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  1. Good morning mate and welcome to the forum, big well done for getting yourself to where you are mate, mental health challenges are not easy to overcome, I was diagnosed with PTSD after afghan and went down the drink/drug route too. The love of a good woman and my counsellor suggesting I start carp fishing again, plus the help and support of family (who upgraded all my gear, amongst countless other things) got me back on my feet again. Congratulations on your angling coach qualification and very best of luck with everything, this is a very chilled out forum with lots of knowledgeable people her
  2. Some of the best baits are based on the fruity/fish combo mate, aminos and peach, big fish mix and plum, tangerine and squid... your best bet is to find a reputable high quality nutritional bait, stick with it and build your confidence in it, the more you use it, the more the fish find it and eat it, the better it becomes.
  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting 10ft spod/marker rods mate, having the extra leverage the extra 2ft with the spod will make casting easier and it’s always a good idea to be able to cast markers and spods at least to the same range as baited fishing rods, if not further.
  4. With all this expertise and experimentation with the different goo’s, we will have to start calling you Elmo Hamidi...
  5. You’ll just have to try very hard not to strut about the lake with your new barrow pal, be a shame to make him jealous! Lol!
  6. I don’t zig fish, (I’m proper pants at it, something I need to remedy!) but I always use drennan super specialists in sizes 10-6 for all my floater fishing. Recently I’ve used the super specialist in the wide gape pattern when I can find them, but I’ve never had a problem with these patterns for floater fishing. Used the super specialists for as long as I can remember and the wide gape versions for the last 2 seasons, but I struggle to find them in my local tackle shops.
  7. Sell it to him for a handsome profit??
  8. I know what you mean, my first carp rods were 1 3/4lb t/c and 11ft long, I moved onto 11ft 2lb test rods that bent through to the butt cap. Back then, a 3lb rod was a broomstick! Now, 3lb test is about normal! My rods are fox torque, 12ft 3lb test rods that have a lovely action. If this is a recent problem you’ve been having, (I’m guessing since you fined down for winter?) then that would suggest to me that you may need to adjust your end tackle to filter out the other species if carp are the intended target pal. I'm glad you’re finding the forum helpful mate, don’t be afraid to ask
  9. Well my leadcore leaders are 40-50lb breaking strain, but my mainline is 12lb, so that’s the overall breaking strain of my set up. I couldn’t apply 50lb of pressure as although the leadcore (correctly spliced) could take it, the mainline would part long before! I wouldn’t worry about the leader breaking strain too much mate, the over all strength of your set up is governed by the weakest component.
  10. Well I spent the morning lovingly rolling several kilos of boilies to restock the freezer with bait, looking over the rows of freshly boiled baits air drying on the racks in the spring sunlight. Then tipping them into a large resealable bag to go in the freezer... admiring the big bag packed tight with 12mm boilies... then the horror as that bag tips over and all the bait falls all over the kitchen floor... the dogs eyes light up with joy as a mini tidal wave of yummy boilies come cascading towards her... luckily she only snaffled about a dozen before I managed to get her away, bribed with ano
  11. A water not far from me has always had a boilie and floating bait ban, hence the banks aren’t very crowded and you have free reign to be able to move about. The owners wanted a pleasure water where anglers could come and not see swim after swim packed with little green domes. They are only small venues, quite intimate. Pellets or meat in the margins will produce some lovely carp. I actually don’t mind the fact boilies are banned, it gives me a chance to refine other baits and methods which in many cases, I’ve neglected for years. I mean, I have probably fished luncheon meat maybe 2 or 3 times
  12. I don’t have a problem with someone coming to wake me if they have a carp need photographing, one lad woke me to take a pic of a low double then apologised afterwards as it was “only a little one” it happened to be the first carp he’s ever had from the lake, after a fair ole wait, so he was over the moon! That’s no drama as far as I’m concerned, I was happy to congratulate him and share the moment. I blanked... 🙄
  13. Have you seen any evidence of the barbless hook moving during the fight? 15lb mainline and a size 10 seems a bit unbalanced, have you tried upping the hook size? The thicker wire may help spread the load as it were. Are you aiming solely for carp? Or are you just happy with whatever comes along? If that was the case, I’d probably go down the Avon/quivertip route or a float outfit with lighter line and smaller hooks. If I was aiming for solely carp, I’d increase hook size to an 8 or 6 and use baits that smaller species can’t easily take. do you use any form of clinic or carp antisepti
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