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  1. Well here I am back at the membership lake in Kent. I failed the first time round and was praying it wouldn't be a repeat performance. Admittedly the conditions last time out were dire and on my arrival it seemed I was going to have to face the same again, although the weather had warmed up slightly so that was one positive. I haven't changed much in terms of rigs and bait still sticking to a small bag of crumbed boilie and pellet with a 15mm bottom bait tipped with yellow corn. As you may have read in my previous blog I felt I had over done it on the baiting side of things last time round, and so decided to spread two handfuls of chops and 10mm boilies across the two spots. (Sometimes less is more) 13.30 - no signs of any fish at present, however speaking to the bailiff there has been more movement in the mornings and signs of their whereabouts becoming increasingly common. The sun had come out breaking through the cloud with my bivvy starting to feel like a greenhouse. The Carp are most definitely on the move now and if this session proved uneventful I certainly gained confidence for the weeks ahead. Could it be that spring had finally arrived? 17.15 - Deep in the pages of Mr Nash's book, my concentration is broken by the sound of multiple bleeps. Over to my rods I went, looking to investigate further. My bobbin was tight to the blank; I quickly placed my hand firmly on the reel seat as I watched impatiently my heart picking up speed and then some when it slowly dropped back. Seconds seemed like minutes as I stood there hoping...... No praying for the bobbin to move again. Well, someone must have been listening as it slowly crept back up and then came the sound all carp anglers love to hear. The clutch slowly began to click as line started to peel from the spool, without hesitation I lifted the rod and I was in. Immediately the fish took off karting to my left a big bow wave breaking the surface. It put up a good fight and I managed to bank it, my first fish of the 2013 campaign which came in the way of a 18lb common. I know it’s not a monster but confidence restored........ I was buzzing. 22.00/00.00 – I’m getting a lot of activity on the rods, but no definite takes either liners or I’m getting done big time. I have spread my freebies around a large area to try and get the fish moving around and to gain more confidence….. Perhaps this is why? Morning soon came around and there was no other action to report. I was certainly still buzzing with the capture of my first fish of the year especially as it had been a challenging start to the campaign, what with the poor weather conditions and the cold weather. Leaving one happy angler I can now look ahead to my next session with confidence and start to prepare my plans of attack. BANKSIDE BIVVY http://www.j3i.co.uk/thecarpcorner/?page_id=195 Sponsored By www.ibreadcrumbs.co.uk
  2. I think thats spot on, when i posted the picture thats the first thing i noticed as i normally do leave a gap to allow movement like you say approx 10mm, but well spotted
  3. Cheers Gary, hopefully a bit more action next time.
  4. lol Chris it is of average size, but i do posses 2 of them
  5. Thank you Chillfactor & Chris 71, any suggestions for improvement are welcome for my next installment .
  6. Thank you doug Always room for improvement, but il get there.
  7. Cheers Terry247, hopefully spring isn't to far away and we can all start getting some fish on the bank.
  8. A new lake and a new challenge, this time I was visiting Hawkhurst. It had been five weeks since my last session to Thorpe Lea and despite the cold and dreary weather I was happy to once again be on the bankside. Being my first visit to this complex I didn't really have much knowledge on the lake, so this was bound to be a season long learning curve. Arriving at the lake around 6.30am I decided to take a walk around and look for any signs before choosing my swim. I spotted some fizzing in the central area of the lake and decided that I would start from there; I had the lake to myself at this point so I knew I could always move at a later stage. I decided to fish one rod on and one rod off a carpet of feed using a size 8 blow back style rig and an inline free running lead system. By the time I had set up camp the rain was really coming down and I found myself facing the same situation as Thorpe Lea five weeks ago......... A mud bath. 13.10pm - all very quiet, the rain had died down with a gentle cross wind coming through. I decided to change my bait slightly and swapped my bottom baits tipped with pop up corn for fluro wafters. As I still had the lake to myself I cast one of my baits with a small bag of pellets to the right of the swim roughly two swims down from me, but still keeping to the middle. My other rod was kept on the baited spot in front of me. No signs of fish movement had been spotted although I was still hopeful I could snare one. My session soon came to an end and I was still waiting for my first chunk of 2013. Two sessions blanked but staying positive, taking into account the conditions it was always going to be hard angling. Looking back I would have taken a different approach, perhaps sticking to small bags of pellet or crumb rather than putting a carpet of loose feed out and working the rods around the swim hoping to snare the odd un-expecting Carp. Every session should be a learning curve and taking something from it even if it isn’t a Carp. Unfortunately I will have to wait some time before my next session, then again it might not all be bad as it gives the temperature time to warm up and hopefully the Carp will be more active. BANKSIDE BIVVY Read more @http://www.thecarpcorner.j3i.co.uk/ Sponsored by www.IBreadcrumbs.co.uk
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