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  1. I think the question is aimed more at the anglers putting fish on the bank with no mat (and there is lots of them) but still don't you take pics of your fish if you do you will still need an unhooking mat just in case you drop it, it slips etc
  2. Hi, mate i have also found this to be the way this year well so far anyway think yourself lucky i hav'nt had any from the cut this year and 2 20's i would'nt be moaning keep at and the will soon come Carp will move through lock's aswell as people moving/stealing them for other water's the canal i fish has seen a big decline in the carp numbers since people heard about good fish coming out (over the last 3 years) and i have caught the same fish from two different canal sections next to each other tight lines.
  3. No excuse mate if you are that botherd you would of made one or even got one mail orderd. Well done for supporting your local tackle shop but no unhooking mat that's just bad angling p.s i agree with all the other comments no mat no fishing.
  4. Hi, mate what sort of bk leads are you planning on useing there are 2 types. first of all both are used with your main lead still on the line/rig. the first type is the standerd clip on style these work by casting out your rig to the required spot as normal slakken of your main line and take it in your hand then simple clip onto your main line(there are many different fitting types)then lift your rod and let the back lead slide down and lower the rod when the back lead is over the desired spot where you want your back lead normally at the bottom of the marginal slope The second type are flying back leads these go on before your rig and are stopped from sliding down to the rig with a bead or large float stop at the top of your leader/rig tubing then simple cast out and these will fly back up your main line and pin the fisrt 3ft-20ft of line down depending how far you are casting the further you cast the more line behind your rig is pinned down hope all this makes sence and helps you will normally get full instructions in the packs.
  5. Hi, never done this one but will 1 day and that is to change the handles around on your mates reels left/right right/left just imagine the look of confussion on your mates face when he hits a run let me know how it goes if someone does it before me. Another is to turn there winter/second skin around and watch the mayhem when you pull there lines at 2 in the morning.
  6. Thanks lads for all the help i have tried some of your suggestions before but it sounds like it is just one of those situations where when you find a bait they like they should start rolling in. (hopefully) I will hold my hands up and say that i have never fished a slack line so that is something to bare in mind thanks again brian any more thoughts are still welcome
  7. Hi, lads just need some advice i'am fishing a medium sized lake on sunday night i have fished it before about 10 times max but never had a carp from it, it is a pretty clear lake (no weed beds and clear water) with a large carp stock and very rarely gets fished one side is shallow until about 30 yards out (sand) which the carp love to sunbathe over just after the shallows there are two gravel bars that run to two seperate island when the carp move of the shallows the cruise over both bars from these bars the lake deepens of to approx 5-6ft of water untill the steep margins i dont get chance that often to get down to the lake so cant watch the fish for long only quick flying visits unless i'am doing an over nighter. i have fished rods on both bars and into open water but never connected with any of the carp i'am not sure if its my position or bait choice any help on baits and bait location will be much appreciated p.s this lake is totaly natural and dose not get fished alot (infact very rarely beating your way to a swim is common practise) thanks Brian.
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