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    A stunning common. Well done that man....!!
  2. Let us know how you get on matt, I fished kingfisher last year and no one on the lake had a take or fish for 4 days plus only a few pegs free so pressure was high. But when walking around the other lakes there where people catching, nothing to talk about but they were catching. I suppose it's all about what you want out of the session. Good luck mate and let us know how you get on.....
  3. Matt, The map and lakes you have marked up are correct (well thats how i remember them). Would reccommend you markering and having a feel about as its a first time visit...!! And its not easy going on this complex, one take would be good for a 48 hour session if i'm honest but there might be people out the who dis-agree....!!
  4. Nice fish there Jason, well done....!!
  5. Well done to you both and nice to see more and more ladies showing us how its done. Good anlging ......
  6. Well done sam on what was a cracking session, some lovely looking commons and well done on your new pb.
  7. As well as alot of the other posts just stick at it, your circumstances are slightly different from alot of us ( i bet your thinking 'why is it always me'). Since coming back to carp fishing about three years ago i was fortunate to know some one that fishes a very very quiet club water. And have enjoyed countless of peaceful days fishing. But only last season was my first experience where i came across a complete numpty (would like to use a much stronger word there lol). My friend and i were doing and early morning session planning to leave just before midday. the stretch of water we fished was no more than 35 yards wide and we had set up about 15 yards apart on the same bank. A lad turned up on the opposite bank pretty much between my friend and me, casually set his rods up and casted in one rod strait to my mates swim about 5 yards from where he had a rod and the other pretty much hit the spot i was fishing. I shouted over some profanities to be stared back at with a blank face and he continued fishing. I was lucky to have my calm chilled out friend with me who said 'don't worry lets go home'. I wanted to walk round and chin him. Good job matey was with me hey. That was my first encounter with another d!@k head angler but the only one in three years but i'm sure it won't be the last. Stick with it mate the rewards are worth it......
  8. I honestly don't think you should be considering any un-hooking strait on the bank regardless of how soft the grassy bank is. No mat equals no fishing till you have a mat to do the job properly and safely. A FISHES WELFARE, COMES FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! How about one of these?????????? OR Once unhooked, it is advisable, to let the fish calm down and recover a bit...... You can buy sling sacks and/or the like in many varieties, these days, a flotation version even!! I use this...... AND AND ALSO As, I need to keep an eye on my capture, to make sure it comes to no harm, whilst I fetch my camera! Then when transporting the fishy wishy back to my unhooking mat, only the uptmost care will do....... so I recommend...... BUT remember whilst your doing this, the fishy wishy may get parched and start to dry out. THOUGH, I can only sing the praises of the device I use! Brilliant......lmao.......
  9. I honestly don't think you should be considering any un-hooking strait on the bank regardless of how soft the grassy bank is. No mat equals no fishing till you have a mat to do the job properly and safely.
  10. I suppose its where they have been left to dry but yes you will find that you will still, very easily put a needle threw them. I leave mine in the shed to dry for about 3-4 days and there still have a softness once they have gone in the freezer...!!
  11. to be honest mate if your fishing one place and are having great succes with a bait then why not take what you know and see how you get on at the new water. Don't change something you feel confident with. Ok this does not work all of the time but you have to try that first then if no succes then do some research and maybe talk to locals of the water to see if you can get some inside info....!!
  12. I'm saying whats alredy been said..... Yes i buy in bulk (enoough to make baits for most of the season) No they don't differ from venue to venue Same bait used on all venues prefer freezer ( as thats where they go after being dried)
  13. sisco


    Lovely looking fish Crofty. Well done mate...!!
  14. I have one that since i have been back fishing happens quite regular. Near where i live ( about a mile or two ) we have the canal and river and the river floods alot. Well what happens in my dream is that my pond which is quite large floods and the hole garden turns into a lake and i end up banking 20 to 30 lb ornimental fish...lol the funny things is is that when i wake up i jump up and look strait out the window to see every thing hasn't change ....lol
  15. They are all amazing pictures, very beautiful place..!!
  16. That's a shame to see that, did not look good for the fish and that landing would of been very hard, poor fish. What a plank..!!
  17. Well done on your session mate and great attitude to have.
  18. sisco

    my first ever catfish

    Wel done sam,and only your forth time. What great way to get hooked to a great sport. Well done that man
  19. sisco


    Kev - well doe mate that's a cracking looking common and great write up. Nick - well done to you to mate
  20. All of them look like oil paintings, beautiful. Well in mate
  21. sisco

    First Thirty

    Nice looking common mate, well in
  22. Nice report and looks like you pair had a cracking session...!!
  23. sisco

    Short and Sweet

    Thanks for all the comments, will try my hardest to get that smile out. cheers again and tight lines!!
  24. sisco

    June begins

    Well done on the Barbel rossmc and I bet your grandad is very proud.
  25. sisco

    Short and Sweet

    Well, after just only three visits to the club water this year I finally break my duck to start my account for this season. Only managed to get down the lake for a few hours and its nearly an hours drive so had to make my visit count. Not entirely happy as to where my baits were and after a little wonder not to far from where I already was fishing I saw a couple of fish roll near a marginal, half sunk dead tree which was on the far bank. I kept every thing very simple, single bait with 3 free baits in a funnel web, no loose feed and with a light cast I must of been only a foot away from the tree, result...!! It could of only been in for about 10 minutes and the line went screaming and after a good five minute scrape this lovely mirror was on the mat. 17 1/2 lb but well worth it...!! Sorry about the poor pic, I'm still trying to work out how to use my new camera.
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