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  1. I would love to come out of a tackle shop with only spending £60-£70, come to think of it the Mrs would love it too, im sure. As for kits mate, you'd be much better off saving your money and buying quality items (yes they are more expensive) little and often, rather than trying to get a complete kit at a lower price, i can assure you that th kit in these packs arnt worth the trouble.. Swivels, hooklinks, and hooks are all things that you really dont want to be getting wrong, think fish safety, as for other things such as hair stops, if things are really tight there is a number of things that can be used that will cost next too or nothing.. eg: spaghetti, grass, small piece of match stick, abit of reed etc etc, In my honest opinion, treat yourself to a decent tackle box, get your bear essentials and then when you have a couple of spare quid treat yourself, before long you'll have a full box (and then probably end up only useing a quarter of it anyway)
  2. 32 miles round trip, normally made upto 5-7 times a week
  3. Where abouts you from, i may be able to get hold of one for you mate.
  4. Cheer's all, I've finally settled onto a water that i like (apart from lack of fish ) but all in there are stunning and run to a good weight, with a couple of added bonuses... Stoogi, jealousy will get you no where
  5. Just the one for me last year even though i put in alot of time and effort, was hoping for some more but hopefully this will be my year?....... 24lb on the nose p.s dont ask about the face
  6. Are the legs, line thats been blobbed with a lighter???
  7. Fake corn at the eye of the hook, fake tigernut, aint got a clue what you used for the legs though ??????????? Look good whatever its made from
  8. Just upgraded from the Stealth to the STI brollie, might take a couple more minutes to set up, but no annoying storm poles in the way, alot more stable, no ribs to bang head on (although i do miss hanging stuff on them ) and generally more room. But did use the Stealth for at least 5-6 years and never once had a problem with it.
  9. You can buy them new for £99, but as you said a really good reel He also says that he got 2 reels for £110
  10. You can take pretty much what you like on a bus, you my be chargerd for the pleasure though (thinking about im sure you will be charged for it) Will travel pretty much anywhere to fish for a day session or longer, if there is something there i want to catch. My new water is approx 10/15 miles away (but can be upto an hours drive )
  11. Daiwa Sportmatics for my carp fishing (and pike on large rivers, lakes) (currently looking at some new ones though as these are getting abit old and rattly) Shimano GTE-B's for my barbel, bream and tench fishing (and pike if fishing the smaller river) Shakespeare Mach 1 for float/course fishing (not used much and lost my last reel ) And i have a Centre pin that i used when in the mood for some traditional style fishing, used for all of above apart from pike, cant remember make though, i will update when i get to it...
  12. Good for trying new bait/rigs on, so you aint sat behind your rods wasteing time and effort on your priority water"s", and as said above for abit of a catch up between freind and still have the chance of a fish or two, personaly though they are just holes in the ground with very little to look at, although on some the wildlife is quite freindly and tamer which can be nice (unless its the rats ) also, i think there good places to get beginners hooked on fishing. Again as has been said, not to keen on the type of people that are drawn to some of these lakes, and most lakes are there for profit only with no fish care enforced, especially on matches which are held on these waters most weeks.
  13. Dont forget that the salt in sea water will deteriorate any tackle and espically your line much quicker than normal fresh water will.......
  14. Like it. Another use for unhooking mats..... A cold wet windy day, and the mutt must of thought it looked nice and warm in there....
  15. http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=43340
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