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  1. If you are using them at the usual spot, I'd have the brown ones out during the day to avoid the coots and the yellow ones out at night. We tend to humanize everything to do with animals, carp are just the same, are our presumptions anywhere near target? I'm sure a carps vision and senses are far more advanced than we give credit for??? For instance how do they find popped-up unscented fake corn at night, cos they do???
  2. Peeps, I just watched it... some scary stuff in there. Particularly when they are seriously considering the introduction of GM carp in Australia through the daughterless carp program, as well as the introduction of viruses to kill carp...WTF!!! I just hope that none of these GM or viral fish find they way overseas, especially into Europe??? Have they thought of that... probably not!
  3. "Chocks away chaps!" Well this is it, we'll be on the 4am ferry to France tomorrow in the final leg of a 16,000km trek to Lac de Madine and the start of the 2010 World Carp Classic. With sponsorship from JRC Tackle, Pure Fishing/Shakespeare Europe for all our tackle, and CC Moore & Co Ltd for all our bait requirements, as well as help from Platypus Fishing Lines we couldn't possibly be any better prepared, equipped or confident as we are right at this moment. Lets hope that those French carp cooperate and we get a few stunner's for the photo album, our sponsors, and of course put A
  4. CC Moore AUS Dynamic Duo Meet Up It has taken months of planning to get to this stage, and I think we both drew a big sigh once we'd set up in our double swim and had settled behind the rods. This was after all only our second meet up, and the first opportunity we'd had to wet a line together. From the get go we'd decided that if nothing else it'd be a great chance to test out our gear and baits etc. Ben (citycountry) had just bought a second hand bivvy off eBay, and a new bedchair and pod, and was understandably itching to try out the new kit. After a couple of trips to lake I'm now
  5. Peeps, I'm back on British soil, and having only taken 6 days since my arrival to amass all the kit I need for France, I thought it would be good to test it all out at a local Kent lake. I'm happy to report it all works. My older brother Roland AKA Disaster Caster and I had our first carp session together for 15 years... and it was a blinder We both managed new PB's from this venue on our debut visit, which we were stoked about. I managed to winkle out a nice common of 24lb 14oz plus mirrors of 17lb 9oz & 17lb 10oz. While DC had two mirrors going 14lb 12oz & a proper lump
  6. Isn't that the "British Young Carp Anglers Championships" at Linear??? I'm the vice captain of the CC Moore Aus team competing at Lac De Madine in France in the World Carp Classic, that runs from the 5th to the 11th of Sept 2010 - different comp methinks
  7. Well Peeps, This will be my last post on here from Western Australia for a while. Tomorrow I'm on a midnight horror flight to Hong Kong, which is my first leg of my trip back to Blighty to prepare for the World Carp Classic in France in September with this sections moderator Ben (citycountry). To add to the add to the excitement of our unreal adventure, I received news from the WCC event coordinator Ross honey earlier in the week, to tell me that one of my articles had been picked up by Carpworld Magazine (issue 238)! The three column, four photo feature appears in the July section of
  8. I've used chili and paprika as an additive to basemixes, ground baits and dips before here, and I highly rate them. I've not used Robin Red, but doesn't it have a lot of red capsicum in it to make it red?
  9. I was just wondering if their are any carpers based in Hong Kong? I will be in HK from the 7th to the 12th of July, en-route from from Western Australia to the UK, to prepare for the World Carp Classic. It would be really cool to meet up with any fellow carpers during my short visit to China, whether it's for an actual session, or just a social. As I'd love to get some photos of Chinese style carping for an article I'm writing about my long journey to the WCC? Happy hippo hunting Katfish AKA Niblet
  10. Well said PJ, I agree 100% Katfish AKA Niblet
  11. Does anyone know what her exact age was, or cause of death??? Katfish AKA Niblet
  12. Ben, Well done mate, I reckon you'll be meeting some of their bigger cousins when you get to Sydney Keep up the good work ATB Andy
  13. Struth Cobber, That's right out beyond the black stump! How on earth did you get onto that water? Good luck with it though, and I'm really looking forward to seeing some photos/video when you're done? ATB Andy
  14. G'Day Possums, It's very hot down here in Oz In the north of my state it has been upto 49 degs C this week! A bit cooler here in Perth though at a chilly 39 degs C. So it's wakey wakey Mr Snakey everywhere So far this year it is tiger snakes = 3 and carp = 0 Here's some very snakey footage taken on New Years day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW0WQpl1K2M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5re_iz4prY Do not try this at home!!!
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