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  1. I found the cream stimulant powder in the aminos RR base to be a brilliant addition, especially when I conduct the old break and sniff test. I have continued to have success throughout the winter months, I can't fault it.
  2. I use fresh eggs when making bait, I've got chickens in the garden too... I do use egg white powder as it helps harden the hookbaits, but that's about it.
  3. My plans for 2020 are to find a new water, my current tickets aren't fuelling the fire like they should. I have been extremely fortunate to have caught the largest carp in two out of the three tickets, along with many of the resident fish, so on those waters they cease to be a challenge. A fresh water would be lovely. I've got my eye on a new river system so I might give the lakes a miss mostly this season. I am looking for a new job, my current post is under threat from closure so I might be made redundant, when is anyone's guess, I only get my shifts 4 days in advance now and I may well be unemployed tomorrow if it goes truly Pete Tong! I have applied to be a police officer, I have my fingers crossed that I get in, I love being in a job that allows me to serve the public. Army, NHS, ambulance service, now hopefully the police. I would like to relocate to Nottingham to be closer to my children, they live near Chester so it's a 12hr round trip at the moment, my partner and I have family in Nottingham and its only 2hrs from my kids. Oh, and I'm getting married in 2020...
  4. Got a selection of the trig hammers to try out, so far I used the size 6 and hooked a 4lb eel on a bottom blow back rig, bent the hook trying to unhook the thing while getting all slimed up as is curled up my forearm... Can't blame the hook really. eel went back strongly so all's well that ends well, I don't see so many eels these days.
  5. You're Santa yonny?? My child like dreams of st Nick are shattered... Lol! Emmcee... Ref fine lines, I agree, it isn't like obsession or flick of a tale, I found the writing style to be different somehow, it took a few chapters, but I did enjoy it in the end, I didn't want the last few chapters to finish, but I do feel I need to read it again to take it all in if that makes any sense?
  6. Signed copy of fine lines by Dave Lane, love his books!
  7. Merry Christmas and a happy New year to you all.
  8. Sorry, yeah! The no trace beads! Thanks mate. I agree with the above comments about not dropping the lead on a helicopter set up. I want the weight of the lead to assist with separation of the leader and Hooklink in the event of a crack off.
  9. I've been using leadcore since the late 90s and I am 100% confident that I am using it safely. I don't agree with stupid lengths of the stuff, nor do I agree that a leadcore leader with a leadclip is a safe option either. I only ever use leadcore or any leader material as a helicopter set up. I also use the helisafe beads and a ring swivel with a large bore so it will pass off the leader if required. I always want my leader and Hooklinks to be able to separate in the event of a snap off, which is why I don't agree with leadclips, it may discharge the lead, but the Hooklinks and leadcore leaders are still attached. As for barbless hooks, I never use them. A water I fish at the moment has a leadcore ban, the bailiff told me we do not need leadcore as it's "not even snaggy" eh??? Use leadcore only in heavy snags? Hmmm... Perhaps not. I use leaded tubing at this venue here if needed, although I would rather have my leadcore. Another water banned leadcore, but allows lead free leaders... They don't mind the use of a braided leader, but ban the internal lead wire... Can't work that one out myself, they allow you to drop the lead on the take (in a snag free pond) yet don't want the internal lead wire in leadcore entering the water column!
  10. Hot chocolate all the way... Can't drink alcohol anymore, not a coffee fan and I got sick of constant teas in the Army.
