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  1. British Record

    I cannot wait either, my health has not been good this past couple of years and on top of that, every time I think I'm there with my writing I find gaping holes, I find I need to travel to various worldwide destinations to plug those holes. I have worm myself out, my trusted car did so many miles its now not a happy motor, the dogs look tired and my note book must be the most travelled 99p store note book, but I have loved every minute of it and when my musings do get published, if one person likes it and better still learns something from it, to me it will be worth it.
  2. British Record

    I am forth generation Polish blood carp breeder, so I know only too well what people like to eat. However a carp that can and does grow to twenty pounds by age 6, is going to be far bigger age 2 than a carp destined to be 6lb by age 6. So selecting the bigger carp to breed from was an obvious choice, also one has to look at other things in the choice of size as only a percentage of bred carp are eaten fresh and even less were in the middle ages . The Monks or anyone for that matter didn't have freezers, so salting and smoking were the main ways of preserving fish., so if you take a 3kg wild type carp, gut and behead etc. and smoke you end up with 1kg 33% of usable flesh, the bigger the fish the more usable flesh by % you get, eg 6 kg fish[wild type] will give 50% of flesh, hence another reason for selecting the bigger fish. This is a long and complicated subject, one that has been wrongly addressed by some authors, often because of a lack of evidence, however its one that I explore in its entirety in my writings, something that is taking to long. When it comes to Strains of carp in the UK you would be surprised at what was stocked, yes there were lots of leneys from 1932 onwards, then various other breeds by the same person or farm, but other fish came to the UK sporadically from the middle ages onwards, a lot in the Victorian times, eg, fish from Silesia, Ruthenia, Bohemia, Germany, France etc in the 1880s, 90s, 1900s and onwards, I own carp of different strains and breeds from the following countries all arrived in the uk from the 1400s to the 1980s, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, German, French, Croatian, Israeli, Rumanian, Hungarian, Italian and finaly, Asian carp [c. rubrofuscus ] the ancestor of Koi.
  3. British Record

    So firstly this is not an attack on you personly, its just a subject I have spent a lifetime studying. I know Donald stocked fish into the Nene by the thousand in 1952 and its their offspring that are found round Northants to this day. Wildies in the UK do not grow big, this is because these are carp that have genetically reverted and mutated to a common [wild] form of scaling and a stunted form, however true wild carp not only look different, they grow bigger, that is exactly why they were chosen for breeding by European monks. Please try to look at the photos on this site, no other carp looks like a true wild carp, they have one very visual marker that no improved/ domestic carp has. When it comes to Genetics of Carp, you start with a number of different domestic carp from around Europe, each Breed/strain/race will have its own genetic markers [formed from x breeding with genetic mutated parent fish] and some exactly the same as others[ original genes]. Now if you keep tracing back searching for carp only the matching markers. Once you find carp that have identical genes, with no mutated alleles that breed true to type, you have the original carp. This same back tracking has been performed with horses, Pigs, Dogs etc., hence the reason we know that domestic Dogs are from wild wolf parentage with 99.999999999999% certainty. It is also Impossible to breed the wild form of gene carp from the domesticated form, same goes for all other domesticated or improved forms of animals as we cannot remove the added modified alleles. Sorry if this has gone over any ones head, but its difficult to say easily
  4. British Record

    I have read this thread with interest, but some of the so called facts seem to be in peoples imaginations! but I have picked this most because itb is one very close to my heart and heritage. As far as I am aware the Nene fish were from the surrey trout farm but stocked well after Redmire. A true wild carp of the Danube [genetically tested ] can and does grow far bigger than 6lb, in fact if you do a search of this site you will find photos of true wild carp [Sazan] from the Danube. Leney's are not true Galacian carp as was often stated, the original Leney carp were from Holland and were a hybrid carp produced from Galicain terminal sire fish[true mirror] and Launzt [wild type] females. True wild carp are far from common and are on the Red list of endangered animals, but locally they are common, On the river Danube and some of its tributaries and one or two other places genetically pure wild carp can be found, these fish benefit from flood meadows in spring where they spawn without there bigger cousins getting in on the action, however the males do mate with their semi domesticated cousins. During my travels I have caught [rod and net] wild fish and helped test their trueness, one day I will get round to finishing my book!
  5. What are you listening to?

    This week I have been listening to all sorts but this caught my ear http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p056k9bf And this
  6. View from your bivvy door.

    You are correct, its one of my lakes but your wrong about one of the Dogs, both are Pointers..
  7. View from your bivvy door.

    Old school and seriously laid back. sorry for poor photo
  8. grumpy old men

    Three old men are sitting on a park bench looking grumpy. The first, 80 years old, says 'I'm sorry I'm grumpy boys, but I've got good reason. Every morning I wake up at 8am and it takes me 20 minutes to pee. It's getting me down.' The second, 85 years old, says 'that's nothing, you've no reason to be grumpy. Think about me, I wake at 7:30 every morning then spend an hour and a half, grunting and straining, trying to take a dump. And half the time without success!' The third old man just shakes his head and says 'you lads have nothing, let me repeat that, nothing, to be grumpy about. Every morning, regular as clockwork, at 7am i [censored] like a cart horse and **** like an elephant.' The other two are dumbfounded. 'So what the hells the problem with you then?' 'Well' he says 'I don't wake up till 9......'
  9. Thought for the day.

    We have not had a winter up here this time so the piking has been good and I'm in bonny Englandshire this time next week, so I can try my hand on your fish.
  10. Thought for the day.

    I Looked, thought life is to short not to, tried unsuccessfully but well worth the effort.
  11. Fox Hunting

    That refers to flushing from cover above ground by a dog or pack of dogs, it does not refer to Bolting a fox from below ground, this is still legal for the protection of Domestic and Wild birds.
  12. Redmire up for sale

    Where do you get the several millions from?
  13. Ducks

    Ive kept them, Ive also shot wild ducks.
  14. 2017 Targets?

    My target for this year is to get out and do some serious fishing, which due to health I have not done for some time. I am heading south at the bigining of march and hope to fish for carp for the whole month, maybe undispersed with and social outing. I will take the rest from there, but I do know its going to take some effort to get fishing fit again.
  15. Silly questions - an anonymous way to ask

    I have been accused of many things over the years, but being a tart is not one of them.