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  1. Solar SP C-Tech bedchair - different level in quality and comfort.
  2. I never had it on for long periods of time so I would think the runtime was similar.
  3. I just bought the NGT bivvy light for a recent week in France - good light but found the remote a bit iffy (since been replaced by seller and seems ok now) good light that lasted until the Thursday before needing recharging, also got the NGT cree headlamp and that's good too.
  4. The fact of the matter is that you can do pretty much everything you want (within reason) using either 10', 11' or 12' rods. People are changing their 12's for 10's for no real advantage in most cases. Personally I think one of the most overlooked aspects is for years practically everybody had a set of 12' rods and the tackle barons noticed this and decided to open up a whole huge market in trying to sell us something hardly any of us had and labelled them 'must haves'. The boom in rod sales must have been enormous, and of course we all 'need' an appropriate set of reels too. Cynic,
  5. I had swim 1 in May and suffered with the sun - if the weather is bright the sun will get you whatever the time of year, I just moved my chair under the big tree next to the swim to find some shade.
  6. You won't need plug adapters, all the sockets are UK type.
  7. Genesis, you must have a short memory as we have exchanged several PM's about the place
  8. The most important item of tackle I have is from NGT. Very important
  9. Lake Reaper - great little boats at a sensible price.
  10. Piece of cake to put up, it's not described as a two man but as a 1 1/2 man a big one man in reality. A mate has the two man and is equally impressed.
  11. I've had a JRC Sti bivvy for ages and after my last long session decided I needed something a little bigger, so I bought this one from Triton Tackle for a week in France. https://tritontackle.co.uk/product/tritus-10000hh-super-waterproof-1-5-man-deluxe-bivvy/ I think it's superb, very well made and robust, at least the equal of the JRC and to be honest I think overall it's a lot better.
  12. Going to depend on the re-whipping price, any idea how much it might cost?
  13. My rods are starting to look past their best now so I have been thinking of getting some new ones, thing is I don't fish very much at all these days, just a week in France and a few day trips per year so I have only been looking at the cheaper end of the market. Current rods are Harrison Chimera in 2.75lb which are probably better rods than the cheaper models available. Would I be better off buying new or getting mine re-built? How much could I expect it to cost to have the rings replaced and new butt grips - reel seats are fine and would leave those.
  14. Genesis would be a good choice.
  15. 10kg of bait from ABS plus some pops and wafters
  16. ''not too expensive'' If you go every other week for a 24hr session it's going to cost you nearly 900 quid in your first year - sounds a bit expensive to me.
  17. I fished it once when a group of us went there for a little knock up match, long story short we did catch using pellet on a method feeder cast tight to the island - but I think only three of us caught, the other five blanked.
  18. What hook baits do you have most success with - a standard bait straight from the bag or something dipped/glugged to make it stand out? Just thinking of standard bottom bait presentations here, not pop ups, wafters etc.
  19. Just got back from a week on Genesis Lake and thought I would add a report as the venue fully deserves it imo. There was just the two of us on the lake for the week which initially was a slight concern as I thought it a possibility that we could spook the fish out of our area and into a quiet unoccupied part of the lake, but it turned out my fears were groundless. We had 39 fish up to 41lb for the week between us which was very good I felt considering the way the conditions changed massively from start to finish, 33 degrees at the start of the week dropping down to 16 at the end with s
  20. I'm starting to make some plans for two French trips I have and rather than worrying about freezer room at the fishery etc I thought I'd take air dried baits - trouble is the bait I want to take I have been told that air dried it's not as effective as fresh. Do you find that air dried baits are as effective as fresh? just straight up, re-hydrated with lake water say, not in liquid with stuff added. Any recommendations for a fish meal that is as good dried as fresh.
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