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  1. shades

    Try this

    Ok if you avunt tried this then i sugest you do as you wont belive me. Tie a lead to the end of your line and get your mate to walk 20 yards or more away from you with him holding the lead with 2 fingers snap the bailarm over and hit it and pull into it real hard even till your rod creeks and this in turn still puts hardly any pressure on the lead then swop round so your mate can have a feel. This realy makes you think as to how much pressure you can put on a fish.
  2. Thats real sad news but i think fair to say she had over 40 years of the good life but will be sadly mist buy many of us. R I P
  3. Ive been reading fiew of the posts tonite about people going on about water size /fishing will suffer and so on dont get me wrong guys im not haveing a pop but it soundslike your spoiling yourself on runs waters or just like underestimating yourselfs. Maybe its time you got out there on some big waters and started blanking this in turn makes you think watercraft and so on,as long as you learn something everytime you go. There is a saying,A day something learned is a day not wasted. Come on guys lets pikup the pace and get some new fish on the bank
  4. Never underestimate yourself mate you are more than capeible also you learn buy being there hour after hour and getting your watercraft wright. There is a water not 2 mile from my house and its £1400 a year, Now i think thats dear. and the fish are french,French fish spit spit spit,English carp are buy far the best carp in the world
  5. Hi guys bin down the lake again today sorting out a swim ive been baiting it now for around 7 weeks and in this time seen a large number of fish around 15ib to 25ib however today seen a upper 30 mirror with my name on it. This fish had a very good frame and in time will make i hope one mean mirror witch i hope 2 show you guys this year
  6. Cum on guys need as much input as poss please
  7. All i can say is its the differance between being draged up and not brought up, All is they are is scum/wasters and all should be fine at least a grand, that will give them something to think about, Hit them were it hurts in the pocket.
  8. Got a bit of a problem and wouled like your views on this, ive been fishing a big water now for a nunber of years on a limited season ticket but now the wildlife trust wont to put day tickets on the water at the same time,In my opinion i dont think this is good for the lake for a number of reasons. As much feedback as poss please guys.
  9. I always sleep with door open and a nice pice of timber nearbuy and alarms on vibrate. If you wont my rods your gunna fight for them, they aint comeing for free!
  10. Ive lived in northants all my sad life but would never think of moveing away. Northants is the place to be if your a carper!!!
  11. When you hear the rod creek you no your getting it right!!!
  12. As long as you have the rite lead on dont hold back,Aim to break the rod on the cast witch you wont you will generate more distance.
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