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  1. levigsp

    Shall i rent my lake out privately? Sussex

    I was actually joking about some of it. But I rent out a 3 acre lake in Derbyshire to a single person who sublets, they get it for £1500 PA from myself. Lakes are worth what's in them, if they contain 10 small carp they will be worth less than 100 small carp, but ten big carp will be worth even more. I wont be back down to my property in Hamps before the summer and no doubt youll want something sorting by then. If you are serious and want to go ahead with something I can put you in touch with someone local.
  2. levigsp

    Shall i rent my lake out privately? Sussex

    Just give me a shout, Ill look fish present , we can come to an amicable agreement! Ive had this sort of arrangement a few times.
  3. levigsp


    I also meant to say that the best pain meds for tooth ache are 2x200 mg ibrupafen + 2x500mg paracetamol. I was told this by a good dentist and thought it cannot be right as neither drug works on me, 1 day later when nothing else worked I tried it, it works!.
  4. levigsp


    Are you sure? this is of the net; Paracetamol is known for its fever-reducing and pain-relieving qualities. Codeine is a suppressant which blocks pain signals and the cough reflex. This combination makes Zapain a very powerful painkiller that works quickly and effectively. I am prescribed pain medicine far far stronger. GPs do prescribe morphine, oxycodone, fentanyl, buprenorphine, Oxymorphone, which I take at given times dictated by the GP so that I don't become used to or dependent on them.
  5. levigsp

    Some of mine

  6. levigsp

    Some of mine

    Meet Emrys
  7. levigsp

    Dogs on motorbikes

    Just found this and thought Ian might like, then thought maybe a few of you might.
  8. levigsp

    Merry xmas

    apologies for not wishing everyone merry Christmas before the fact.
  9. levigsp

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    There is a benefit to otters--- meet Lutra, accompanies me to meet school children to teach them the damaged that otters do, after all how else are they meant to learn. The rest of the time it resides above my toilet where I can admire it whilst peeing.
  10. levigsp

    What are you listening to?

    I don't like Beethoven but this come close to changing my mind.
  11. levigsp

    Carping without coarse fishing...?

    I too have fished a long time and for all types of fish. I agree with Chill, I have met anglers that have recently took up carp fishing, who are better anglers than some who have fished sixty years and I met those opposite way round. What I have noticed is that the anglers who have done it all their lives, generally have a better understanding of nature and the countryside.
  12. levigsp


    I have mentioned it before, but here goes" a few miles of the coast drift fishing a wreck for bass, there were two boats with 2 anglers in each, everything was going great. Along came a Dutch boat and it started to anchor up over the wreck, he was asked politely not to as it would spoil our fishing, it was also suggested that he fall in line and drift the wreck. He wouldn't have any of it. So as we drifted by someone nameless ACCIDENTLY tangled all their gear and wound it up to the surface, where it was cut off and they were informed it would happen everytime whilst they were anchored. As they hauled anchor a certain JW shouted to them, now f off to clogland you f-ing tulip pickers at the sametime a certain magazine editor showed them the whiteness of his buttocks. So as I said not very PC with the Dutch.
  13. levigsp


    He was a great ambassador for the sport and a nice bloke. RIP That is unless your from Holland and in his way, then he was not as diplomatic.
  14. levigsp


    I spent some time with Kev on and off the bank. He was very knowledgeable on carp fishing and was a natural caster, something you don't often see. He did rub people up the wrong way, but he loved doing it, it was just him. his last while on this planet wasn't nice at all.
  15. levigsp

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    I think people are looking at this from a carp fishing view only. When I started fishing every lake, canal and river was solid on Saturdays and Sundays, the river and canals with match anglers and the lakes with pleasure anglers, then in virtually every harbour in the UK there would be dozens of boats taking anglers out. This reached its peak in the 1970s with a few exceptions, a hand full of lakes in the country were quiet, either because they were private or just unrewarding to the average angler, Wraysbury and surrounding pits comes to mind as does Swarkestone gravel pit. Pits and lakes were dug out in the 1960s and stocked with trout for the close season, most are now closed down used for coarse fish or shooting etc. The number of specimen hunters at that time was very small numbering in the hundreds! Move on to 2018, the number of match and pleasure anglers is a fraction of what in was in 1970 and has not been replaced by carp anglers, although their numbers have massively increased. And virtually every harbour in the UK now has but a handful of angling charter boats and a lot of these sit idol. I well remember seeing every drain and ditch in EA full of anglers, miles upon miles of the Nene, Trent etc full both banks, and sitting in Whitby, Aberystwyth, Southwold and Brixham waiting our turn to leave the harbour in a cue of boats full of working class men hoping to catch some cod or such for the freezer. Over all In the numbers game, there is no comparison the only increase is the number of Carp/specimen anglers.