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  1. sad i know mate, but thats just what they do in Australia Yeah that's definitely what we do in Australia... give people a wind up.. looks like he's hooked a few people with that remark. Hate to ruin a perfectly good moment with facts but.... -It's illegal to sell recreationally caught fish in Oz (TP doesn't do that) -No-one would buy carp at a fish and chip shop. -Carp sashimi. I mean really? Who would that fool. -Scales are not considered a delicacy. Carp are not a delicacy. -Carp aren't even considered food, except by a tiny minority -There's that many carp there's no need
  2. You guys are soft. There's not even enough ice on there to collapse the tent.
  3. Hiya Pitch, welcome aboard. Hopefully the flooding missed you and yours, Pete's cattle had to swim back to high ground after the weekend flood.... Pitch is also known as 'the cormorant', I saw him land around 50 carp @ Burrinjuck a few weeks back. And probably 60-80 redfin chucking lures i9n front of camp last cod opening. The 'juck has recently topped out, 100% full and about 30 megalitres a day going over the wall..... fish are loving it. Chris - you gotta head down for a fish/camp with us - we fished near there in Careys reserve,(which is now flooded) we go down the lake proper on
  4. Very nice... Also shows the only correct way to handle fish, get in there with it so the buoyancy of the water correctly supports the fishes internal structures.
  5. I looked at getting an underwater CCTV for the tinny, only 169.99 UK pounds with monitor, case, battery etc. But the cold hard truth that most of the fish I catch aren't cameraworthy, coupled with knowing I'd be seeing what I'd missed sorta killed that idea. Google on underwater cctv and you'll find heaps.
  6. You forgot to add - wearing fluoro work shirts Cheers, E.
  7. Ok.... Fry fishing. In front of macca's. With Fries. Mind teh ducks/coots/swans/insane people. Thermoclines exist. That's why they have a name. ..and its called Isabella Pong, not Pond. Try upper stranger Pond (flows into Isabella Pong, which flows into tuggers weir which flows into lake tuggers) Watch the pelicans for fish location, and the fish there are very shy. Lake Tuggers skate park by the boom hard against the weeds will get you 20's. That rig works. A knotless knot across the shank (30 degree angle to hair) lower down also does a good job.
  8. Hey Steve hope to be hitting the juck end of the month. Probably the digbee arm, natives and introduced species, no 4wd required. Private land, $5/night camping fees, free firewood etc. Herb Smoked rolled roast beef with all the trimmings is of course mandatory. (spit roasting 3 18-20 inchers this weekend for a work trip) E.
  9. I'll trade your lack of motivation for my tennis elbow any day of the week.... You can get a car down the river arm without any problems. To get to the lake camping areas you can take a 2wd in if the weather is fine. You'll leave the spoiler and most of your undercarraige behind getting out though. Easy way around that is to just transfer gear to the 4wd before dropping onto the lake bed and leave the car behind (you can still see it from the camping area) Next trip is a work trip, I'll keep you posted on any future trips up there. Cheers, E.
  10. about 1 hour and 12 minutes away on dirt roads from that would be my favourite. Chris, we did a day trip up there with SB, did well trotting the river, go further down to the lake onto private and it fires even more... 30+ in under 4 hours* is a summer score (most are pasties, but striking colouration and the odd bragabout to be found) Be there 17/18 this month, Oct, Dec, and Jan.... so If you are up for a trip you know how to get hold of me. Chances are you won't see a soul (except for the Dec Cod Opening weekend) 75ha of water when you are the only one present can be a bit crowded.
  11. Spiderwire is crud. Try the Penn brand, though braid and psuedo braid has no place in carp fishing IMO. Stretch and patience. 50lb????? All that will do is cause a hook pull. 3-12lb is the maximum you will ever need. 8-10 is a good all rounder. Heavier/thicker lines result in less bites through line detection. Plus there's no joy in using a rig that could haul out a bogged Pajero. From what I'm hearing i'd say your rod doesn't have much feel to it and doesn't play fish well. Loosen the drag, and slowly work the fish to you. Our waters are snaggy as.... fav trick to it is to use a fre
  12. Two rod legal useage limit down here, and frankly you'd be lucky to keep both in the water. If you need more, ditch the rods and buy a gill net. Though technique specific rods are always a good bet... pays to have options. Float, feeder, fly, downrigger, baitcaster, runner, shorty. Being able to change tactic is always a good idea.
  13. techo


    You just described Australia, but left out all the good stuff. Whats a ticket? The 3 year license you get for $75AU that allows you to catch uncaught wild fish anywhere?
  14. If you can determine what the fish are doing... you'll catch.
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