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  1. read through this thread and yes i think its true boilies get bigger fish on the 2 lakes i fish use sweetcorn and you will get bream tench and carp to about 5lb use boilies and you get carp to 10-20lb + but only a few if your lucky
  2. use both pellets and boilies and halibut oil if i use a method
  3. probly about 4 football pitches in all 4ft deep carp to 30lb tench to 7lb had a 3lb crucion before and a large shoal of bream all in all a good water with some nice fish photos done by phone cam
  4. the 2 things that i couldnt do without are my car couldnt get there without that and someone to pick kids up from school (sometimes) so i can spend longer on the bank
  5. matt been done look here http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=27424
  6. i have always put spool of line on pencil held between legs and wound on real was told this buy a shop in harrow when i was younger not noticed any line twists or tangles this way
  7. i think there are loads of uncaught fish even bigger theres a lot of old farmers ponds ect that have had fish in them for yrs never fished in no one knows what is in them perhaps a great grandad farmer put some in and yrs have gone buy so who knows whats there
  8. ok agree with what you say about lowlifes so how about putting them on tackle box ect
  9. is there any for sale if not would someone be able to sort some out be nice to put in car so when out fishing will know other members there and say hi
  10. size 4 is a tad to big what bait where you using on it or was it bare and trying to foul hook them, try an 18 with 1lb hook length
  11. when i was younger i can remember sucking anniseed twits and putting a couple of half eaten ones in my maggot box to give the flavor becasue i was told fish love anniseed then all flavoring was baned dont no why but now look at what you can use to try to catch fish, in the past 40 yrs everything has changed so much
  12. where i fish has a surface ban but you can chuck in loads of boilies the owner said enough fish to eat them saves him feeding
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