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  1. 50mm ringing will (I know this naughty word is banned but I decided to use it any way because I can't control myself) ip the rods action unless perhaps you use titanium. Slave klones and drones follow trends.
  2. It's cod roe. Nowt special, but maybe it works for you?
  3. Just buy a party pack, more than enough for a session, handful is enough most times and I used thrn singly on one water a got 3 large fish on the same bait that I'd fug out the bottom of my bag.
  4. I appreciate your response but I'm after a normal chair for sitting on during the day and the usual stuff we do inbetween takes.
  5. My Chub chair gives me the gyp. Any recommendations for one that supports the spine properly? I spend more time on my [censored] than anything else and cost isn't an issue. This is no good..
  6. Sorry, my error,I got the pro logic 9' rods I got a TFG 10' holdall and no problems.
  7. Tournament ISO Reels. Lordy, so smooth and light.
  8. What, your dad's renting his caravan out to fish,whatever next?
  9. I spose you could try creamer and icing sugar to replicate condensed milk.
  10. That Scientology place used to belong to founder L Ron Hubbard . I worked there a couple of years back. There's a climate of control and intimidation about the 'volunteers' there but the pond is far enough away from the manor house to afford some seclusion. Most of the slaves are too busy doing their thing to bother you. There's an aura of gloom over it all.
  11. Thanks for the info gents. Re. hooks setting, for want of a better word, I would have thought a hook must penetrate to some degree when the fish bolts, surely it would spit the hook out every time otherwise?
  12. So what companies sell micro barbed hooks that are actually micro barb, as in far smaller than standard?
  13. pooter


    If that's the case then the fish will decide if it's a deadly repellent or not,unlike the Captive ones in a tank.
  14. It does seem odd that there is a facility to change handle sides but it's not practicable. I wonder if it's a defect from manufacture, you should contact Shimano and ask them what the story is.
  15. Very few for sure. I think Bayer are one of them. Same [censored], different colour.
  16. You could just as easily add Fox, Nash,Rigmarole and of kourse, KKKKKorda to that. Most companies rebadge line from the very few line makers worldwide. It doesn't matter to me if RM only make (sorry,rebadge) sandwich toasters, or jaffles as they were called before, or churn out other tackle. Berkeley are the only company I can think of who specialise in mono.
  17. pooter


    Trouble is not all anglers are in their right mind, they just follow blindly.
  18. Is that a place out past Dorking way? I ask because I stopped off at a pub in that area and the landlord told me about somewhere very similar and gave me a phone number. I called, got some vaguely encouraging response but nothing ever came of it.
  19. If you do go for Vass you'll need to kit yourself out with a short back and sides, beard and a chunky knit sweater. Gotta fit in with the hive mind.
  20. You can buy aligners under various names but you might as well just buy a length of shrink tube from online and make your own, it'll be cheaper. http://www.heatshrink-online.co.uk/heatshrink/
  21. Easy to do: get fine braid, I use Kryston Samson hair braid just thread through the eye and then whip it back down the shank and then half hitch the tag end back up the shank, You could glue it if you feel better but I don't. Then knotless knot your nylon over the hair and that tension is enough to hold everything in place. Just pull it all tight first.
  22. A string of swan shot can be adjusted to suit,some swear by trilobe leads. As for smashing the carps face in on a heli rig, that would depend on the hooklink length and most heavy leads create a bow in the line when hooked. Do method caught fish have battered faces?
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