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  1. That's an intriguing angle, out of curiosity do you think that Carp and native fish can't coexist? It seems as though people in Australia always associate Carp with degraded water ways and blame them directly for the degradation, when the truth is that humans and water mismanagement did the damage before Carp were even here, that is especially the case around Parramatta, the problem waters face around Parramatta is Parramatta itself. I have just witnessed one of the saddest episodes I've ever had in my angling life, the water I've spent the last 4 years on - which happens to be one of the best Bass fisheries - has been completely destroyed by a chemical spill, not only were there big Carp and Bass, some of the catfish were the biggest I've ever seen, as were the mullet. There were also quite a lot of smaller but equally precious fish to numerous to list. People can blame Carp all they want, but the truth is only man can completely sterilize a river of all aquatic life and leave 6 tons of fish belly up rotting in the sun. Chris
  2. I saw that, very sad, I think there's some debate as to if it was caught and killed, or natural causes then taken from the water by a fox, either way a very sad end for an awesome looking Carp. I think something like that happening to one of your known Carp is the worst thing and something we all dread. Chris
  3. We keep things pretty secure down here, I'd never dream of disclosing a water and we're always really careful with photo's, its a shame really but that's the way it has to be for the time being. I'm pretty sure Australia has the potential to produce a big one or two, my humble pb's are really just a small ripple on the surface of the potential out there, I have lost 2 really big Carp in the last few years. atb, Chris
  4. I think things are slowly improving here, 10 years ago I ventured out to catch and release Carp with more than a bit of trepidation, but now I actually don't mind if someone comes to ask what I'm up to, whereas before I was always on red alert for a conflict, there are still some that you are going to have a "lively debate" with, but they are generally the ill prepared bogan type and they don't hang around once shot down in flames. The other positive thing is that I've noticed those who hate Carp the most are generally the ones that know the least about them and are the least capable of catching them - because they believe the hearsay and old wives tales that are constantly regurgitated about Carp - before I started to fish the water I'm on now I made a point of walking around it and asking anyone I saw fishing if there were any Carp in there, I was told they were all gone and hadn't been seen for at least 10 years. So you can imagine the glee when I caught my first 20, which was followed by many more mid and high 20's then 30's then a 40, Carp were all gone 10 years ago, gold atb, Chris
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bogan Enjoy
  6. Its the same at the local beaches, bins every few metres but a lot of people just leave it all where they have been sat, in the last couple of places I've lived I've been near schools and the litter around both of them was horrendous, so it makes you wonder if even the basics of being a responsible citizen are being taught. A friend of mine recounted an experience he had on his local river, sat there fishing and a middle aged couple walked past, the lady casually dropped her coke bottle so Steve shot her a dirty look, that made her pick it up, then unbelievably chuck it straight in the river! Chris
  7. I'm familiar with the water Luke fishes and I know Luke well enough to know that he would not make those remarks without knowing for certain of the culprits. Having fished in Australia now for 13 years I'd say the worst issue is having to deal with other peoples litter, that and ignorance, there seems to be zero education about not littering, indeed some people seem to revel in it, at my local water when the locals pack up for the day at dusk its not uncommon to see them chuck all their rubbish in the lake! Its no wonder that so many waters where I live are being locked up and no fishing signs put up, I really do wonder if its a good idea to have any waters open to all as we do here in Australia. Chris
  8. I suppose we can be a bit low profile, there will be a few lads down in Canberra this weekend on a 24 hour session and a few are heading for the Nepean, I'll pm you once I've given the lads going to Canberra a heads up. atb, Chris
  9. Hello bles, for obvious reasons we don't discuss much on open forums about the Australian carp angling scene, we prefer to meet face to face so that we can vet the person and ascertain their intentions and motives, that has become the ultimate acid test. There will be a few lads giving Canberra's lakes a workout this spring/summer - I won't be one of them this year as I'm concentrating my efforts elsewhere - but if you like Carp angling then these lads should not be too hard to find, so introduce yourself and we'll take it from there. atb, Chris
  10. I suppose not many people consider Australia as a Carp fishing destination, there are a lot of other things to do in Australia, but I think Australia has quite a bit to offer and is unique in many ways, its about as far away from anywhere you could go to catch Carp and they are truly wild and un-managed, to land a 20, 30 or if you are really on the game a 40 that has never been caught is just ground breaking. The fishing isn't that dangerous, there's things you can do to manage risk and stuff like crocodiles are only an issue in the northern states, black widows aren't an issue I got bitten by one hanging out the washing, it wasn't pleasant but not life threatening, night fishing is fine. Some states have ridiculous rules regarding Carp that they are on the whole incapable of policing, but here in NSW and the ACT its ok to catch and release, if you are thinking of coming over pm me as I have contacts in most states and I'm sure we'll be able to put you on to some Aus Carp. atb, Chris
  11. Thanks Russ, I'm in New South Wales, tactics pretty standard the exception being that boilies and pellet are a no go due to nuisance species, fishing over beds of particle, some particles are also a no no so its a case of working out what works in a particular water. Its a bit different to the UK experience, you don't run in to other Carp anglers, in fact I rarely ever encounter anglers at all on this water, pretty much have the water to myself. The only issues this time of year are heat and snakes, but you can manage those. atb, Chris