  11. Well after my last post entitled brolly blowout, I returned to zombie sheep lake, on my guard for any unnatural shenanigans. I had done a quick session last week which accounted for a mid double and a hook pull, so I was rather happy to get a last minute chance to get the rods out. A quick hour rolling boilies, and I was on the road. of course the lakes curse was already at work and a call from she who must be obeyed had me driving away from the lake and to a pharmacy for supplies, then a 10 mile detour to my fiancee's house to carry out my duties as a paramedic. (Its not like eyes are even that important...) several hours later, I am again heading to the lake, arriving at lunchtime. Not bad seeing as I left the house at 8am and its a 40min drive! On arriving I find the gate blocked by a boy racer and his profusely vomiting girlfriend, so after offering my services, which are declined, I await the boy racer to move out of the way so I can enter the car park. He soon disappears in a cloud of exhaust and dubstep screaming around the bends, no wonder the poor girl was sick! There was a cold North westerly blowing with quite a chop on the exposed water, so I chose a swim off the back of the wind so I don't lose a 3rd bivvy here, having just replaced the blown out brolly with a 60" oval and storm sides, the missus was right, those extra inches do make a difference... The rods set up, I find one of my Neville alarms has unexplainedly packed up, (yet worked fine again at home) so out with the delks and in with the rods. Set up with the same on all 3 rods, korda leadcore in gravel shade, fished helicopter style with helisafe beads and 3 1/2oz leads, Hooklinks being 25lb esp loaded in brown, about 10" in length to size 4 wide gapes fished blowback style with small shrink tube kickers. Single bottom baits on long hairs finished the set up. The left hand rod fished in the margins over 50-60 baits, with a small stringer to keep the rigs tangle free. The middle and right rods were fished to a silt bowl about 60yrds out over a couple of hundred baits. Brolly up, bed out, brew made, I sit back and enjoy the sun with another book (ted Bundy - interesting story, disturbed man!) When the left hand rod rattles off, a long and protracted fight soon results in a nice common in the net weighing in at 25lb 12oz 25lb 12oz. The night soon closed in and with it came the rain, so I got all settled in the dossbag and got some sleep. At 8am, I was woken by the sun shining straight in my eyes, I wake to find everything frozen and white with frost. Just as I am considering recasting the rods, and deciding it's far too cold, the middle rod pulls up tight and the bobbin just holds there, not coming out of the clip. On striking, I'm flat rodded at 60yrds then the carp comes in like a baby after that. Slipping the net under a good common weighing 22lb 12oz, proper winter carp. 22lb 12oz. At this point, I feel I've got away quite lightly with the zombie sheep curse so wrap it up and call it a day... To find the gate blocked by another car on the way out, after all, nothing like waiting an hour for a dog walker to come back and let me out...
  12. The walking dead?? Shawn of the dead is more my mark! It didn't help the bailiff coming round at midnight and scaring me half to death... Due to the remote location and good stock of decent carp, the lake has been hit with a spate of fish thefts. As a good, diligent bailiff, he does random midnight checks to deter poachers. Didn't help my blood pressure seeing a bloke in all black, hood up marching purposefully towards me in the darkness!
  13. ouchthathurt

    Brolly blowout

    So I've just got back from a long overdue session on my local water which I call zombie sheep lake. It's a spooky place at the best of times, being in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a farmers fields surrounded by sheep. At night when you look around with a head torch, all you see are the reflections of eyes looking back at you. On my first session, I woke up after a blank night to find a dead sheep in the margins under my rod tips! How it got there without setting 3 alarms off I could never work out. Hence the name zombie sheep lake. Now I've fished it a fair few times and done pretty well, but something usually goes wrong there at some point, I've bogged the car in, slipped on sheep droppings and slid into the lake, had my bite alarms mysteriously stop working despite having fresh batteries, only for them to work fine when I get home... Yesterday I arrived to find the pond perfectly still, Sun shining and everything ok with the world. I made my way to the swim and flicked out the rods on 8 bait stringers, right rod to an island, middle to a hard spot surrounded by silt and left up the margin. Now this lake was an old WW2 gun emplacement with two concrete bunkers set into a hollowed out valley totalling about 2-3 acres. After the war, the guns were removed and the hollow flooded to create the lake. In fact the islands are actually the roofs of the concrete bunkers. With a slight breeze blowing into my face, I set up the 50 brolly with storm poles so I was sheltered from the wind, bedchair and camp all arranged and sat back to enjoy the view. The middle rod melted off, the Neville screaming its high pitched tone demanding attention. I picked up the rod, 12ft of fox torque