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  1. All I can say is 'here here' emmcee..!! I thought thats why we do what we do, to get away from all that and enjoy nature and our surroundings..!! Well, that's my opinion any way...!
  2. Nice blog Bankside-bivvy and welcome to the forum
  3. As alot of the answers above..... Assess the situation, how long you intend to go for equals how much goes on your barrow or on how much you take but what ever the situation one trip is enough. All the essentials to keep you warm and motivated and of course all the tackle to see you threw the session.
  4. I'm doing a 24 hr session with a friend on an estate lake. Looking forward to doing a bit of stalking for the first time in a few years and looking forward to catching up with an old friend..!!
  5. sisco

    Nice brace

    Well don on the Brace G. Good angling as always ...!!
  6. Try this:- Willesley Lake, Ashby de la Zouche they do 24hr tickets, nice lake and good head of fish too.
  7. http://fisheries.co.uk/ Hope this helps. When i first started out this link was a great help. Hope it can work for you.
  8. Hi there Useph, I bought the jrc one man contact for this season and even tho work has stopped me getting on the bank i have used the bivvy a couple of times at the start of the year. It cost me 100 sheets and its bang on. Very quick to erect and very spacious for a one man. Its spot on in my opinion. Sisco
  9. Wouldn't like to be him if his rod screams off in the night..!! Very funny to watch tho...
  10. Nice fish mate, you look well chuffed..!!!!
  11. Their both stunning fish. Well done mate!!
  12. sisco

    1st of the year

    Well done Kev, I know you've been putting in the time and it's finally paid off. Two great looking fish, the first is a really warrior hey. Need to get down there now.!!! Well done that man!!!
  13. Sme great fish there ladies, your smiles are awesome too. Top angling
  14. sisco

    GET IN!

    What a session, lovely looking linear too. Well done that man
  15. sisco

    GET IN!

    Beanz, what A great session, that linear is stunning. Well done that man
  16. sisco

    GET IN!

    Beanz, what A great session, that linear is stunning. Well done that man
  17. sisco

    New PB!

    Well done on the pb mate and some nice looking commons you got there...!!
  18. sisco

    not bad for febuary

    Great session and for the time of year....!!!! Well done mate.
  19. Can't beat having the dog with you. I go fishing with a friend who has a dog and I love it when he comes to say hello to me by the bank at my bivvy, and he eats the same as what we have breakfast, luch and dinner. They really are mans best friend...!!
  20. Great shots Useph, love the new water, picturess
  21. Sorry for the delayed reply I got myself a Fujifilm FINEPIX HS10 30X I love it, sitting there next to the rods and capturing some widlfe and great senics too....
  22. All depending on the venue and the style of fishing you will be doing will govern the presentation of your rods. Stalking I would carry my bank sticks, open water I'd be getting the pod out....
  23. All great pictures Pali, i like what your saying
  24. Were are you?? bobbing about in the water with a life jacket?? there's trying to get an action shot and there's just plain crazy....!!
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