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  1. Im thinking of making my own attractant pop-ups. Should i over flavour and colour these pop-ups? A simple mix i was thinking Binder - 50% fishmeal 20% Bird food - 20% Milk replacor - 10% I was planning on overfalvouring my mix, say instead of the max recommened 5ml, going at 7ml. and microwaving my baits. Would this be ok? I am guessing pop-ups dont need the nutritional value. Also adding a bright orange/yellow falovour.
  2. No. I leave the PVA rod out for a while, in the hope ill get something bigger on that one. Think i will try that idea next time. Maybe some sticks instead?? The thing is, there is a central island, and as you can image, every angler is trying to cast to it. I always keep one rod tight to the island, but i am constantly thinking of where to put my 2nd or use different techniques.
  3. I fish water where the method feeder seems to work well. However PVA bags don’t seem to respond very well. Any ideas why this would be? Also, I find that both times I have fished this place, soon after arrival I catch a carp, then it dies down for a while, then the bream switch on. I have fished this place twice now, both weekends, and I have seen some big ones caught. Any ideas of how I can improve my catch rate on this water?? I was possibly thinking of a method similar to the method feeder, but slightly different to be different. Any ideas??
  4. Any one tried, or would know how to flaovour and colour these pellets? I sucessfully gave them a nice molasses skin by heating it with a tad of water. Now i was thinking of dying them and flavouring them. Just need to work out how. P.s want them to be usable in PVA
  5. Hi, i am looking to make some 16mm pop-ups using cork balls. What size corks will i need to make boyant pop-ups? Also, what size would i need for a critically balanced bait on a size 8 wide gape hook roughly???
  6. Well the carbs will come from my binders. Fats will come from the fishmeal and binders. Vitamins & minerals are coming from the robin red, lamlac and multamino. I reckon its about 40/40/20 protein/carbs/fat. Only thing I might not have is the entire 10 essential amino’s. Will these be included in the multimino? To increase this even could i add a mixture of fishmeals (with higher protein contents) and probably more aminos.
  7. I have just worked out my protein content in my bait and it is around 35% protein (from all ingredients), not including the eggs and shells. I would expect these to increase it to around 40%. 20% of the total 40% of protein is coming from fishmeal. I have also included robin red, mutlimino & lamlac for vitiamins & minerals. Does this qualify for a basic HNV bait? P.s the fishmeal is standard fishmeal
  8. Ok, i've heard that in spring carp feed heavily after their winter of not eating much, summer they eat when they want and august time they eat heavily to put on weight for winter? Is that correct?? Also, when will carp be more likely to take a fishmeal/birdfood/attractive boile and when will the be after the HNV's Hope this makes sense. Thanks
  9. Ok, are these presevred in vingear muscles ok to use on the hair? Whats the best way to hair rig them?
  10. I have a jar of muscles, i was thinking of blending these up and adding them to a base mix to see the results?? How does this sound? Think it will work, or will they be ruined when i boile the baits?? Thanks
  11. I went down to a local water today. Whislt walking to my chosen swim i was talking to most of the anglers on the lake. All had reported they had nothing (except 1 kid ). However they all did say that they had, had a few tap but nothing else. I set up, cast out about 20 yards and fished with slack lines. 10 mins later, 5 beeps on my left rod. Then for the next 2 hours, i had a couple of "knocks" on my left rod, but nothing on the right. I changed my left rod to a running set up, with slack lines, and again after a while got a few bleeps then nothing. I did get a more substancial set of bleeps (5 bleeps, followed by 5 bleeps etc) at one point but i was up a tree and missed it!! Now, what is going on here. The lake falls away sharply from 0 - 11ft in about 20 yards, and i was fishing with slack lines, sp im pretty sure it wasnt liners. Bait was a boilie. Were these bites?? I saw this happeing to alot of people on the water. How can i get round this? Cheers
  12. Is there a company which does a hi-viz colour to put in my own base mix?
  13. How about cockles?? Just saw a Jar of them in tesco. Not that cheap but look like they may work
  14. Which water is that? I have found the flavour Scopex to work well in th past. What category does this come under? Fish, spice?? Not sure
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