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  1. So somewhere in the region of 20-50 cases a year in the UK, so not exactly common. But having caught it in my younger years, I would not recommend risking anything that might infect you.
  2. So I was once told that fishing was not a hobby but an incurable disease and I now realise its true.
  3. levigsp

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    Long story short, I was taken to court by the Police for a traffic offence [sort of] and banned from the IoM.
  4. levigsp

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    Ian as you know my biking days are well past. The Isle of Man bit bought back memories as that is another place I was evicted from in 1982, never to return.
  5. levigsp

    Fishing for Love

    I have said this before, true fishermen and hunters are not created, they are born that way, just like dogs, who cannot be taught to chase a rabbit, they either will or will not. If they will, then given enough chances they will catch the rabbits they chase. Humans have the gene or not, if they have, they are then moulded by someone or themselves into the final thing and angler or hunter. No one encouraged my fishing etc, I just simply new I had to do it and sort out ways of doing it, eventually meeting folk on the way that helped me. I have been a field sports person all my life and every time I go out I learn a little more and the day that stops I hope they plant me 6 feet down.
  6. levigsp

    Dogs and fishing

    I got a GSP dog from Slovenia and everything went to plan except the fishing, air temps in the 30s stopped play! although I did get a few rudd and vimba.
  7. levigsp

    Snaggy river rigging

  8. Will do Nige, there will be some interesting people there for sure.
  9. Just a point, I am not meaning to disrespect our younger anglers, its simply that everyone needs to fit in. If you think you will fit in with some old grumps feel free to make yourself known.
  10. Hi All, Long story short, I was going to sort this for this year as its a rather special one for me, but due to various personal things its not going to happen. I am willing to arrange an old git social with a difference! not here but in the heart of Carp rearing country Poland. It will be at a place I have thoroughly researched and I know the whole area like the back of my hand. It will be a comfort social over a period of a week, people can come for as many days as they like, but there will be comfortable accommodation close by, so you do not need to live in a bivey 24-7. There are also great eateries close by in the shape of Bar grills and to give you an idea, 4 people eating great grilled meats [pork/chicken, boar, venison] chips, salad, etc and as much as you would normal eat, plus a drink 2 soft drinks +2 pints of beer, came to £16, and the most spent anywhere for the 4 of us cost £30! flights to the area bare cheep. The whole idea is for a bunch of us to have a real social, where we eat, drink have fun etc, oh an catch some proper carp, virgin fish from oz to many lbs. I intend to arrange this for late summer early Autumn [day temps 20s, night 10s] in 2 years time. I already have some takers, just be nice for a few forum friend to join in. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  11. levigsp

    Bait, natural but different.

    Completely different animal, when hides are piled they are salted, the resultant blood brine is a magnet for tiny black buzzers that lay their egg on the hide edge and result in thousands of time maggots. Warbles live under the skin of the live animal and die is the animal dies, but on the living animal the sit under the skin getting larger by the day, eventually burrowing out through the skin, leaving the hide full of holes and useless for leather.
  12. levigsp

    Bait, natural but different.

    Strange they don't bother me in the least if I'm honest, but one sight of a flea, lose or ked and I'm itching all over.
  13. levigsp

    Bait, natural but different.

    I seem to remember having a rather amusing discussion with Del of here about these [don't know if he's still on]
  14. levigsp

    Bait, natural but different.

    Just think Nige does not like flying things, maybe there something in it,but not birds, insects if they lay the eggs of these.
  15. levigsp

    Bait, natural but different.

    Not pleasant, but imagine them crawling up you leg under the skin, through your groin and round your buttock and finally settling under the skin on your back. I most certainly do not wish to come back in a second life, just in case!