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  1. My waters are only about 5min drive, in fact I’ve just got back from walking the dog around there. It’s looking pretty bleak at the moment, need to get some bait rolled anyway, so might get that done tomorrow. I just can’t fire up any enthusiasm right now. My club just stocked 15 high single/low double mirrors into my larger water, so I might even get a bite when I get back on there! Lol!
  2. Very true Nick, due to covid, I’ve been on shift a lot more, I’ve lost touch with my water. I walk the dog around most mornings, but when I have got the odd overnighter in, I’ve been fishing more in hope then confidence. The swims I know can throw up consistent catches are usually taken and I’ve not got the recent/current info on the place, nor have I been able to go off shows etc as they are stubbornly reluctant to show when I need them too! my bait has stopped going in, I have no idea when I’ll get on the bank next, I sit in my ambulance and get messages about carp caught at my wa
  3. The beach road car park used to get really busy during the summer, it was a popular spot with beach goers during the day and boy racers at night. The top car park by the holiday camp was more open and felt more secure. The close season was also enforced during my time there.
  4. I used to use poingdrestres angling a lot when down that way, when based in Wiltshire then when my fiancée lived in Southampton. I can’t fault them to be honest. Used to get ragworm there when beach fishing and it was always good quality. Spent a small fortune on carp rig bits on a weekly basis! I got a set of 3 fox torque rods from them at a decent price as they were last 3 in stock. Good bunch of guys in pongos
  5. I used to park up by the haven car park, the beach road car park I used a few times, never had any problems to be honest. I used to keep the seats flat and leave the car totally empty so there was nothing worth stealing. That and my car was worth about £50 all in! (£20 if it didn’t have a full tank of fuel)
  6. I recently brought a nash pocket pod as I was really struggling to get the sticks into one or two of the swims at my local, they concreted a few swims to make them wheelchair friendly, so I won’t complain! When I used the pod for the first time, as both buzzer bars are fixed at equal height, with the alarms added, the rod tips pointed up in the air. Plus the height of the swim above the water and my lines were several feet higher than I’d like. I brought some QR thingies for the rear rod rests that are about 2inches long, supposedly for making your landing/keep nets etc quick release (although
  7. Oh don’t worry... I’ll find you! Lol! I did fish hamworthy lake a fair bit when based in Dorset, I always liked the place. The carp could be very hit or miss though. I used to have fish by setting up on the point/peninsula and casting into the main body of the lake towards the rushes on the far bank. They used to move up the rushes a fair bit. Also from the end of the point into the smaller section of the lake there is a bar that runs out from the swim facing the smaller section towards the rushes on the far bank to your left when stood facing straight out of the swim. I used to see
  8. Do you know what? Until seeing this post I’d never really thought about it! I use curve shank patterns for my rigs, both pop up and bottom baits, and they are straight pointed hooks. Yet I do like the wide gape patterns which are beaked pointed.
  9. I’ve always preferred peanuts to tigers, but they been to be used sparingly in my experience. I’ve used Brazil nuts before and found that a simple blow back rig with a longish hair was ideal. Tied up with soft braid or a soft coated braid.
  10. I’ve just ordered a copy of the book canal carping by rob maylin.
  11. Even made the BBC news website! I took a walk around my local club water (3min drive) and 50% of swims were taken! Yet on the second water, (3min walk from first water) there were no anglers on. I’ll be getting the rods out hopefully, work dependant! Whatever you decide to do, the important thing is to not take risks and keep yourself safe.
  12. It doesn’t need to have a function... just so long as it looks carpy... 🙄🙄
  13. I’ve been thinking of getting a baiting pole, as bait boats are banned on my waters so that’s not an option for me. I just can’t justify the cost for all the extra sections for it to be able to reach the spots I need it for! I keep searching online looking for second hand kits. I did look at the chimney sweeping rod kits I have for my chimney (funnily enough) but I don’t know if they float!!!
  14. Well it’s been a while since I last saw one!!
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