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  1. dont be rediclous cause u cant claim it, and above is right I would never even way it, even if it iwas an 80, and thats a fact
  2. Mate if it was me i would get on the Tails Up Protavit liver, if not then B5 is quality as well! I have been baiting up a few river spots and have found some cracking fish, their loving the Protavit liver! Nic Brown
  3. Tails Up protavit liver, unrivaled bait in my oppinion, had a nice 27 common and two low twenties last night. Always have a bucket of Maize, Tigers, a few pepperamis and some worms, every time I go!
  4. I really miss the close season, nowt beats that opening session, cracking open a cold one. The enthusiasm and missing bank time makes u ever keener and re tweak your approach gear ect.... What bait you all on this season then?
  5. So things are lookin good! U gonna keep baitin till the 16th?
  6. post doesn't apply to you then!! lol Ok, for those that are in that posistion, whats new for spring?
  7. How are people coming along with the new season pending, are you on a new water, have you been baiting up, you seen that moster, new baits, new energy new rigs and ideas????
  8. If people are on a winner, and results havent switched off then why change! Thats why baits like Tails Up Protavit Liver are still best sellers, they still always catch!
  9. Mate as said before, just ask the bailiff, but I'm pretty sure they will sell bait on site, my aqdvice is take 2kg more per day than u would take on a hungry water in the UK, if u run out buy on site. Thats boilies. I would take 20kg Hemp, 5KG tigers & 25kg of pellet, but thats just me... Good luck an be lucky
  10. I think what you have to remeber is that boilies are the most effective bait by far, there isn't another style of bait that has caught or selects big carp. They are easy to introduce at range, they (apparently) foil the attacks of nuiscence fish and can be left in possistion for great lengths of time. Combine that with, meat baits, worms, ect ect they are probably the most liked foodsource by the carp. So the aim is to create the same feeding signals, flavours and nutritional profile of the fresh water shrimp, bloodworm or water snail... Best of both worlds! lol Although, saying t
  11. Dont understand, what du mean its free? The amount of bloodworm I use in my mixes are not ammounts you stumble across!
  12. yeah, will deffo help with media studies mate, use it for your final practical, will save ya a lot of time! goodluk with it anyway..
  13. Good mate of mine was inside for 3 yrs, if you cant do it, then youl soon gag for it! His mises picked him up, they did summit, god knows wat, and then he called me said pik me up in 30mins, thought we were goin on a sesh, turned ot we spent 3days on the bank, he was like a pig in poo, never seen sum1 so happy, its like anything mate as soon as you wrie it off, your m creaming for it in 3 weeks!
  14. It is very simular to the beach casting style, from the origins of beach casting! (so it is old skool! ) Yeah, lookin at it I get what you mean, suppose it keeps it in due to the momentum. Was n't havin a dig though mate, was actually well impressed with the vid. Is there a reason for you makin it, skool, you tryin to get in the game ect>? Nic
  15. fury muff, but, and Im sure this will get a few backs up (not my intention) there are plenty of beginners, and this is hardly the most technicaly strong forum, I think you guys need to realise there are a lot of fairly daft questions on here! Simply that is because the bloody carp rags breed this sort of mind set, use this tie that fish here, actually give us a call, weel put it on your hook!
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