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  1. One of the cheapiest bulk feeds you can add to a spod mix would be Pigeon conditioner, look about and you should be able to get a 25kg bag for about £8 (maybe abit more at the mo) i havnt brought any for about a year now
  2. Hallelujah, someone not slagging a item or a manurfacture off!!!! Okuma do infact make very good items of tackle for the price, (Svendsen Sports) who own Ron Thompson, Okuma, Prologic, and im sure there's a few more offer great customer care and will do whatever they an to get you sorted, if you like the reels and they feel good/balanced on your rods then you shouldnt have any problems with them (i've put shouldnt because even with £300+ reels, you can still encounter problems from time to time)
  3. I beleive the Beastmaster is more of a feeder rod rather than a twin tip (avon section and quiver section) the hyperllop is more like the Nexave barbel rods
  4. I know its a long shot but does anyone know where i can get one from?? They were disscontinued a year or two ago now, but desperatly need one. Im sure i've check all the well know shops but to no avail, so im guessing if any shops are still going to have its going to be a local small shop, if anyone knows of any can you please let me know. It doesnt have to be new but must be in good condition. Thanks Bri.
  5. If its been out of water/juices for any time and then refrozen though you will probably find that a majority of it might/will float
  6. Never caught one (would love to though, just never fished a lake containing them) but from reading abit about them, the best things to do would be to stick to pop ups or surface baits, they dont have the downward facing mouth as do "normal" carp, so tend not to feed on the bottom as much although they will and do get caught on the bottom
  7. Also when fishing it on the hair try adding a piece of thin tubing to the hair, it will stop the hair from cutting into/through the meat on the cast
  8. You'll need to find out what the make up off the pellet is (whats in them) to determine if there safe or not
  9. A picture would be nice, but im going to take a guess and say if its not a abnormity then it could possibly be a cross breed, most likely to be crossed with a fantail goldfish, seen a couple that look almost like carp but had the fantail, admitadly from the same lake.
  10. I get it when i go to the toilet for a No2..............Brrrrrrr that water is cold Your water levels must be wrong if its that high up
  11. If you dont mind the bream then Molasses will also help bind your mix, if you really want to use a binder though then PV1 binder by Van Den Ende should see you right
  12. Most rod makers set their marks from the end of the handle, (never moves) google marker rod and select images, and look at the Wychwood Recon Marker Rod picture, this one has inch marks aswell!
  13. Different species of fish spawn ONLY at certain temps as Penker has stated, (carp more so than other species) thats why we get spawn bound fish when the weather patterns are all over the place and erratic
  14. Aint been on for some time, so only just catching up on things and first time i've looked at these, some cracking fish there lads, and knowing you two you both had great fun
  15. Asking for truoble that will!!
  16. Another reason for useing slightly heavier end tackle is that this part of your kit gets abused by fish (not just carp) constantly, its being moved back and forth (quite often on gravel, mussel beds, etc) and is 99% of the time on the deck so needs to be able to withstand it!
  17. Normally with tench and bream there isnt alot you can do to avoid them, have you tried bigger baits, 20mm+ boilies? nuts? not baiting so heavily and so on, otherwise its just a case of fishing through the Tench and waiting for the carp to move in
  18. Simple things such as opening your bedchair up putting your sleeping bag on and folding it away like so will save room (remember though that a sleeping bag will lose its thermal qualitys if left folded neatly, sleeping bags should be left for any period of time scrunched up hence getting a stuff bag and not an ironing board when you buy them) And as strange as it sounds buying the correct bags help, correct food bags etc etc are designed to pack store and transport properly, get yourself a barrow and you'll never look back. one trip and always willing to move onto fish, and pack it properly and pushing it will be effortless
  19. With or without an EA rod license (i am assuming you mean a EA rod license), with or without permission, it is ilegal to remove crayfish from any body of water, yiou NEED the correct paperwork and licenses!!!!!!!!
  20. Used to fish it many moons ago and it was great place for abit of fishing, but when i visited the place last year i was very disspointed with how the place has gone, 3 of us fished the match lake, and had 1 carp and 1 bream to show for it, not good for a match lake! I cant relly comment on the syndicate lake but from what i can gather its the venue going down hill not the match lake (the new owner/managment are only has interested in the trout lake now)
  21. Another way for future refferance would be to pressure wash the joint, pop down to the local garage pop a quid in the jet wash machine blast the joint and "normally" hay presto, it pops apart
  22. EA and they'll charge you £5 for a replacment (well they did when i lost mine) better still though, as this is the first year with the new style license and the amount of cock ups theve had, you could just call them and say that you've only just realised that you havnt had yours through yet!! Thats abit naughty though
  23. I think we can assume that if your registerd on here your not "normal" though
  24. What i dont understand is how can you have rod license that expires 2010 if you havnt fished for some time As in some time, are we talking months or years???
  25. Glad you found a spot mate, but can you please keep all related posts and thread together
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