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  1. Spawning is almost entirely dependant on water temperature and as such can vary according to the weather in any particular year. This year saw spawning on a stop/start cycle for a good 6 weeks due to constantly changing temperatures so it is difficult to be exact when predicting what week next year will see spawning start. From an anglers point of view it is worth bearing in mind that not all the carp will spawn at the same time so there is usually a chance of a fish or two even when spawning activity is at its height.
  2. Fishing can be good all year, however the weather (as usual) can play a big part. We find that April is usually very good with the fish at good pre spawning weights and feeding hard after the winter lull. May is also a very good month but the back end might see spawning activity well under way. Alternatively, Sept and Oct. can also be very productive with the carp back to peak condition. Having said all that we found that all months this year saw plenty of fish coming out but the constantly changing weather meant that no 2 days were the same. Sometimes just a few fish for 3 days and then a sud
  3. They should be just fine for lakes of that size. Unless you are going to fish one of the inland sea type waters just standard UK tackle is more than adequate.
  4. You have pm........may be able to help.
  5. I would suggest that you talk to the lake owner about it. It really depends on many things like fish stock, how many anglers fishing and time of year. We generally reckon on out lake that 5-10 kilo of boilies and 20k of pellet will more than suffice when they are feeding hard and perhaps half that when it is quieter. Not all lakes fish the same so really listen to the advice the lake owner gives, after all he wants you to have a good weeks fishing.
  6. It has been a problem over here with the temperature dropping from high 20's, to around 14 and back again to 20's. the carp have been on a stop /start cycle with their spawning and catches have been reduced accordingly.With warmer weather forecast for later this week we should see spawning finally completed by early June................we hope. Have a good trip.
  7. Hi there. Quite frankly if you need to borrow to finance the purchase of a lake/carp, etc then you will find it very hard indeed to either obtain finance or make a liveable income in the first 3 years. If cash is in short supply it may be better to lease a property and use your capital to finance setting up facilities and purchasing your stock. Sorry to be so negative but I would hate to see the dream turn into a nightmare for anyone. Pm me if you would like more detailed info on things.
  8. You will find that a method feeder with carp/trout pellet mix and a halibut pellet hook bait will be good.
  9. Remarkable catch BFG - well done. Would love to see pictures.
  10. That comes with closed water status
  11. The first step is to find out from the notaire whether the lake has 'closed water' status or not. If not, then fishing licenses will be required for all anglers.
  12. A friend is acting on behalf of the owner of an established fishery complete with lodge, stock, etc. He tells me that the lease will be around £5000 per annum on a renewable 5 year lease with the addition of a one off fee. If it interests any of the members I will pass on the info.
  13. Hi Danny, the best bet is to let the lake owner put the bait out for you by boat Otherwise a good particle catapult for pellet and a throwing stick for boilies.
  14. Thats pretty good as it has been quite cold in that region in the last week or so, with snow at times. Where are you off to ???
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