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  1. sorry to hear that amte but if you looked up wildmoor on here you would know it is a con!!!! more fish in my pond at home
  2. well you wont get much better in this country mate!!!!!
  3. depend where in wiltshire mate? sevington nere chippenham is a good spot or longleat/ sheerwater where are you?
  4. umm are you so sure!!!!!! so how then can the team of carp mag editors whom fish all over Europe BLANK their!!!!!!!! i will leave you to think that 1 out.
  5. i have just got back from a 48hr seission that i cut short by 24hrs! what a load of rubbish! their were 20 rods in the waters for the 24hrs i was there and no one cought jack!!!! so left a day early Post edited I don't care how you mean it, swearing is usually an instant ban. No swearing is allowed in any shape or form NG
  6. Well jus got back from a cut short visit to wildmoor!!! not so wild!! well turned up alittle early and called the number on the gate and the owner tipped up! nice bloke! showed us around the lake which are very nice, as for the swims and dog [censored]e!! yes thier was alot of poo about he could do with cleaning it up seeing as its a purpose built carp for specimin fishing!, also the pegs were ok alittle small but all of them had trees right in front of your bivvi!?? not sure why and all the others were a pain could do with a little more attention to detail. As for the lake is stocked with some 400+ fish!!!!!!!!!! well 20 rod in 24+ hours and BLANK! wtf we had 90% of the lake coverd and not a single fish, now i know its hard in the winter but to have that many rods and different baits and then blank?......... but i would like to fish mid summer as long as the dog [censored]e has gone...
  7. I cant believe some people! do they want us to go fish on their nice lakes that they have spent a bucket load on or what!!!! they know about all these forums and that we ask about it!! i have bee reading about the lake on 6 different sites and it is 1 BIG mixed bag sum say awful never again and other GREAT!! wtf.... well me and a mate are doing 56hrs this weekend? lets hope its the better of all the comments i will let you know asap.... thanks for your replys but recent ie last months reports would be good!! and silly question but baits and rigs? what did u use if you caught!!!!! fingers crossed Edited to remove swearing. Stoogi.
  8. OMG well i hope they still have a few fish as im off there this sat sun mon!!! finger crossed they didntnet all of them
  9. just booked at his lake as it looks alittle dream!!! has any 1 else fished it?
  10. cheers tony! i look forward to the week of fishing!
  11. oh we are the week later! 18th, so leavw some for us mate...lol hope its a good trip atb...
  12. Me and 3 mates are off to said lakes in september!!! and need to get some knowledge on it so if any one has fished it please let us know. many thanks ss.
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