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  1. When I look for a new water I tend to average the times I fish per season times that by the day ticket fees then if the sum is say £300 i might pay a little more on the advantages of paying for a descent syndicate water and no more. If its a once in a lifetime place mate go for it, if its always got room for a small one then stay where you are until you can financially afford it and all as every session we all learn more and by the time you get there then nothing will be able to stop tonybrannomeister !!!
  2. The model must of been paid a serious lot of money or a baked bean short of a tin.
  3. personal experience is better then literature.
  4. A little annoyed last saturday when fishing a new water. Arrived there at 07:30 and there was quite a few pegs left but 3 at one end were full (right near the island) so i decided to go on the next available peg where i could literally under arm to cast as was that close. The other 3 pegs that were taken were basically going around the otherside so thought thats ok right near the island got a decent feature and can hit the island edge everytime. I spodded for about 10 mins and got a decent carpet laid of hemp/maize/sweetcorn and partymix so thought right lets settle down for some cracking fishing as on the island everytime. After about 2 hours i got talking to the chap nearest to me who fished there at that swim every weekend guaranteed and had done for several years. He then asked me if i was after Carp of which i replied yes, he then continued to tell me that in the years he had been there he had never seen a carp caught from the island especially in the swim where i was fishing. Now this was a knockback, so i asked him where the best place to get a carp and he said basically from him down to the end as just passed him was a dead end so you could not walk right round it. Well i was not too impressed but just decided to carry on as he also said that all the pegs to my left were carp free also (which were empty). After about 4 hours the local bailiff turned up and asked me if i wanted carp of which i told him what the guy told me. The bailiff confirmed this and said if i wanted to fill a keepnet then i was in the right place but the carp for some reason stayed on the corner that was busy. So basically i was told that i would not get any carp whatsoever so put a sweetcorn on and go for broke of which i landed up doing and was gutted all day watching the other 3 ripping the carp out. The moral of the story lads is on a new water do some homework first and turn up at 1st light to get the pegs that work well as if i had done this then i would not of give myself a fish free day.
  5. Give me your credit card and personal details and i'll try it for you !!! Father christmas here i come !!!
  6. All mine our hair rigs and helicopter rigs that i do myself and their all different lengths, different hooks and different lines all done at home ready for the action !!!
  7. Have put my address in but u can make roads out just but not houses so how do you get ponds clear?
  8. I am downloading this google earth to see what the big fuss is about !!
  9. Same as me Tony, I'm afraid its all fish,fish,fish. It's a terrible job but someones gotta do it !!
  10. I am sure mr mod can magic one up.
  11. How about trying to get hold of a cardboard cut out of Nick, once people see it stood there they'd definately do a runner !!!
  12. I am loving this guys, for once carp tackle tarts are not at the top, It just proves carp/fishing suppliers are not always the case, I use this all the time I know but its just an example, If i want parts for my Subaru i do not go to the subaru dealer as can get em cheaper and they last just as long where i go. Is this the same for Real tree? Its based for fishing/hunting so thats why people buy it not because its hard wearing etc And lets be honest hunting: would you wear it for that? Do you wear it paint Balling? Can you be hidden if your not near a tree? Is there much choice in Real tree as there is in army suplas? All mine is army surplas as its light also compared to real tree which can be quite heavy and bulky to carry. Sorry i'll shut before i get mawled by real tree fans !!!
  13. Wot about the basic idea, get a load of those bite alarm for girls, you know the clothes pegs with bells on em. When you get your head down just peg everything up and even put some line around with some of those pegs attatched. Its cheap as cheaps and will last you perminantly plus their no problem to clip on. Myself i take my dog as thats security and a weapon all in one. Toucha my gear, Toucha my dogs temper !!!
  14. The one to the rear is the worst, she wont let go until she hears a scream !!!
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