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  1. Sounds right to me.Good tip on pricking the bag, I often forget and the whole lot pops up to the surface. I don't feel this is a good thing.
  2. Well there's normally zero weed near me when I fish. I can understand at long range where you don't want a long,long stretch of line going through the water covering a large area and possibly spooking them. Dunno, it depends on the water/fish I would imagine. In that situation then leadcore,flying back lead and other back leads could also hold the line down. I use tight lines with a helicopter rig most of the time for detection, unless I am close range fishing in which case a 1oz running lead on a very slack line works very well (on 1 particular water I fish). With the line sunk it works with the water pressure providing resistance and indication every time was a screamer. If you have a soft clay lakebed then a high cast sees the lead plug into the clay which definitely provides a bolt rig,just ensure the hooklink doesn't get buried,easy with a helicopter rig, or a running rig with a small link from the lead to mainline. A paternoster this was once called but a term mostly forgotten these days. I see people on the club lake with 6" buzz bars and reel handles folded with the rods angled upwards and wonder why but I don't wish to ask tem, each to their own. Looks cool dunnit? Everyone else is doing it so it must be right, right? Sometimes I completely bury the tips underwater so the line follows the lake bed, again,assuming weed isn't an issue. Didn't Lenny Middleton try fishing with high viz sea line in order for the carp to see it and swim around it? The object being that fish don't like bumping into tensioned line that they couldn't see. Whatever his findings were,and I don't know it never caught on. Probably not carpy enough,possibly unnecessary.
  3. I use 2 rods 90% of the time. 1 goes to the left of the swim, the other to the right leaving a clear area in the centre for the odd time I catch one.
  4. Still knackered apparently........
  5. Bbbbbbut what about the correct way of putting the rods on 6" buzzer bars and angling them upwards at 45 degrees, isn't that the done thing?
  6. They're fine if you're fishing close in on a running lead set up. But Kkkkkkorda don't do an expensive package for these just yet (I think, but won't be surprised if someone puts me right). RIP P. Mohan
  7. Didn't Peter Mohan control the rights? Try contacting him via the carp society.
  8. You take your chances with kit like this. It could well be excellent but I'd look for budget Fox just for the security of knowing they just work. You could always add AttX dangles and reliever later. Dunno, your choice.
  9. You should try the CCG forums although you might need to be a paid up member to post/gain access. £18 per year
  10. If you cut a bait in half you should see a darker band of colouration which will show you how much has been absorbed. Try watering the goo down with soy sauce or fish sauce and it will be absorbed quicker. Agreed on drying out for longer.
  11. I use it and like it so much I bought 5 spools from Erics when they were selling for a tenner a pop. It does seem very very strong for it's diameter and while not the best sinker then a good cast and stretch will help and once it takes on a touch of water from submersion sinks fine. For my tastes.
  12. I understand about personal preference and confidence but clear works for me,I would even try red maybe yellow on a runs water too.
  13. They probably buy it by the kilometre on special order.
  14. Well there you go. I personally haven't dealt with either and have no experience of international postage from these people but I would expect them to be good. A long as you'r happy with the price and are certain they will post to you then go for it. Fox reels used to be a little bit, rubbish at first but I understand they have got quite a lot better. I'd still go for Shimano because I use them all the time-I have 11 in total. Is it £100 for two reels or 1 reel? These might be what you like. But I can't say much about them. I think reels are more important than rods. Anyone can get away with a cheap rod, it's the reels that do most of the hard work.
  15. Yeah, it's probably about as smooth running as your old Soviet hairdryer as well. I'd go for something more modern rather than a nostalgia cult show. These normally offer good prices, the biggest problem you'll find is shipping to Russia as many don't do that. have you looked at German OR French web shops? They might ship to Russia....