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  1. The water in question is miles away from anywhere, so it was a case of finding and having a look at it, before i went and "pesterd" the owner/Estate manager! (sadly i wont be returning to it though) Im in talk with another company's estate managment at the mo, and thats sounding pretty intresting at the moment, fingers crossed
  2. Got back 30 mins ago from looking for an unfished water, found it after hours off traipsing through thick undergrowth, note to all! Dont wear shorts to go looking for um
  3. Yeah i take mine, like you have said she makes a great warmer on the colder nights, can be a pain in the rear though, can get very excited and has no idea what to do when the alarm goes off in the night, whilst in the sleeping bag, normally half way through though she'll get out and sleep on the chair, she has be kept on the lead as she also LOVES the water, and if you turn your back she's in
  4. You dont tend to find to many mains hook ups on the bank though I like useing the kettle for shrink tube, esp when useing coated braids, never had a problem as long as you take care, and it also give's you the chance to run the coated braid through the steam aswell, which when held under tension it will cool prefectly straight, ensureing that rig will fall away from our lead
  5. Yeah it does tend to be a liitle netter once its started to ferment, but i found it can turn rancid rather quickly, so be carfull
  6. Oneway to fish a feeder is to use it as a heli rig useing a korda anti tanglehooklink sleeve to helppush it away from the line and feeder, also usefull for useing on a normalrunning rig set up, just push it over the swivel(hooklink end) andit will again push the hooklink away from the feeder
  7. Nice one chap, your going to need a bigger unhooking matt if you carry on catching stonkers like that
  8. If im useing pigeon conditioner im normally useing hemp aswell, so in that case it gets the same treatment as the hemp (Soaked for 12-24 hours then boiled untill split) if useing it on its own which is very rear it will either be boilied for 30 mins or left to soak for 24-36 hours, basically if you have time to soak it for a day no need to boil if you have an hour spare boil it for 30-45 mins and no need to boil
  9. If the hemp dries out it will float mate, onceyou have boilied it up simple chuckit all into a bucket, whack the lid on job done
  10. The Trent traves up through Notts and then onto Newark and up towards S(censored)horpe before entering the Humber just above it, and off into the sea
  11. Float fishing is a very good way to get your apprentership, it teaches you that you need to set up properly to catch constantly, teaches you how to play fish on light tackle, teaches how to balance your tackle "oh are" and keep you ocupied whilst doing it, sitting behind motionless rods can and does get very boreing at times, there is no rush to go out and catch big fish, start small and as the size of the fish increases so will your confidance and skills
  12. Suface fish/Float fish for them? feed an area close by where you would be able to present a bait correctly/easily and intice them into this area!
  13. 666carpcatcher

    PB again

    I know this is around a month old, But well done fella, good angling
  14. Nice well Delboy and congrats on your new PB
  15. So you dont fish the margins???? Stalking carp takes alot more effort and skill than waiting for them to come to you, have you never seen carp grubbing up the bottom in the margins?? No cus they dont feed in the margins! as you say though each to there own
  16. Not sitting behind your buzzers and getting up and motivated, will only help you improve your knowledge of the fish's behavior pattern's
  17. Cheeky git Nah only a baby, but a fish all the same, now i have a fish under me belt though, i can concentarte on the bigger fish
  18. I've spent the last week and half/2 weeks stalking, hooked and lost one, landed one, now on the waters"s" that im currently fishing i personally think its hooked and lost one and one landed more than i would if i was sat behind stactic baits
  19. What diam mainline do you use ????? A side threaded rubber bead will slide very easy on mainline! But will be tight enough to hold the rig in place on the cast
  20. Why?? Its not safe when useing a leader of some sort, as it wont pass over knots, but with main line straight through, no knots!!
  21. I've only heard bits and piece's but something happend in B'ham last week (or the week before) that has effected the Trent and Tame, the EA have been tresting the two rivers over the last week"s", low oxygen levels or something, and supposedly lots of dead and suffering fish
  22. Once rock hard though they be can re-hydrated, useing lake water, hemp water, or any liquid you can think off
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