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  1. chris

    All booked up for next year..........

    Genesis, you must have a short memory as we have exchanged several PM's about the place
  2. chris

    All booked up for next year..........

    13 days to go for me
  3. chris

    NGT Tackle - Anygood

    The most important item of tackle I have is from NGT. Very important
  4. chris

    Carp fishing sponsorship

    This. Nothing more, nothing less.
  5. chris

    What's the best bait boat

    Lake Reaper - great little boats at a sensible price.
  6. chris

    Suggestions on a new Bivvy

    Piece of cake to put up, it's not described as a two man but as a 1 1/2 man a big one man in reality. A mate has the two man and is equally impressed.
  7. chris

    Suggestions on a new Bivvy

    I've had a JRC Sti bivvy for ages and after my last long session decided I needed something a little bigger, so I bought this one from Triton Tackle for a week in France. https://tritontackle.co.uk/product/tritus-10000hh-super-waterproof-1-5-man-deluxe-bivvy/ I think it's superb, very well made and robust, at least the equal of the JRC and to be honest I think overall it's a lot better.
  8. Going to depend on the re-whipping price, any idea how much it might cost?
  9. My rods are starting to look past their best now so I have been thinking of getting some new ones, thing is I don't fish very much at all these days, just a week in France and a few day trips per year so I have only been looking at the cheaper end of the market. Current rods are Harrison Chimera in 2.75lb which are probably better rods than the cheaper models available. Would I be better off buying new or getting mine re-built? How much could I expect it to cost to have the rings replaced and new butt grips - reel seats are fine and would leave those.
  10. chris

    First trip to France

    Genesis would be a good choice.
  11. chris

    What is your newest purchase

    10kg of bait from ABS plus some pops and wafters
  12. ''not too expensive'' If you go every other week for a 24hr session it's going to cost you nearly 900 quid in your first year - sounds a bit expensive to me.
  13. chris

    New Claygate Lakes.... give me strength

    I fished it once when a group of us went there for a little knock up match, long story short we did catch using pellet on a method feeder cast tight to the island - but I think only three of us caught, the other five blanked.
  14. What hook baits do you have most success with - a standard bait straight from the bag or something dipped/glugged to make it stand out? Just thinking of standard bottom bait presentations here, not pop ups, wafters etc.