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  1. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, adding cork granules testing and then boiling about 10-20 baits at a time, pop up not an issue, I’ve got 8mm-10mm-12mm cork balls
  2. Has any one came up with a definite amount of cork dust/granules in gram to make either wafters or pop ups, ??? It’s more the wafters I’m interested in
  3. toftman


    go look on the korda web site they have a number of items on the chod rig and 2 ways to tie it in a nutshell its a hellichopter rig with a pop up ,ajust the back beed to the depth of the weed so the rig rund up the leader
  4. in the frezer like the others have said, fresh bait is best, i fount a few years back that air dried boillies frez well to, after a trip to portugal we had loads of bolliers left, about 20kg, they had all been air dryed over the 4 days we fished so when we got back to my friends house we put all the bollies in the bait frezzer, after about a month we had a second trip to portugal and the bait was fine we did this about 5 time over the year and the bait thawed out ok we just re glug them in the flavor and went fishing, hope this helps tight lines...............
  5. yep you could more or less do most of your fishing with them either here in the uk or in france,,, well unless you plan to start casting to the moon with 4oz or 5oz bags or droping a 5oz lead by boat at 300meters+ i did bank a 17lb cat on a barble rod once apon a time that was a 1.6lb tc great fun having a rod bend from the handle
  6. go look at the CCmoore site it as a list of all the suff you need ....
  7. hi all , silt is the home of all those lovely grubs bloodworm ect ect. when i fish in silty areas i tend to incresses the lenght of my rig to about 12 ", to avoid the lead pulling your rig in to the silt, some riser fome to slowdown the decent of the bait. you coud try one of those flat style leads . try using a chod rig with the bead further up the leader.
  8. hello, just remember a lot of the french carp lakes have now been hammmerd for a number of years and fishing them getts harder by the year . try and find a lake that is new, or never been fished,also consider looking for a local french lake,many of the vilages have fishnig clubs, the licence is annual around £50 witch can be brought from the local bar you just need to findout if can fish nights, village of condi folli and etiolle ,its a hours drive from callis there is a number of lakes in this area . well to many to count
  9. hi mate you could try running a tin of meat through a sive so you get a mince like mush, then mix it with a powder like maize flour or add it to ground bait, adding a blade of grass between the bend of the hook and the meat helps keep the meat on as long as your not casting to the moon, if not fox do a meat kit,, with the boillie problem that could be a number of reason , the transfer of smells from your hand to the bait. the bait to near the hook, is the bait to big, its hard to say. have you spoke to your friends thats are catching? cheek out there rigs if yo have to. use a bait that get uesd a lot on the water you fish
  10. ive used a version of this mix for years but only in small batches , it can be a bit sticky at times its all down to how dry the mix is when you start rolling. i sometimes use one of those spay oils on the rolling table this is first time someone is rolling for me, [ CCmoore] ive slighty changed a few things, crushed hemp instead of birdseed, the inclusion of the CLO and the hemp protein, i wanted a mix i can use all year round that only needs a few ajustments for winter like incressing the milk content rejucing the fishmeal, changing the robin red to spirulina.. the base of the mixs is always milk, fishmeal, mazie, chrushed hemp. but you can change any part of the mix to suit yourself and the venue. its never ending what you can try,
  11. 10%. fish meal pre digested 30% standard fish meal 10% maize flour 10% robin red 10% crushed hemp 5% Vitamealo milk powder 12% Moores CLO 5% Egg Albumen 5% Hemp Protein Powder 2% Pro Biotic Yeast Powder 20ml/kg Liquid Liver Extract. 1.5ml/kg Black Pepper Oil 0.5ml/kg Geranium Oil
  12. 10%. fish meal pre digested 30% standard fish meal 10% maize flour 10% robin red 10% crushed hemp 5% Vitamealo milk powder 15% Moores CLO 5% Egg Albumen 5% Hemp Protein Powder i use black pepper and geraium oil at inclusion levals of 1.5 ml per lb of dry mix flavors and oils you add at your own liking,,,, ccmoore will roll and deliver 14kg of rolled boillies for £114
  13. what are you talking about! midkent is members only
  14. hi all, im having a bait rolled by ccmore this year, the mix was given to me by a good friend years ago, it work well back in the day ,over in france , so ive sent the mix to ccmore for the first batch, im going to fish on one of midkent fishiers lake this season.keep an eye out for the results, based on a 4/1 mix fishmeal ,robinred,maizeflour,crushed hemp,hemp meal ,milkpowder,yeast powder hemp oil , liver extact, blackpepper oil, geraium oil based on 4 eggs per lb of dry mix ive not put any amounts yet as tis is only a trial but as soon as im happy ccmore have got it right ill post toftman
  15. active 8 is a top bait i , then all the main line bait are 100% . evry now and agian i go back to active8 and always have a good catch rate. its only the release of a new bait that catches people out ,there all a veryation of grange anyway, my top mainline baitss are active8, pro acttive pinapple, pules, new grange. i did not like NRG, fusion,
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