carbon bending pleasingly into its battle curve, spool on the fox 12000 reel purring like a contended kitten as I did battle with a sprightly 15lbish common. Netting the carp, I slip the hook from his bottom lip and slip the carp back, happy to have caught. Another stringer soon finds its way out to the spot among the silt, and I clamber back in the bedchair. A few hours pass before the bobbin on the left hand rod creeps up an inch with a resounding beep from the neville, my eyes settle on the rod as the rod tip slowly starts to bend round to the left. On striking, the rod is quickly pulled down, I pump the rod and can feel a weight on the end, it was not a spectacular fight, a few gentle plods in the deep margins (6ft under the tips) and the carp quickly hits the surface and is in the net. I estimated it's weight at mid doubles during the fight so when this lump surfaced I was very surprised to see it was a good fish. On the scales, the carp went 31lb 8oz which was the biggest carp in this pond. I went to bed ecstatic and curled up in the bag with my hot water bottle and DSI Steven Fulchers autobiography. As sleep overtook me, I went to sleep happy that I had finally seemed to have broken the run of bad luck I have experienced at this lake, however, the lake had other ideas... at 7am this morning, the gentle wind increased to galeforce, the rain hammered down and the bankside became sodden. With a tremendous gust, the wind whipped round, and tore my storm rods and pegs clean out of the ground, deprived of this stability, the wind, now firmly under my brolly front, continued its path of destruction, tearing out the pegging points and flipping the brolly onto its back, snapping the spokes. My shelter now a write off, in torrential rain, I pulled together my soaked and ruined gear and trudged off home for a hot bath... Seems the zombie sheep lake curse hasn't released me from it's icy grip... 31lb 8oz common
  14. If anyone wants to get behind a military charity, can I suggest SSAFA? After the breakdown of my marriage due to PTSD, and having approached a GP for help and being told that I would have to go on a 6-12 month waiting list for initial assessment (a timeframe doubled by the GP then "forgetting" to do the referral - 6 months waiting for an appt that was not gonna arrive) I was found by my parents and brought back to Sussex. They asked H4H for help twice but I was never seen by them. In desperation, (as I was a total mess, been hospitalised twice with pancreatitis due to self medicating with Stella and vodka - been tee total since 2016 - and having had my father find me removing my tow rope form the boot of my car - ideal noose after all) they contacted SSAFA or the soldiers sailors air force association. They spoke to a SSAFA rep who interviewed me the following day, (he was ex parachute regt) he immediately realised I was a danger to myself and referred me to a clinical psychologist privately of which they paid the fees, the day after the referral was sent, (a sunday) the rep collected me from my parents house and drove me to see the psychologist at her own home. I was formally diagnosed with severe untreated PTSD and referred for immediate treatment. I started counselling on the Tuesday. It took a while, but I got there. I even returned to the ambulance service, something I couldn't have done prior to SSAFA's intervention. On the last day of my treatment, the counsellor told me that it was "the first day of the new life" I left, drove to Wales to collect my boys, returned to Sussex and took my boys to a local holiday park 15mins from my house (nothing too taxing - got an awesome carp lake!!) walked into the restaurant and got chatting to a very attractive blonde girl, (terrified she would tell me to get lost - but as a test of confidence it was pretty scary!) After 3yrs and 3 months together the same blonde and I will be getting married next year... There is light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing my son catch his first fish, teaching my other son how to ride a bike, my youngest son catching a PB 28lb+ mirror... A thousand little things that I could have missed had SSAFA not stepped in, along with family friends children and my partner, I thought I was pretty strong, being a blood splattered war fighting medic, but my reluctance to ask for help nearly cost me everything. The fight in getting better was tough, but screw it, don't let the bad uns win! I mean, miss this? No way!
  15. I'm sorry to hear of your losses gents, you have my condolences and best wishes. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2015 after 13yrs army service and working on the ambulances. I've been on this forum for many years and always like to keep an eye on it, as for posting replies, I get that, I worry about negative reactions to things I post, a hang up of the PTSD I suppose, but I have yet to really see any negative feedback. Yes you may get disagreements, or questions about any points I've raised, but nothing more than healthy debate, respectfully said. No one knows everything, my interpretation of a chosen subject may be totally different to another's interpretation, based on our respective viewpoints and experience, but stimulating debate is good for us all! welcome to the forum mate and get stuck in!
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