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  1. I rarely use distance sticks either, it seems old fashioned, but I will either walk them out if I’ve got the space or use a marker set up to find the spot then clip the rods and spod up to the marker. Whip the marker in and whack them out there.
  2. We all have captures that we will always remember, for whatever reason. What’s yours? It may be a PB, or it may stick in your mind for another reason. Which ones are your favourite captures and why? The first carp was a mirror I caught on my first trip in 5yrs after afghan, I’d hung up the rods and was undergoing treatment, my counsellor told me to get back fishing so I replaced all my gear, rolled some bait and hit the bank. First rod out, 5mins in the water and it was away, it weighed mid 30s and I was instantly obsessed again. second carp was a 31lb common I caught on a session at a local pond, the wind switched unexpectedly in the night and picked up in force and it totally destroyed my brolly! The bailiff was telling me that this carp had been stolen the night before … I was able to send this pic to him the next morning the 3rd common was my personal target for years, I’d been baiting with my own boilies and he hadn’t succumbed… one winter session I’d forgotten the bait in the rush to the lake, so picked up a few pints of maggots. Fishing pva bags with a Medusa rig baited with maggots produced him at 37lb+ a week before Christmas. That left only one fish on my “hit list” which was no 4 in the pics! The mid 20 linear was also an elusive target. He also fell to the mighty maggots! My last two targets and I braced them. I walked off the lake a happy man that day.
  3. Lots of pointers to go at there mate, i fish a deep silty park lake, one thing I do is use a marker lead with prongs when checking spots and I cut grooves into my lead to bring back some of the silt. I can then give it a quick sniff and see what it’s like. If it smells neutral then I’m happy to fish over it, if it smells offensive or “sour” then I won’t. If it’s “fine” silt then all good, if it’s leafy and gunky, then I stay away as I find carp in my lake won’t feed over it. If you bring in some bloodworms then so much the better! The carp will feed head down in the (correct) silt, so having my bait in amongst the soupy silt doesn’t bother me.
  4. The late great Rod Hutchinson!
  5. It certainly does mate, also it blended into a wider range of terrains, rather than the traditional dpm green and dpm desert kit we had before mtp was issued. MTP stands for multi terrain pattern. It could be worn in desert conditions and woodland terrains. That was the idea as far as I remember!
  6. Today marks 20yrs since British troops went into Afghanistan. As an ex squaddie, I will be taking a moment to reflect and remember those who deployed there, the lads and lasses who went and did their jobs and those who didn’t make it home. Regardless of the reasons, rights and wrongs or the withdrawal, thousands of us deployed, not all of us came home.
  7. Ahh the good old MTP gortex! I got a bit left over from my army days, just don’t wash it in a washing machine! It trashes the waterproof qualities and turns it a pinky shade!
  8. Some lovely October fish out already and it’s only 4 days in! Well done lads 👍👍
  9. Nice common mate, well done 👍
  10. I filled up Sunday morning on my way to an ambulance shift, as I pulled right into the garage, having been flashed by a kind motorist, I pulled up by the pump to have some gobby bird shouting at me saying I should let her go first as she’s a “key worker” and “not to fill all the way up - save fuel for key workers” I took my jacket off to expose the ambulance uniform in all its key worker glory, which silenced her bile, before filling up and going about my business, getting back to my car the petrol station manager was telling this woman that there isn’t any fuel shortage, they only had a delivery that morning!
  11. Well done fella and welcome back to the fold! Good to get your groove back on, many more to come pal
  12. Onwards and upwards mate! 👍👍
  13. I’ve not tried crimping it mate, but I’ve not had a problem with figure of eight loops. They need to be very well lubricated and tightened down gently. In the end I stopped using it for fluro.
  14. Good luck Elmo 🤞🏼
  15. It always makes sense once you’re there pal, wherever it is, whatever you’re angling for 👍
  16. When you get on the bank it will all make sense mate 👍 ive gone through stages of not feeling it but the bug always comes back. Recently I’ve been hunting bass on the beaches, it suits my current lifestyle as I can get out for a few hours rather than doing an overnighter. A change is as good as a rest sometimes. It’s not been going to badly…
  17. Guilty as charged! 🙄
  18. Clicking on this thread I was expecting a picture of the ex wife!
  19. I’ll happily fish a pva bag into (the right) silt, the carp are perfectly happy to find food there, I don’t worry too much about the bait being tainted by silt, their sensory receptors will still detect bait in silt, there’s lots of food already buried it it, so it makes sense to place a bait there. If you don’t want it crashing in too fast, then I use a lighter lead and you can use a straw to blow some air in it, tape it up around the straw, then pull it out and lick/stick shut. A few nuggets of foam and/or pop ups will increase buoyancy too. You don’t want them too buoyant as the bag if sinking too slowly may well dissolve before it hits the bottom. Not necessarily a problem in my view as it may give a slightly wider spread of free bait, but maybe not the presentation your after.
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