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  1. If your adding sugar or flavours it sould be done at the soaking stage then boil the whole lot up Freeze it, refrigerat it, leave it to ferment a little, or go fishing and use it
  2. Well if your fishing to snags there is no way to pin the line down to the deck, as you NEED to be into direct contact with the fish on the take, and the only way to do that is to have your lines tight and rod pointing to the rig
  3. If you were to use mainline straight through, you would put the bead on sideways (pierce the bead with a baiting needle and so on)
  4. So you dont get Maize/Corn/Barley/Wheat feilds along side rivers/canals/lakes and ponds?? Alot of waters are more likely to see these particles/pulses being naturaly introduced than having a dead animal by its side!
  5. Its something i havnt used but the way i see it is... If your line breaks, there is nothing holding the tubing to the lead unlike other set ups, so the tubing will simple slide of the line, then there will be no tension and the rig wouldnt be able to be pulled off the tubing, leaving rig and tube attached to the fish, it might be the safest rig, it might just be the way im looking at the situation I have noticed that Fox do a tubing heli pack though. Im going to have to go and have a play me thinks
  6. Only porblem with useing tubing for a heli rig, is that if the line breaks the fish wont just be left with the rig, it will have rig and tubing and i cant think of a way around it that is safe
  7. Are you fishing the margins? or fishing to snags in the margins?? If your fishing anywhere near snags you need to be fishing near locked up and sitting on your rods (prefferably with the rod pointing at the bait) If your just fishing the margins with no snags about then yes slack line's/running rigs with the lightest bobbins you have, no need for back leads, as you can have the line as slack as you want (as long as its not coiling up on teh bottom obviously) and the line will/should follw the contours of the lake bed
  8. You wouldnt expect them to become stunted in such a large water (there must be a hell of alot in there if they have though) could be a few reasons for it, (1) there isnt much natural food in the water (2) a poor strain of carp to start of with? Or there could just be alot around the 4 to 8lb mark and you have been unlucky not to catch any of the bigger one's yet
  9. Fantastic Tony, Its always a privilege to watch something as spectacular as this, and with a nice looking lake and the early sun riseing in the distance, makes it even more memorable.. Thanks for sharing
  10. Hahahahaha These are good, would suit a sticky like this... http://www.animatedknots.com/indexfishing.php?LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com
  11. When were you last snapped by a fish??? i honestly cant remember when i was last done, and i like to think i have a pretty good memory What was i on about?? Oh are.. If your fishing in a situation where you think you stand a chance of getting done over, then yes it would be wiser to fish useing barbles (i.e snags, over mussle beds etc etc) but in normal conditions barbed IS best IMHO
  12. Congarts Tony on a new PB and a stunning fish, shame the dorsel is hiding the checky smile that we all know you had though Great angling mate
  13. I wish these newbies would use the search http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=32236
  14. My first reply was nearly identical to this, but then actually thought about it! When did you last see a true whip?? with a flick tip?? You dont see many about nowdays, last winter my mate brought a Daiwa Harrier whip (7 or 6 meter take apart) from a old dusty tackle shop, and still ended up paying 70 quid for it, even though its probably 10 year old (and possibly more)
  15. Very easy to elasticate and most tackle shops will supply all the bits, if you take your pole in and purchase all the bits off them they will normally do it for you (normally free aswell) watch and then when you need to do it, you'll now what to do!
  16. Its illegal to remove fish and "dump" them! You need licenses and that will cost alot more than what you plan on making from the sale of fish... It all sounds very dodgy
  17. I belive they are called sea monkey... There is sachet of egg type thing and a sachet of food Sea Monkey's filling a 10 x 4 tank in 3 days doubt it very much!
  18. Got your tongue out of your cheek yet, Brian? Ian Yep and firmly stuck into some cake, mmmmmmm cake
  19. Any reason for not joing a club? It will save you loads in the long run.. I know it seems abit to pay out straight away, but if you think about it.. On avarage a 10 pound a day, you will only need to do 5 day session's on the club water's to have paid for itself, and then you still have the rest of the year fishing for free (sort off ) One of the clubs near me let the younger members pay in 2 instalments, maybe some near you do the same?
  20. What about swapping over to braided mainline, that should add alot of distance
  21. Will do bud, can you do me a favour please? and dont use text talk! Thanks
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