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  1. Well here I am back at the membership lake in Kent. I failed the first time round and was praying it wouldn't be a repeat performance. Admittedly the conditions last time out were dire and on my arrival it seemed I was going to have to face the same again, although the weather had warmed up slightly so that was one positive. I haven't changed much in terms of rigs and bait still sticking to a small bag of crumbed boilie and pellet with a 15mm bottom bait tipped with yellow corn. As you may have read in my previous blog I felt I had over done it on the baiting side of things last time round, an
  2. I think thats spot on, when i posted the picture thats the first thing i noticed as i normally do leave a gap to allow movement like you say approx 10mm, but well spotted
  3. Cheers Gary, hopefully a bit more action next time.
  4. lol Chris it is of average size, but i do posses 2 of them
  5. Thank you Chillfactor & Chris 71, any suggestions for improvement are welcome for my next installment .
  6. Thank you doug Always room for improvement, but il get there.
  7. Cheers Terry247, hopefully spring isn't to far away and we can all start getting some fish on the bank.
  8. A new lake and a new challenge, this time I was visiting Hawkhurst. It had been five weeks since my last session to Thorpe Lea and despite the cold and dreary weather I was happy to once again be on the bankside. Being my first visit to this complex I didn't really have much knowledge on the lake, so this was bound to be a season long learning curve. Arriving at the lake around 6.30am I decided to take a walk around and look for any signs before choosing my swim. I spotted some fizzing in the central area of the lake and decided that I would start from there; I had the lake to myself at t
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