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  1. Just finished reading it, it's a novelisation of the film, brilliant read, I don't normally read autobiographical types of books, but this was brilliant, it covers his time as a TV presenter right through to the closing of the Hacienda. Funny, informative and entertaining all the way through. If you've got any interest in the Madchester scene, I can't recommend this book highly enough!
  2. Steve, are you a Catholic by any chance...? They're into all this self-degradation, or so I believe Break out the whip?
  3. Stunning, stunning fish, both of them, but that first one... WOW! Looks as old as the hills. Chuffed for you fella!
  4. He's had a right result, I'll let him tell the story when he gets back, I can't wait to see the pics!
  5. At that point, I couldn't gave been any wetter! The real mickey take was the fact that it stopped 5 minutes before and after I packed up!
  6. Took a mentalist bat last might if that counts?!
  7. Weather?! Weather?! It's gonna waz it down again any second!
  8. Good point, in a similar vane who the hell is Terry Hearn, got his name all over my kit!
  9. I'd go for cutting them back personally, but only a small section so you can net the fish. Knife on a stick is the way forward, aswell
  10. I'm with Gidneyboy, that looks a hell of a lot like KHV to me, seen a few pictures of dead fish suffering from KHV and they all had this gill plate defect. If I was you I'd give CEFAS or even the Enivironment Agenc a ring and have a chat about it. CEFAS number - 01502 562244
  11. Steve, you're a clever fella. Well done. Keep it to yourself in future though!
  12. What I imagine you'll find, pretty quickly, is that it's grim up North.
  13. Are you SERIOUSLY discussing hair styling products?! VO5 matte clay is the way forward, no discussion about it!
  14. And why would you want to go to the hassle of doing that? Surely it is best to choose a certain hooklink material in a certain length for a certain bottom you are fishing over (taking into account your baiting pattern and the actual bait you are using) on the given day. Apart from my choddies, i do not tie my rigs at home anymore. I get to the swim i choose, decide what bait im fishing with and the bottom im fishing over then tie a rig to suit the situation. I feel doing it that way you are more flexible in your approach. My God, things have changed since I've been away, you're us
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