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  1. I have got boilies even when I am not carp fishing.
  2. Picture of the maggot klip or the rig
  3. Hi, you no when carp are surface feeding do you think I could catch by fly fishing Has anyone caught a carp by fly fishing
  4. Can not agree more about the maggots. Me, my mum, dad, brother and sister have caught all our PB's on maggots. Hey tonybranno please could you PM me with your winning bait please
  5. Ok I'll use lake water it will be cheaper
  6. I have got half a tub of home made groundbait aswell It would be alright to use plain water to make balls of the groundbait wouldn't it
  7. Mostly bread crumbs but I some times blend boilies I don't want. Do I use the pellets as two small pellets or one big one
  8. Hi all I bought a 1kg bag of groundbait for €1.50 (£1.00) and there are pellets in it, I'm thinking of using them as a hook bait aswell How do you think I should use them (rigs) I no it sounds stupid but I've only ever used home made groundbait and don't no what to put in a ready made groundbait.
  9. What about if I do the one were you thread them on a Needle and on to the tag end of the line and thread it back though the eye and burn it
  10. Hi Has anyone used a maggot rig They look so effective, don't they
  11. And makes you feel greater than you would if you used a normal loaf of bread from a shop Here is a pic of mine that i made ages ago P.S/ It is weird because I scaned it because the camara is broken
  12. Cheers. Tell me how it goes as a hook bait would you please
  13. To right, it builds up your Confidence of using home made stuff.
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