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  1. Unfortunately the fact that there are indeed millions of fish does not mean that it is okay for people to kill and take trailer loads of fish, which they are doing... This is completely the wrong attitude to take, as usual in life these days nothing will be done until it is too late. Acting now ensures education and management of a resource enjoyed by many people, including those that killl for the table, but it has to be governed and the attitude that there are millions of fish anyway will not be something that is true in the future unless measures are put in place... The human race is the same in everything, do nothing until it is too late...
  2. Dear all our website has had an update please have a read, if you can help in anyway then please contact us and sign up to our newsletter Many thanks in advance http://www.savetheebro.com/articles/how-we-can-save-the-ebro.html SaveTheEbro
  3. Some of you may be aware that the River Ebro in Spain is under pressure at the moment form the illegal taking of specimen fresh water fish. You are legally allowed to take two carp but the rules need to be changed and as a carping nation the Brits are taking the bull by the horns. I am sick of hearing stories of our eastern european bretherin taking more than a fair share, some have jacked their jobs picking fruit as they earn more money selling 30lb carp to friends and family. A part of me says fair play but then the fish that are being taken are sometimes my clients previous personal best. I dont know what any of you forum members think, I dont know if any of you have ever fished here. There is a lot of Ebro hype but it does not detract from the fact that this is a very special place to fish and is one of Europes best fresh water fisheries. A website is being set up at the moment to bring awareness to local fishing clubs and the powers that be in spain in an attempt to make a change in the rules and save these specimens. All that is required from you is your support by adding your name to a petition against the excess taking of large fish If any of you are up for helping me by lending your voice then please contact us at info@savetheebro.com In return we will give a banner and direct link to this forum and what is being discussed www.savetheebro.com
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