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  1. gonna hopefully try next week i'll keep you posted.
  2. hey everyone haven't been on in a long time lol. I'm going to start fishing again this year and will continue to try for carp. Last time I went fishing was in '07 and my biggest carp was 6lbs 14oz. in Kennedy park. If any of you guys from the area would like to set something up PM me. Good luck.
  3. Is it best to use floating bait or sinking bait when using this type of rig. I'm new to carp fishing and would like to know is there a type of boilies that work better then others. Help me please
  4. Hi everyone I would like to get some advice from all you professonials out there on how to catch carp. I went to a lake close to my house and there were carp everywhere I don't know if they were spawing but 50-60 of them with half there bodies out the water. I have a shakespeare rod with 6lb test and I was using berkley carp powerbait (I didn't know what to buy). I would like suggestions on hooks, bait, etc. I fished for like 2 hours there and nothing at all. Help the noobie out please. Thanks
  5. Hey guys I'm new to the site and I want to start fishing for carp. I also live in central NJ I go to Kennedy park in Sayreville, in the big lake by the little red bridge near the basketball courts there are a ton of carp. I mean big boys I tried using berkley powerbait for carp but nothing. Are carp in spawing season because they didn't seem interested in anything except each other. If you can give me some tips on hooks, baits etc. I will really appreciate it. Thanks
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