  12. About 3 years ago I was on a river Carp fishing for the weekend when I came across a bedraggled little dog on a track not far from where we were fishing, my beloved dog had passed away that year and after going through that I didn't want another, however by the end of our weekend session that changed. It was more like he found me rather than me finding him, he immediately made himself at home on my JRC and Helly Hansen field jacket as you can see. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Coincidence or is it fate? Found on what have been Madison's 11th birthday and when I got him to the vets for a check up and to see if he was chipped (he wasn't) he weighed 6.4kg, Madison was 64kg. Hawkesbury, he's named after the river I found him on, has been with me ever since. Chris
  13. I use Maize, Lupins and Pigeon Breeder, I don't boil any of it, I add the hottest water from the tap along with at least 500g of dark brown sugar, I have 7 x 8 litre buckets I use in the cycle, the oldest gets used first, basically its soaked for 5-6 weeks in a container in the sun against a wall (this is in Australia), the buckets have a tight lid that will vent the carbon dioxide, they always have positive pressure. I've found it forms a thick white/grey film at the surface, this is top fermenting yeast (I know from my beer making days), every time I make a fresh bucket of particle I scrape a bit of this culture off one of the lids of the older buckets and add it to the new brew, its fermenting by the next day. Same as you would with sour dough bread. In my experience if you have a white/grey/beige film and it smells like beer brewing its good, if its gone green or black and does not smell good there's an issue - personally I would not chuck that to the Carp - but if you have sugar and adequate warmth for the yeast culture that should not happen. all the best, Chris
  14. Its no different to any other water in these parts - its full of eels and ninjas too - you can't really avoid them, only lessen the chances of picking them up, the biggest eel I've had was just over 20, but I've had a couple that were bigger that I have, thankfully, been unable to land Chris
  15. There was a fully scaled mirror but it was too small at 13lb and obviously someone else caught that as I only catch Carp over 20 Chris
  16. Thought I'd share a bit of what I've been up to, the best way to do that is with some photographs of Carp The smallest in this group from memory is about 22 and half pounds, the biggest is 40 and there's another that came in at 36lb 9oz. Just to let you know the claret in the picture above is coming out of me, Mr Ghostie was more like a poltergeist! all the best, Chris
  17. Australia being what it is I would never disclose a venue to anyone on the net, until I'm certain of a persons intentions they will get nothing, that is the way it has to be. Chris
  18. Maize is better and cheaper, than boilies or sweetcorn. Chris
  19. Hello all thought I would share these photo's of the biggest Carp caught at the inaugural Canberra Carp Camp 2011 last weekend, thank's go to my friend and fellow Carper Duncan for taking these fantastic shots. The take came at 4am with a thunderstorm coming in off the Brindabella mountains, I barely got her in before the storm was right over head she put up a tremendous fight, once in the net I knew this was a special fish & she was placed in the sack until the storm was over and the sun was up. cheers, Chris
  20. Yes Steve's quite good at Carp fishing, I got beaten 58-8 in our last session approximately 1,320lb of Carp in 14 hours, it was a bit of an epic session. Chris
  21. I can confirm that there are some very big Carp in there, but there's also [censored] loads of large hungry Eels. Chris
  22. If its the Varsity Lakes in Queensland they are brackish salt water interspersed with Bull Sharks among other things, swimming in there could literally cost you an arm and a leg. Chris
  23. I think 7 feet would be a good average depth, I'd be more concerned about fishing really deep water (15+ feet) most of my Carp have come from relatively shallow water apart from the few I've had off the top in 15-30 feet - there's a message in that in itself. Rivers are certainly harder than Lakes imo, the times I've fished the Hawkesbury or other rivers I've found they can be very hit & miss, I think it pays on rivers to pre-bait and do so quite heavily over a week or so to ensure you have drawn the Carp to the area you intend to fish. Good luck mate, Chris
  24. Hello mate, Carp have adapted very well to water ways that have been degraded over years in Australia, intensive farming, poor water management, pollution, urbanization and of course wholesale over fishing of native species have created a niche for Carp which they've adapted to very well. The regulations regarding Carp are different state to state - always make sure you are aware of them - it has as far as I know got nothing to do with the population densities, in most states now Carp make up the majority of a waters biomass 80-90% in most cases, you are correct in the assumption that they are here to stay, whilst some anglers will always say they should be removed the evidence is that ad hoc removal of Carp makes no difference to their population (DPI study). There is of course the moral issue of a regulation that tells you you have to kill an animal or a fish, I don't think anyone has the right to tell anyone else to kill anything at all, the very idea is abhorrent and what's more the regulation is virtually impossible to police or enforce, thats where I think the NSW DPI are progressive in this respect and have adopted the correct approach. This is a thorny subject to say the least and its been done to death on a few forums, but my thoughts are that at the point where removal makes no difference then the person indulging in that activity is just killing for killings sake and personally I think that is morally wrong - I happen to think that killing any fish is wrong the exception being unless they are bred for the table i.e. Trout stocked in the mountains - wild fish I believe should all be catch and release. Good luck with those bigger Carp, they are out there atb, Chris
  25. Thomas I am really disapointed, I was just looking at fishvictoria and have found you posting some of these pics in a thread called carp cullathon. any explanation? it is actually illegal to release carp in australia as they are classed as a pest Sigh, another person who doesn't know the regulations or got his regulations by hearsay..... Chris
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