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  1. Popped down there 2 weeks ago for the first time and were fishing the car park side. Only down for 4 hours but we had 5 fish between us inc 3 x 20's. 10mm snowmans with a stick mix. We found a gravel bar about 110-120 yds out and fished over a spodded area.
  2. I know a lots of the youngsters down Sommerley now and fair play to them, some good anglers IMO. Can't compete with them with the time I have available. I love NFWP, the fishing isn't hard as long as you find them, although gets tougher once the boat stops going around from October but that's a good thing
  3. Struggled to be honest. Mainly fished day sessions in July and August with 2 nights. It was not fishing well generally this summer and found it very frustrating getting the right swims. What with the school holidays, Sibleys/Duck 2 were always taken I did give it a good shot though and ended up with about 50 bream and beat my personal best with a 22lb common. Have since joined the New Forest Water Park Syndicut which suits me down to the ground. Had 14 20's so far since August to 24.5lb Dave
  4. Rules of the lake mate as they have water sports on there.
  5. Evening, Start my new syndicut lake tomorrow. It doubles as a water park so you have to fish with backleads in front of the rod tip, also running rigs only. I have read the thread on running rigs/slack lines etc but does this change when fishing with the backleads? Any tips much appreciated
  6. No mate, I assumed he was talking about fisheries and although it will never become 'legal' I still think that you should not be able to fish for specimen carp on fisheries without a mat. Do you not agree?
  7. Can only be a good thing as long as the fines were high enough. Should make it legal to have an unhooking mat as well. No license, no mat no fishing Would challenge someone about a mat but not a licence, the same way I wouldn't challenge someone if they had no car tax. Dave
  8. Have just started fishing a snaggy water locked up and almost learn't the hard way last Sunday, left my chair to grab a sandwhich, got one on and just grabbed the rod as it went in the water so there is no way on earth I would leave those rods. Funny really as he seems a cracking angler for someone so young.
  9. Sorry Tiger, have to disagree with you the mate and agree with the other comments. It's the same as someone having an overnighter and you turning up in the next swim @05.00
  10. Cool, thanks for the tips, common sense I know but best to be sure. The water is Somerley silly12 which I think you left some tips on in another post, have you fished it quite a bit? Having a walk round next week with one of the regulars Cheers Dave
  11. Had a search but can't seem to find an answer. I am having my first proper season on our local specimen club water where most of the fish are to be found in the margin snags.I know the importance of being on top of my rods and hold the fish but can you still fish these areas @ night (when in the bivvy) if so do you need another approach? Any advice appreciated Dave
  12. I was thinking today the word 'Baliff' commands a deal of respect, however, in reality I can think of a number of these so called balliffs who just collect money from the bank, especially on the run's waters. It also amazes me the lack of policing on fish care in some of these places What do you think makes a good Balliff? Dave
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