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  1. Space permitting,and it is a big space how about the JRC Quad Continental? They're a hotel in green but your budget will have to decide properly.
  2. I'm surprised he even turned up rather than going back to Poland and returning 6 months later. It appears the primary crime was stealing fish,it's time to change the laws and ban all taking of coarse species over bait size,say 4 inches or what have you and limit the number of them too. I'm for zero tolerance here, I've seen first hand a fishery completely devastated by these people. What's the odds on him actually paying?
  3. So I've ordered two Foxes M+ from angling direct today for under £50,thanks all for responding.
  4. QD just means less turns of the spool cap from loose to locked up. It's not really necessary as you can just use a standard spool and do the same but marketing will have you think otherwise. Both my Tournament model reels had standard drag and it made zero difference. Baitrunners are separate drags that allow freespool, like as used in sea fishing multipliers. As the fish roars off with the bait you put the reel into normal mode by turning the handle or flicking the lever and away you go. Have a play in the shop to get the feel of things.
  5. I went from big pits (Daiwa 5&6000t,Shimano Ultegras,Penn back to latest baitrunner. I don't like baitrunner spools,quick drag was easy but I like the baitrunner lever and the drag stays exactly the same.
  6. Why not get Big pit baitrunners and solve your issues?. Big casting,thick line will need bigger spools.
  7. The Daiwa Sundridge ones?
  8. I'm after a pair of decent little alarms for my local club waters. I don't wish to spend over £50 for a pair,don't need remotes but if it's included in won't mind. I saw a Saber tackle set of 3 with a wireless remote for this amount. Any feedback? Or any other suggestions? Cheers all.
  9. I've fished there on a couple of occasions, it's crayfish city and boilies are banned. Terry H did an Angling Times article where I recognised the venue which was unnamed. It's an old chalk pit . I might still have the article. He claimed to be using pop ups,naughty boy. It's very sheltered due to the high chalk cliff at one end and the trees surrounding it. There's some nice roach there too. I don't remember catching anything but crays but it was 15 years or so back.
  10. I no longer fish carp puddles but on a local club pond I use pro logic 9ft rods,10lb line and some old Shimanos. It's perhaps an acre in size, probably less and the fish love under the tree margins. Rods are 2.5tc. I wasn't aware at the time but the company also do 8ft 2tc rods which I would have got. I once saw some carpers with big pits etc and bags of boilies perhaps they're brain dead,perhaps that's the only kit they own.
  11. A water where I and any friends can exclusively use. With a stone walled cottage on the banks and huuuuuuge verandah windows. And a lottery win.
  12. There's a train of thought that carp feel lines and not see them,hence they shy away after bumping into them. Lenny Middleton used bright sea line in a bid to make it obviously visible. Dunno if it worked.
  13. And that goes back to the original question, why 50mm eyes? It's a fad, nothing more than that. I've got original LC's, big,fat spool and cast fine with 40mm on my older Armalite SP's. I bet any money anyone less than a tournaments caster won't make a beans worth of difference.
  14. They're not wrong though are they?