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  1. I must say alot of you euros are plain and simply sissys and have ingnorant thoughts but i guess thats because your fishermen living in a country void of fish and game so it leaves you plenty of time to conjur up ingnorant ideas and view to say on these types of forums. well happy fishin in your mud puddle pay lakes
  2. Maybe i'm ignorant, but I thought all the American's fished Carp out and let them die etc... do they get proper care and
  3. First off we probally do not offer the same care to carp that you guys in the uk do thats because we have so darn many of them in our waters they are not a native species in our water so they can become destructive especially in huge numbers.I must say i completely enjoy the harvest of game to provide my family. I own quite a bit of land and hunt it. we have never harvested any game other than coyoats without cleaning and consuming every ediable part. what we dont eat our dog gladly do. Did god put animals on this planet for us to eat I believe ethical hunting is far more natural than where your last hamburger came from!!
  4. You obviously need to study MODERN american history and then come back to chat with less ingnorant things to say!!!
  5. in my country it is the name of the most popular fly we have the wooly booger a booger is also the slimey gooey stuff that forms in your nose (sorry if i offended your fourm ) differant cultures differnt slangs.
  6. Yeah we have the same problem in the states mostly hispanic/ cuban luckly there not much in to fishing how ever the african american fisherman seem to think no fish is to small for table fare but luckly a majority of our fisherman are ethical catch and relese fisherman. besides if people get to carried away with there creels a serious butt kickin streamside is commonly occuring around here but its not over carp its over bass.
  7. my personal best was a 32lb. out of ceasers creek in ohio caught on a size 12 gold ribbed hares ear. have caught 100s in the 8-15lb.class mainly sight casting wooly [censored]s or some other ungodly [censored] type fly. my good friend landed a 44lb. on 6ib line out of the great lakes region of ohio.(state record 1999) *Its so cool to talk to people that respect carp here in the states I usually am teased for my pursuit for carp.
  8. Can't agree with you on the hunting thing i live in the land of big game and it is my family tradition to hunt with out hunters the US wild life populations would not be what they are hunters pay alot of licensing fees that go tword wildlife preservation ducks would be non existant in my country if a group of fowl hunters didnt form Ducks unlimited in 1930. so for you to say that about hunters besides most people think just like you your meat should come from massive factory farms where animals live in misery there entire life and are fed many antibiotic ,unsafe foods,hormones and so on. so you believe as you want i just had to clear up my beliefs are differant from yours
  9. Does any one in UK pursue carp with fly fishing tackle It is the new rage in the US possiable bringing respect to the species for the first time untill now all you ever herd is how much of a trash fish carp were even to toss them on the bank (never did) when one is caught. well i hope some one has some valuable info. I am always willing to share US meathods with any one with intrests
  10. Thank you thats the first thing I have herd that makes since to me about your drastic measures to catch fish. I have often wondered how your meathods would work in my home waters where carp are not at the least bit shy of even the worst rig. will some one tell me more about bait boats there use and application.
  11. I am from ohio USA i just do not understand your fishing meathods. I dont want to appear a biggot and I am not trying to offend any one. do you go thru such great measures because you dont have a lot of fish are your carp harder to catch? here there is so many carp you end up catching them even when you dont want to. I pursue carp on the fly, but grew up catching them on canned corn or wheaties dough balls.( what the hell is a boilie??)
  12. Last fall I was fishing in the greatmiami river when I noticed a jon boat making its way up the river some weird contraption was attached to the front of the boat whene they reached me I just had to ask what was up. they told me they were electricly harvesting carp out of my river they indicated to me they avrage 1000-12000 lbs. of carp on a day harvesting when I looked in the boat there was a large trough in the middle I can not tell you how many 15-30 lb. fish were in there. despite the harvesting practices yheat go on here i have never had a day on the river when the carp fail to remind me they regin king in my home waters. eco hazard ? questionable. fun to fish ( definatly!!!)
  13. i'll get right on that for you !!!! but really I do own a 180 acre nature preserve with campsites as far as the date i can't help you. Any way if you cant afford a plane ticket why are you looking at the where to fish in the USA section of this forum??
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