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  1. how could we all be talking about something different. we are all on about pop-ups. an how confident we are in them. obviously some people may be more confident in different ways of using them. i wouldn't be confident in a pop up 6 inches off the deck. 1-2 inch is enough for me. but that doesn't mean a pop up six inches of the deck doesn't work. its just the fact that i'd feel more confident with it being closer to the ground.
  2. i have complete confidence in using pop ups. but only on certain lakes. i've had good results from using a single bright blatant pop up among a quality food bait offering to great effect. singles lashed out huge distances have also proved to be a good method for me. a method i'm using at the moment is a pop-up in a bag of pellets an its workin' well. an when i want to fish a pop-up which isn't too blatant, i phone hookers for some corkball pop-ups made with my foodbait wrapped around. pop ups work, thats a fact. which gives me complete confidence.
  3. my longest session ever has been 10 days, luckily enough though i wasn't blanking. my longest ever blank has been 6 days i had planned to be down for the full 10 days, but there comes a limit sometimes as to wat i could handle. i admire people who have the courage, and will power to last in excess of 2 weeks with no fish on the bank. as it takes afair bit of stamina, n mind power to last that long. i recon i could fish a good few weeks, if i were catching fish. but blanking i could only handle soo many days.
  4. looks like an in-land sea in that picture, c'mon spread the word....
  5. it seems everyones been using this ' monkey sick ' on la hoore for the last 2-3 seasons. be different, maybe try the little n often trick. singles..... pva bags....... remember fish will wise up to most thing, as they will with the monkey sick sooner or later. a friend of a friend used monkey sick over three rods and blanked for 7 days, maybe it is worth trying something different
  6. I would blitz the whole lot up and use it to stodge your spod mix up. or a stick mix
  7. just ova a quid a kilo ain't too good. i've got mine down to below 50p per kilo. good idea getting your missus some flowers tho. will ave to buy my mum some next time i'm boiling up, she almost kicked me out last, i used her best stewin' pot
  8. on waters were this is the case. it may pay off if u soak ur baits in lake water for 24 hours before fishing.
  9. i remember once watching a hawk swoop in an attack a bat in mid air early one evening, really is amazing seeing something like that first hand. the amount we do see as anglers is really amazing i often wind my boss up in work about seeing a kingfisher, several times in one day, and being lucky enough to get a picture of it sat on a branch inches away from my bivvy door. hes a twicher, an has never got to see anything like the amount of birdlife, as i do whilst i'm wasting the days away beside a lake.
  10. definately prefere to catch smaller prettier fish. for instance, i ad a 47lb mirror when i was in france early last year. and it was an ugly plain looking fish. altho it was good to catch a fish of that weight. it was ugly! whereas some of the smaller mirrors i've had here in england looked much nicer and i always like looking at those pictures over my 47.
  11. theres no definate answer to this one. all depends on yourself. some people like to recast fairly regularlly. other prefer to sit on it for awhile. i usually prefere to recast my pop-up rod quite abit to cover different areas of water. where as if i have bait out on a rod, i'll leave it for anything from 48 hours-72 hours to avoid disturbing the water too much. i have one mate who hardly recasts his rods at all, and know that he has left it for awhole 6 days without recasting.
  12. not the bestest of veiws, this fella woke me up 9:45am one sunday morning. then his mate came along in a formula power boat and rumbled through my swim literally 10 foot from my rod tips the dug swim on the dam one from my trip upto wyreside fisheries lancashire last year. and finally, a shot from my bivvy again from the dam. a place i call home.
  13. two friends of mine went just before christmas, think it was late nov. and they had a great time, 9 fish between them biggest at 42lb. they mentioned about how good the service was over there, and i'm pretty sure they've booked a trip again for next/this year. so it can't b too bad
  14. i don't mind the argos brigade that much, one of my local waters gets rammed with 'em during the summer. i jus tend to move to a quieter, harder ponds to get away from the crowds.... i've had a talk with afew of them and most seem alright, yeah theres the odd pleb. but most are okay...... the only thing i hate is the people with colourful argos tents, blues, reds, yellows, even saw a pookadot tent last year if u can't stand these people, jus move to another lake. theres bound to be one with none of them on there....
  15. i've been fishing since i was 7, over the years i've spent maybe alittle too much time on the bankside of many different lakes. the year i left school out of the 365 days, i spent roughly 150 of them on the bank. last year, i kept a log of when n where i went fishing. wen i added it all up i was amazed at just how many days i went fishing. i tend to do 3 evening sessions aweek, with the occasional overnighter in mid week. and then i'm out from friday evening, till sunday evening literally every weekend. in total last year i did 107 nights, 194 days. mum keeps saying i have too much time on my hands, i keep thinking if only i did.....
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