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  1. 17lb linear stalked on freelined dog biscuit. Only had about 3hrs so headed to this lil town pond. First time I’ve ever fished it.
  2. I moved this to a July catch report thread cracking fish Elmo, very well done. 👍👍
  3. What’s wrong with the old carrier bag in the bait bucket routine?? 🙄
  4. Well I do occasionally… one or two of my swims are lined with ballast, which after a wet winter set to concrete, so no sticks will get in there! I used cygnet sticks in the past, now I’ve got some stainless but I forget which make, but they were around £12 a stick, they’ve lasted ages. I’ve had cheap sticks in the past, but it is a wasted expense. Buy cheap buy twice. If I want to make a pilot hole, I’ll use either a threaded bivvy peg or a storm stick, they seem to work out quite well.
  5. That’s what I tell the Wife, if I’m not doing an overnighter then it’s not a “proper” fishing trip so I don’t deduct any brownie points! As it is, I’ll be on the beach before she wakes up and I’ll be feeding floaters into a match lake while she’s at work, so they “don’t count” when it comes to hours fished… to be fair to my other half, she’s never once complained about me getting the rods out, she often tells me to go! Often she complains because I haven’t decided when or where I’m going to in time for her to make her own plans! She spent two hours watching monster carp today, will happily have a go with a floater rod and often joins me with her own rod when summer mackerel fishing - although she usually catches more than me so I don’t invite her often!
  6. I’m not out this weekend mate, well I’m going bass fishing for the morning tide then might go stalking tomorrow evening… (but they don’t count!) garden looking good mate, cypry points for sure!
  7. Just brought some 3 & 3.5oz heli leads, a new baiting needle, some leadcore drop off bead kit thingies, some bait bands and some size 8 super specialist wide gape hooks.
  8. I only use a 50” oval brolly, if it’s needed, I haven’t used my proper bivvy in years. I asked a few fisheries why they don’t allow tents etc, their reply was simple, it came down to insurance - they are not running a campsite their insurance apparently won’t allow tents. How true that it is and what the legal difference between a blue tent and a green bivvy is, I couldn’t say!
  9. I do a lot of margin fishing, and dependant on substrate I will use either bottom baits (90%) of the time, or a really low lying pop up, usually on a spinner rig if it’s a bit choddy. My go to rig choice would be a bottom bait, with half a dozen boilies or broken baits around it, I want something that is discreet and only a mouthful for a carp. On my waters, everyone, (me included and I bet most carp anglers) take their old baits off the hair on the recast and chuck them in the edge, carp are aware of this and will ghost the margins looking for these. That’s what I’m trying to replicate, I’ll happily fish a single bottom bait in the margins, especially if I have seen carp visiting the same place. To my mind, a big pva bag with a blatant pop up would be too obvious, but every water is different!
  10. Just had a double take, one was a 5lb eel!! 😳😳😳 he was promptly returned, the other was a 23lb 3oz common so I gathered the photographers, lifted the sling onto the mat, unveiled her in all her majesty, held her up for the first pic… when she decided enough was enough and she leapt out of my arms and into the pond, unphotographed… our combined laughter soon rang out over the East Sussex countryside…
  11. 18lb 10oz, still got tonight and the morning hot spell to go. catching its breath in the retainer, all unzipped so it can swim out when ready.
  12. all set up for another overnighter on zombie sheep lake
  13. I’ve been a die hard premier baits user since 1997 and have so much confidence in them, to the point if I’m not fishing a home made premier bait on the end, my confidence levels drop. I can’t fault the service from premier, in all the years I’ve been ordering bait, I’ve never had a duff batch. The matrix is the base I’m on now, it’s awesome stuff.
  14. matrix plus matrix (the one I got - not the matrix plus as previously stated) the RR mixes seem to have gone.
  15. You may well be right mate, I had it in my head that it was called matrix RR, but I got the matrix plus anyway, now merrily feeding it into my target lake, only a few kg a trip, but a good bait pays dividends!
  16. I’ve had sonik rods 12ft admittedly and I had the butt eye inserts drop out on 2, I’m using fox torque 12ft rods now and they are bulletproof, can’t fault the build quality at all. I did turn a 12ft into a 10ft by accident… I stood on the tip!
  17. I just ordered my basemix from premier baits and the price remained the same. It was a month ago mind, I’m pretty sure I used to be able to get an Robin Red version of my base, but it wasn’t in the range this time round. (Unless I imagined it!)
  18. Woke up this morning on my new target for the year to find the carp fairy had visited in the night, I found a deeper and a spod bobbing about in the margins… the lad opposite had cast out both and snapped the braid! Both were returned to their rightful owner after his mate came round to collect them. 🙄
  19. If using backleads, I tend to go for the lightest flying backleads I can get away with
  20. 18.5lb, first fish out this season.
  21. I’m all set up for an overnighter now, carp are very active. Fingers crossed that I get one or two.
  22. One of the lakes my £40 gets me. 😍
  23. Just brought another club ticket, £40 a year - bargain
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