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  1. Just an update to a post a while ago... Hi All, Just a bit of a warning about the fishery height barriers. Cemex no longer manage the water. I fished Thorpe Lea late January and entered the car park and my Discovery cleared the height barrier without problem. I fished the night and left the next morning. I went to exit the car park and the left hand end of the exit barrier is substantially lower than the rest and the passenger side corner of the roof was flattened breaking the alpine window (curved glass on the roof corner). The drivers side was clear. I emailed Cemex about the height difference and included pictures of the damage. I was reluctant to claim on the insurance as it could have been written off and managed to get the worst of the dents out. I had the window repaired by RAC windscreens in April after trying to get a body shop to look at it without luck. I was in communication all the time with Cemex. In May Cemex asked for a copy of the £65 invoice for the glass leading me to assume they were willing to offer some payment. I chased it up last week and the reply was no payment would be made. I replied stating the improvements to signage I would like to see at the fishery such as a warning the exit barrier is lower. A contact number for the baliff to be visible and a note that the bailiff was on site to open the barrier if required and a warning on the lowest part of the barrier. The reply was that Cemex no longer manage the fishery so that was the end of it as far as they were concerned. I replied that if they did not want to pay an individual any money then a donation could be made to ECHO separately from their ongoing support. This was to show I was not too bothered about the money but more so in a satisfactory ending. A reply that no donations to any charity would be made was received. So if you go to Thorpe Lea be careful of the height barriers. I am not 100% happy with the result and lack of goodwill from Cemex and you may agree with me or Cemex as to whose fault the accident was but just watch out for the barriers if you drive a taller vehicle. G.
  2. Hope you had a good session.. looking forward to your thoughts on the place. Personally I cant bear 12hrs down there let alone 5 days. G.
  3. Hi all, The weekend before last after a dead 24hrs at Willows farm I gave in and decided to give Thorpe Lea a bash for the first time. I knew about the height barrier at the carpark and managed to drive my Discovery under it and into the carpark without problem. In the rush to get away from the place the next morning what I didn't know was the exit barrier is lower. Not only is the barrier lower but its also sloping. The drivers side of the roof was OK but the passenger side was flattened breaking the curved alpine window on curve of the roof. Still waiting for an inspection at a body shop but the insurance company will probably write it off. Currently in correspondance with Cemex. So just be carefull exiting the carpark.
  4. Well thats good news that some lakes are opening. I had St Johns in mind but may stay more local and try Celtic Lakes resort near lampeter just to save fuel costs as it looks like my mate up there wont be available. I had looked at the website yesterday and that update has just gone on today. Of course you could still read into it that they have lost a few if they have set aside a potential £125K plus have stock on hand as well. Still cant be helped. We will only know when its fully open and the catch reports start coming in. We have lost enough carp over the years as our lake rises a few feet after heavy rain and fish tend to escape over the weir into the river. G.
  5. A month ago I planned to go to Linear at the end of next week. Only fished there once for 24hrs and actually blanked on Oxlease blaming heavy frosts a couple of years ago. Anyway they should be wondering what we must think so why cant they post a bit more info rather than "we are closed for at least 10 more days". Would be good to see a few photo's as well so we know what they are up against. No mater what fishery it is... a well known day ticket water or a club water they are no doubt some of us who would be interested in photos showing the flooding on their website. G.
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