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  1. ive got my first nighter comin up a litle bit worried but my mate going to be there and hes always night fishin im going to use mainline grange csl are these any good thanks billy
  2. sorry about the text talk and a link to bobby gorge lakes site
  3. thanx for tht ive sorted out 3 days fishing at paxmans lakes 1 day at bobby gorge lakes and 1 at movvens farm thnax for all your help
  4. hi my school r u doing a weeks fishing trip in may some time but they dont no were to go we need somewhere in or around colchester and tht we can hire out 4 the week somwhere thts sutible for 25-30 people and its got to have carp in it dont mind how big and some other fish witch dont mind and to allow keep nets for a 1 day match so if u could get back to me plz asap i would really apreachiate it thanx alot billy
  5. wot bait is good for tench
  6. i no i had a wip but ive had i elasticated but its to short
  7. how do you put the line in the conector do you just do a like a hair rig loop and pull the conector tight
  8. my mums brought me a wip pole can i turn it in to a normal pole
  9. how do you elasticate a pole because said that you just tye it on the end thax billy
  10. is it worth getting a pole insted of a match rod
  11. i just want to no if there any good coz im using nutribaits pinkpepper plus on my other rod
  12. if u have tried them wats the biggest you have cought on them
  13. yeh its the boilies im going to a weedy gravle pit for bout 8 hrs
  14. dose any body no what nutrabaits cream cajouser boilies are like thax billy
  15. hi came back from france done some fishing in the river gartemp caught 3 small cat fish no pics
  16. going on holiday Tomorrow and i thourt ill do a bit of fishing 1-2 days because i have a lake 1 min down the road from my house or the river gartemp at the end of family frends garden it will be nice just to sit in the nice weather with a beer reeding a book waiting for a 20+ to screem off hopefully beat the record of a 10lb ill post again when i get back next week orivwa rodney
  17. hi mate it dosent matter how old you are im gonna do it and im only 13
  18. 10 pound commen ' alt='default_icon_confused.gif' alt=':?'> '>
  19. oh yeh im such a dum ass cheeres mate
  20. dose any one no if fish like sardines cheeres billy
  21. i know there not that good rods but avanti rods suit me fine then browning reels
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