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  1. I reckon that as a virgin you could pick a lot worse places to go than Holland And if you do break your 'duck' make sure you dont catch anything You dont want to go anywhere near a gravelly bottom either, especially a gravelly hairy one Stick to the smooth bottoms, IMHO they are far better
  2. The closing of the bivvy door is just bad angling, end of Unless of course you have a fair maiden in there or have gone to the pub
  3. Quite right too Nowt but another way of conning guys out of bait money/women out of make-up money in the interests of the economy
  4. Isnt the River Nene not to far away from Leicester?? 30'ish miles?? Leney stocked fish in this river and no doubt due to flooding, and no doubt some have been helped, have found their way into many of the pits along the Nene valley. Have a look at Bang on Baits website gallery. Some of these fish are from the Nene valley and are certainly Leney's.
  5. All these little inaccessible spots are places the carp can go for a little respite from the pounding of leads and spods day in day out. You use a bait boat to place a bait in/near/under these inaccessible spots and its just more pressure on the carp. And apart from the reason above unless you aint got proper use of your arms then sorry, but it just aint angling
  6. Well I did post his bad side. But he's that ugly its worth seeing again
  7. Did I I dont know, my brains pickled Will have to check, its an experience seeing Quazi's bad side
  8. I never want to see that thing again. You lot only saw his good side
  9. Most certainly Tony. Some from here.... http://www.enc-online.org/eggnutr.htm
  10. Wouldnt advise anyone to use longshanks, the extra leverage the longer shank gives can only be bad IMO. Far better to create the same effect with shrink tubing. Anyway, Korda hooks suck big time
  11. Sounds like you are being 'done in' on a regular basis mate. Firstly Mugga's are great hooks but dont go in as well as others. Once they are in thats fine they dont come out usually. When you say the lead is semi-fixed do you mean you are using a lead clip? I'd change my hooks, i'm using Drennan barbel specialist 6's or 8's, you can use shrink tube to create a longer shank. Maybe make the hooklength a little shorter, use a single bait rather than snowman and use a bigger lead, firmly fixed on a lead clip, that'll do 'em
  12. Just go fish it, dont worry about the bait. Theres far too much focus on 'whats the best bait' nowadays and not enough on just doing it.
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