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  1. I make all my own bait and I routinely use baits between 8-12mm, hookbaits are 11-12mm pop ups hand rolled on 10mm cork balls. Like Yonny said, size isn’t my main concern. I’ve got confidence in my own mix, it does the business, I use these sizes as I get more baits out of a mix! I have hand rolled much larger baits, but I’ve not really noticed a difference in catch rates over the sizes. To bait up at distance with smaller baits, I’ll use stringers routinely and a spomb to hit the spot. To be honest, I often fish marginal spots so it’s just a case of nipping round, baiting the spots then casti
  2. Another quick evening session at low tide.
  3. Right, question for you all… you order 2 matching rods from a prominent retailer, they arrive 10days late (after several calls to complain) and when you open the box, they’re damaged. You send them back and they eventually send you replacements… you open the box… …there’s 4 rods in there… what do you do??
  4. Now sat in an office on day two of the new job! Trying to set up the work laptop and mobile and girding my loins for 3wks worth of E-learning!
  5. It fishes well over low water for eels, flatties and bass, high water is a bit hit and miss, I’ll happily catch anything!
  6. Another go at Pett Level, blankety blank!
  7. Yes mate, the good old Anguilla Anguilla, common eel, silver eel, sadly in decline now! Both were quickly returned and swam off strongly.
  8. Quick beach session this afternoon.
  9. Few pics from this evening fishing low water at Pett level. A flounder and a couple of nice eels in 2hrs.
  10. Perfectly put mate. I find that shore fishing and carp fishing are similar, a pub chuck can produce, but in the pic of the dog, you can see the the rocky gullies at low spring tide. A lugworm bait in here won’t do many bites, but a peeler crab bait will produce. Putting a lead 120yrds may produce all manner of species, but my Pb bass, 11lb, was caught on a freelined pouting (a small member of the cod family) on a flooding tide after dark only 3yrds out. The bass followed the rocky margins hunting small fish and crabs, everyone used to cast 60-80yrds here and had lots of smaller species, yet la
  11. Not a rod in shot, but I took this pic when bait digging.
  12. Yeah I had sold all my beach gear a few years back, but recently replaced it when I found myself walking the dog along the beach with the dog and I found a large bass washed up on the shore. There’s nothing quite like it for me. I’ll keep the pics coming! As much as I love my carp fishing, I started sea fishing first, with my grandfather and father. I caught a large plaice through a terrible cast which caused a huge tangle. After my dad and I picked it all out, we reeled in to find this sea monster on the end! I live 5mins from the beach and I can squeeze in a few hours here or there, got a qu
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