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  1. This, unfortunately, does happen mate I’m afraid. I’ve seen a fish tethered as a result of an “angler” driving it around a snag to drop his bait tight to the margin behind the snag. I’m not against bait boats, but like all things, so long as they are used responsibly. (As I’m sure the majority do)
  2. Well you’re either brave or daft nick! Lol! I’ve had a size 4 korda Kurv embedded in my thumb up to the bend… that didn’t half sting! Mind you, I had a nash fang x size 4 embedded in the side of my finger and of the two, the fang slipped in a lot easier! 😫
  3. I just make pop ups using my usual boilie basemix, slightly upping the flavour, use the whites of the egg only, and added egg white powder (from the baking isle in Tesco) and wrap it around 10mm cork balls, they produce baits of 12mm or so. By only using the egg white and added egg white powder produces a harder skin to them, I make them as one egg mixes, which will produce a small number of baits, once airdried in the airing cupboard for a few days, will last in an air tight tub for a fair while. I use bait floss to attach them, they don’t pierce with a needle, (well they will, but a piece of cork may break off and punch a large hole in the bait, plus breaking the skin on the bait allows water ingress which will break the bait down.) I drop each bait in a glass of water as I make them to check their buoyancy.
  4. Yep, you and me both. I renewed nov last year, it arrived in October this year… swiftly followed by a letter from DVLA saying I need to submit the medical forms to renew my licence as it expires in November… 😡😡
  5. I’ve asked for Terry Hearns latest book, that’s all I’d like this year.
  6. In a match fishing ad on carp.com?? 😳😁🙄
  7. I would only lead around in an unfamiliar swim, if I know the spots well, then I’ll whack the leads out to clip up to the spots then use marker elastic to mark the lines. I occasionally use a marker float if I need to find a certain spot or want to double check something, then cast the rods, clip the rods up and marker elastic as usual. Marker comes in and rods whacked out. I don’t usually go for this leading all over the swim. If I’m fishing the margins, I may donk a lead about to get an idea of depth and firmness of the bottom, but a lot of my waters are very silty, so winging a lead all over would give me limited info, a rough estimate of depth followed by a poor drop as it hits the silt. I know my waters like the back of my hand anyway, so I know where I’m aiming and where will do bites.
  8. I’ve got a set of Chesties made by Dunlop, they get used for digging lugworm, wading for bass fishing in low tide, and they are more than adequate for carp fishing. Mine cost me absolutely nothing as my father in law gets his from his job with the EA.
  9. My items I could live without? Hmmm… my Steve Neville buzzers, I had a set years ago, until my ex wife snapped them off the bank sticks in a strop. I replaced them with fox micron Mx alarms, which did the job, (I have absolutely no idea where they are now!) they were replaced with Delkim EVs, which although weren’t bad, I had two out of four that packed up in the rain, although Delkim replaced them no questions asked. I brought a set of nash sirens for my boy, but he soon got the delks as they had too many buttons and options! So I got another set of Steve Neville alarms and I’ve never been happier with them. I’ve got a set of fox torque 12ft 3lb tc rods, which my partner (now wife) brought me to replace a set of sonik sks black rods, (two of which I snapped going for a long chuck!🙄) and they are probably the nicest rods I’ve ever used, they are perfectly balanced and weighted for me, and I think that the tackle has to suit the owner, rather than just buying anything. I learnt that sea fishing. My beach rods are Leeda icon elite match 13ft 10” and I can cast them as I can get them to load properly, whereas stiffer rods, I can’t fully load the cast so lose distance. I’ve coupled the carp rods with fox 12000 reels, again, I can’t fault them. I replaced a set of diawa crosscasts with them, and can’t see them being replaced anytime soon. Smooth action, silky clutch, effortless casting as far as I can throw it, balanced lovely with the rods. I’m a fox convert! My sonik rods and Diawa reels have followed the delks into my sons rod hold-all.
  10. The “beach” area from the haven side is ok, fish to the reeds on the far left used to do bites. Accessing the lake from the lake road car park gives you access to the point, where a long cast will place a bait near the reeds. I used to get bites fishing pva bags 2/3rds of the way across towards the reeds.
  11. The Lewes bonfire is amazing mate, as is rye bonfire, the battle bonfire and my local, the Hastings meet. Which was about 2wks ago now.
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