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  1. 48hrs seems common thing at alot.. good in a way as it keeps you on your toes and stops 'swim hogs' but like you say if your paying that money you should be able fish how long you want.
  2. Hi all.. Was wondering if anyone was currently fishing here?? Im on the current waiting list and would ideally like to know what its like, worth the huge joining fee etc.. Cheers
  3. Sorry to give this thread a wake up! But seeing how anyone is doing?? Im looking to join but really want to know if theres any major rules and is it safe??
  4. darenth tree lake.. right at the back near the roman villa lake end.. plenty of sightings!! Worst one ive been to is the main speci lake at iden in rye!! dont fish the far bank under a brolley!!!!
  5. yeah found that link but thats all old and not used now! the only way i think is to fone the golf club and ask them..
  6. thanks mate... yeah ive seen the links to the health/golf club but nowt on the lake or who controls it!! its a pain really.. u know where it is but no one knows nowt about it!
  7. thanks for the info but it aint the one i was looking for! its a 4 acre lake some where lol as 4 hawkins synd any one???
  8. hi all, have heard about this lake and wonderd if any one had a bit of info on it? and how to join? checked the web address out but that didnt work!! also trying to find out about a "golf club" syndicate lake, dunno where it is but it holds a few decent fish.. named polo, clanger and one scale. read a few articles on it but no ones givin up on a name, location!!
  9. once there frozen is doesnt matter! ive got bait from 2 seasons ago which i use on certain lakes and do fine with.. of course bait companys will say different' so u buy more! anything I have left over after a sess goes back in the freezer.. always done this never really effected my fishing
  10. havent been there 4 ages so icouldnt really say! nights would always be better 9-30pm onwards is take time ha ha ha
  11. the princess rd bank always done well, the seacadets corner has plenty of underwater features but its near the enterance and doin the night there would be a bit dodgy.. Then the long cast up to the island from the same bank(4got the name) TOP Swim.. or go round to the island swim and fish on the old pads.. nice and out the way there' one path in so nobody can walk past u in the night! Was a member of DDAPS for 10 years and sad to say it just went down hill.. but a good set of lakes to work on and earn your stripes in carp fishing. Horton Kirby is a good water to try things out as its no
  12. I was well happy and relieved!! about time i thought.. 31lb 4oz Mir I had managed every weight from 1lb to 28lb.. Makes the season interesting/fun as I now am gunning down a 29lb and a 30lb... to complete the jigsaw
  13. ha ha ha if i could swear i would.. carp fishing is all bull, look at other countrys and the price they pay for things, we get absolutly ripped on everything to do with the sport!! even books... there's no end to it... licences, rods, reels, bait, clothing, bivvys(proper knock) blah blah blah
  14. get a marker float out and have a good feel. especially depths.. that most of the time can suprise u!! islands and pads do hold fish but DO get fished all the time so tryin something different can deff work and maybe try baits that others dont normally use!! maize, peanuts, tigers, chickpeas... im ripping a lake apart on hemp,groundbait, casters using maize as a hook bait.. spodding 4-8kg out a nite!! when i was told by the locals/reg's that spodding kills ur swim!! and the lake is only 4 acres
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