallow stream 20-30 yards wide. It holds a lot of small to mid size carp in it. At this time of year any fish makes me feel on top of the world. There also is a pond I go to that is a couple acres. It can be hard fishing there when this pond is all the same. The only differents is the one side drops off to deep water(to 15') and the other side has a little dip in it that is shallow(you'll see carp in there in the summer). The deep end gets hit with the wind(blowing from the water to the shore) and the dip side has come water because it doesn't get hit
  10. Now that the waters are colder I always wonder when I'm fishing if I should leave my rig out all day or if I should keep bring it back in every hour or so to put a new fresh flavored bait on and new tiny bag full of pellets or boilie crumb. They both have there up and down sides and I've did both and have caught doing both. But I wonder what most other people do when there out fishing in these colder harder times? Also would you change anything if you we're fishing a lake/pond Vs. a stream/river?
  11. I have used hemp flour in my base mixes before. I just grind up my own hemp seeds to make my flour. I guess Coconut flour is not used much in peoples base mixes but does anyone think 4-6 oz per lbs be to much in a base mix? Guess I'll just will have to try it when I get my flour. But if anyone has any advice please share.
  12. I was wondering if anybody has heard about this coconut flour or uses it in their base mix for boilies. What sparked my interest was that Mainline makes a boilie the Cell, which everybody says how much of a coconut smell it has. So I was wondering if maybe Mainline uses this flour in their Cell boilie because they state that it isn't a milk protein, fishmeal, or birdfood but it is high in protein, and this coconut flour is really a high protein flour. Was just wondering if anyone has used this, and if so have you had any luck with it? What amounts would you use in your base mix? Here's th
  13. That's a tough one because it vary from people. Some say 15ml-30ml per pound of dry base mix to where othere say that is the amount you should add to a kg of dry base mix. I use 15ml-20ml per pound of base mix. But two things to remember about molasses is that it's so dark that it will kill any color you add to the mix so your better off not using any and they will come out a light brown to a dark brown color depending on whats in the base mix. Also it can tend to cover up some weak flavors that you add to your boilies. Well hope this helps
  14. I wish I lived near it But I don't. Guess I'll have to keep fishing for thoughs wild carp
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